Best Of — Editor’s Picks

Sharpen A Knife


Yup, Even You Can. Yes, we feature knives in a gun magazine. Shocking, I know, and yes, a remarkable show

Echo-Sigma ASRS


Echo-Sigma survival kits have graced our pages before for good reason — they are always 100 percent solidly thought-out and

Malkoff Hound Dog


Gene Malkoff is like a custom pistolsmith, only he works with high-performance flashlights and light systems. Like many high-end pistolsmiths,

J-Frame Light?


Hyskore’s Griplight. You can debate the value of a weapon-mounted light versus a separate light, but we’ll leave that for

Two New Ruger Sixguns:


Adjustable Sights Bearcat / .327 Single-Seven All Ruger Single-Sixes (.22’s) since 1964, with a few exceptions, have been offered only