Are Gun-Free Zones… Gun Free?


So-called gun-free zones are typically a complete fraud. They are powerless signs on walls or pages in law books far, far away. They represent the misguided dreams of anti-rights bigots who foolishly believe written words make them safe. This thinking is irrational and demonstrates hoplophobia.

Slapdash gun-free zones are perpetrated by idiots, backed by dimwit politicians and are the laughing stock of every lowlife, bottom-feeding, homicidally inclined criminal dirtbag on the planet. Gun-free zones are really make believe gun-free zones, a phrase you should learn to use. Atrocities constantly take place in make believe gun-free zones. No alternate form of security is provided; you are knowingly and recklessly made vulnerable — defenseless.

That doesn’t stop liberals and leftist politicians — sometimes even many right-wing politicians — from creating more make believe gun-free zones; although they tend to leave out the accurate and revealing “make believe” part. They declare some place gun free, pass a law that goes into a book, maybe post a sign, pat themselves on the back and think they’ve done good. The fawning and ignorant urchins in the “news” media compliment them and declare the world safe. Then they drive home to their upscale communities, dismiss their private-armed guards for the night and have a first-rate slumber. These folks are too dangerous to be called morons.

We know presumed gun-free zones put your safety at risk. One example after another where an armed psycho simply walks in and shoots up a place proves it: Ft. Hood, Columbine, Luby’s, Stockton, Virginia Tech, Tucson and dozens more. Every one of these, every single one, a make believe gun-free zone. Paper-mache gun-free zones don’t work, can’t work and won’t work. The dangerous bureaucrats and ignorami who create and pronounce them safe should be arrested for knowingly endangering the public — but they walk free.

If we put a few of the anti-rights politicians who carry out these catastrophes in the public eye and in jail, the others might get the message. Denial of civil rights under color of law is a crime (18 U.S.C. §241 et seq.). Where’s a federal prosecutor when you need one?

Liability Act

In Arizona, where I live, we were introduced a Gun-Free-Zone Liability Act (as did Ohio and Georgia). Basically, one is free to make a dangerous reckless gun-free zone by hanging a sign if they want (respecting private property rights), BUT you will be held liable for any harm it causes (think Luby’s in Texas). The whole nation needs this. Bring it to the attention of your state RKBA association. Get model language, talking points and background here at

A real gun-free zone can be possible, and they do exist. Secured perimeter, controlled access, metal detectors at ingress/egress points and armed guards on duty — it’s simple. Think airports or courthouses. These have value.
Arizona tried to enact a law this year requiring government buildings to really be gun-free when they felt it was needed. It failed. The state newspaper (a terrible moniker in a free society) called the bill, which keeps guns out of government buildings, “guns in government buildings” and helped the exceptional law fail. Government is now protected (and happy) with make believe gun-free zones essentially letting anyone armed walk in and violate the wall sign. Go figure.

Gun Sanity At Schools

A battle is now going on over guns being on campus; at least, that’s what the “news” calls it. It’s really about no guns on campus. Right now, campuses are free-fire zones, where any whack job can walk on with guns and cause destruction, while armed, honest people are banned by law.

So-called guns-on-campus bills aim to let decent people bear arms — where their rights are now banned by mere laws on paper books that are worthless, reckless and fatal in case after case. Why would you require no guns for the good guys, when the bad guys can simply roam free? It’s beyond stupid, let alone a violation of the most fundamental, constitutionally guaranteed rights we have. The perps in this case (politicians and bureaucrats) remain un-indicted.

A lot of us remember when we carried guns to school for hunting after class, or for rifle practice in the range below the gym. Marksmanship used to be honored and practiced, with varsity letters available in shotgun or rifle. Guns at schools were a decent and relevant tradition. No one shot each other back then. How do you even teach history accurately with the total ban on even gun speech now enforced? You can’t. They don’t. “Educators” are happy. It’s a national disgrace.

Ultimate Fixable Travesty

The worst make believe gun-free zone, completely unenforceable, is the hugely dangerous gun-free-school-zone law, invented by Slick Willie Clinton. This “bans” guns (in your imagination, of course it does no such thing in reality) within 1,000 feet of the property line of any school. In virtually any populated area in America, this technically bans guns everywhere.

