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Defensive Realities


By Dave Anderson This may be heresy, but the fact is handguns aren’t very good weapons. They don’t have enough

Recoil And Discomfort


By Dave Anderson Editor Roy forwarded me an interesting email from Handgunner reader Laurence Rose: “I’m 70 years old and

A Safety? Or Not?


By Dave Anderson So the crise du jour seems to involve striker-fired pistols without a manual safety. There’s a lot

Rust & Dust


By Dave Anderson The two worst environmental conditions your firearms may encounter are exposure to: (1) salt water/salt air, and

Dominating Eyes


By Dave Anderson Avery small minority of people are naturally ambidextrous. To some extent ambidexterity can be developed through disciplined

J-Frame Light?


Hyskore’s Griplight. By Dave Anderson You can debate the value of a weapon-mounted light versus a separate light, but we’ll

Gone In A Blink


By Dave Anderson The online edition of American Handgunner had a reader question in response to an earlier column on

The Miracle Maglula


By Dave Anderson Compared to revolvers, semi-auto pistols are faster to reload, generally hold more cartridges, usually have the bore

Trigger Terms


By Dave Anderson Every activity has its own language. Triggers and trigger control are critical components of accurate shooting. Trigger