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A Close Look At Optics


It’s Not All About Crosshairs! Red dot sights pretty much revolutionized handgun optics but now and again, an “old fashioned”

The 9MM Ruger LCR


Some of my gun-friends of the “big-bore” persuasion will occasionally snicker at my choice of a primary carry-piece: a Kel-Tec

The Southern Bear


Bear & Son Cutlery Growls Deep Within The Heart Of Dixie. While the majority of cutlery manufacturers are clustered in

The Star Model B 9mm


For Those Who Prefer — “Cocked-And Locked” Carry. It’s Perfect. After 104 years, one might think the old US Government

Cabot Guns


Reinventing The 1911. The best guns aren’t guns at all — they’re ideas. In addition to good parts carefully selected