Best Of — Carry Options

Cover That Thing Up…


The key word in concealed carry is concealed. In many jurisdictions, if you accidentally expose your firearm and someone reports

Hard-Use Gear

Diamond D Custom Leather. When I started preparations for hunting elk and mule deer in country known to have really

Gould & Goodrich

G&G’s “Open To Two Slot Holster” is a member of their “Gold Line” and shows it with quality workmanship, final

Appendix Carry

I’ve never been a huge fan of appendix-style carry. This is mostly because the holsters I used at the time

Getting Good Gear

This column was once called Handgun Leather. When His Editorship had this column (about 150 years ago …), handgunners generally

CCW Breakaways


For the last 12 or so years, I’ve had a J-Frame or similar-sized pistol riding in my pocket holster. Please,