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Kit Gun Comments


Back around 1910 dealer Philip Bekeart placed an order for a variation on the small S&W I-frame. He specified .22

Sub-Caliber Sense


So you have a quality centerfire handgun for personal defense. Should you have a .22-caliber version as well? The obvious

Whitney Wolverine .22


Polymer Punking – In Pink? Olympic Arms has reintroduced the Whitney Wolverine .22 pistol. The original 1950s-era Wolverine had considerable

HK P7 Mini-Upgrade


The HK “squeeze cocker” pistol was introduced in the mid-1970s and discontinued some 30 years later. Thirty years would seem

Re-Born Re-Volver


The revolver had been gathering dust on the display shelf, unwanted and unappreciated. It was one of a group of

Sport Pistols


The late Jeff Cooper used the term “sport pistol” for a useful class of handguns. A sport pistol is a

S&W’s K22


Still Timeless In the early decades of the 20th century, .22 revolvers were mostly made on small frames — “small