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Gone In A Blink


By Dave Anderson The online edition of American Handgunner had a reader question in response to an earlier column on

The Miracle Maglula


By Dave Anderson Compared to revolvers, semi-auto pistols are faster to reload, generally hold more cartridges, usually have the bore

Trigger Terms


By Dave Anderson Every activity has its own language. Triggers and trigger control are critical components of accurate shooting. Trigger

Trigger Talk


By Dave Anderson To show how various factors influence trigger pull quality, I thought it might be useful to follow

A Success Story


If a man is lucky in life he’s privileged to have a few really good friends. Steve Kukowski has been

Triggers & Targets


The key to better shooting skills is disciplined, diligent training. In this era of instant gratification I can understand how

Kit Gun Comments


Back around 1910 dealer Philip Bekeart placed an order for a variation on the small S&W I-frame. He specified .22

Sub-Caliber Sense


So you have a quality centerfire handgun for personal defense. Should you have a .22-caliber version as well? The obvious