A feel-good law that cannot possibly be enforced, it turns every legal gun owner into a criminal, with words drafted by bureaucrats who hate. Even worse, it gives power to federal agents to arrest anyone for simply driving about town with a legally possessed firearm. The feds don’t use it — for now — but have it on the books where it can be arbitrarily and selectively used against the public when they want a reason to make arrests. It protects no one, while criminalizing everyone. Every member of Congress who voted for this vile thing should be removed from office.

How dare they. This law must be repealed. The media will call it “guns in schools,” a total lie, but we know how they operate. Anti-rights bigots will savagely attack pro-rights people, but we can’t let that stop us. Language for a simple repeal — keeping guns out of school buildings but restoring basic human rights — is on the website at

Murderers and psychos understand that gun-free-zone signs create defenseless-victim zones. Well-intentioned but fraudulent make believe gun-free zones must be recognized for what they are: dangerous traps. The idea your civil right to arms can be denied by a wall sign is preposterous and ought to be put to an end. The federal Gun-Free-School-Zones Act must be repealed, and the Gun-Free-Zone Liability Act needs to be enacted.

Alan Korwin is the author of nine books on gun law. He runs the
website, and is the manager of the campaign, which you should check out.

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4 thoughts on “Are Gun-Free Zones… Gun Free?

  1. Chris Fort

    I strained a muscle lifting a file cabinet at work today, and was relaxing in a bath tonight. The water had cooled, but I found myself getting hot after reading your “Gun Free Zones” article in my latest American Handgunner Magazine. It wasn’t your premise, because I agree that these zones are unworthy of the “gun free” moniker. It was who you blame and point at while stating the obvious. I take offence to being called names by those who claim themselves as experts. Firstly, I own many guns, handguns included. I hunt, fish, and am currently registered to carry a handgun concealed. However, I also am a special education teacher, a registered democrat, and voted for a democratic president who has not passed a single anti-gun law since being elected. Yet here I am, being categorized as some left wing nut, just because I am an “educator” and tend to like fresh air and a middle class. I agree with a lot that the NRA, and specific unnamed pundits, have to say, but I also feel that this anti left, democrat, teacher, stuff pushes folk away from the real message. Guns are not these evil things. It is sometimes evil what people do with guns, but not my kids. They will understand not only to respect rifles and pistols, but also respect their environment, the hard working people within it, and those who understand that people are people no matter their party affiliations. Change you message and you may change how people receive and understand it.

    A message from your friendly, neighborhood, gun toting, democrat teacher.

  2. Kansas Slim

    I think that many times the signs are put up with good intentions, but in the end it’s just another way to keep us, the honest, law-abiding citizenry, from being able to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and our fellow Americans (yes, even including the folks that enacted these dangerous laws in the first place). Not all criminals have a single-digit IQ; they target these places on purpose because they see them as easy hunting grounds. Take down the signs, let us concealed-carry practitioners use our training and our good sense, and the world will see that we can ACTUALLY protect our hunting grounds… unlike some sticker in a window.

  3. Russell M

    “Slapdash gun-free zones are perpetrated by idiots, backed by dimwit politicians and are the laughing stock of every lowlife, bottom-feeding, homicidally inclined criminal dirtbag on the planet. Gun-free zones are really make believe gun-free zones, a phrase you should learn to use. Atrocities constantly take place in make believe gun-free zones. No alternate form of security is provided; you are knowingly and recklessly made vulnerable — defenseless.”

    I like this paragraph and I live just seven miles from Dunblane Primary School where, in 1996 16 students and their teacher were murdered by one nut case with legally held (at the time) handguns. This atrocity, the only school shooting in the history of Britain, lead to the prohibition of handguns in England, Wales, and Scotland in 1997. ALL THE WAY DOWN THE SLIPPERY SLOPE: GUN PROHIBITION IN ENGLAND AND SOME LESSONS FOR CIVIL LIBERTIES IN AMERICA by Olson and Kopel explains how this could happen.


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