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Historic Holsters


Legendary Leather Of The Masters By Bob Arganbright I’ve never seen a leather holster which was not interesting. A teenager

Klecker Knives


Glenn Klecker Is Off The Chain — And He Likes It That Way! By Pat Covert Glenn Klecker is an

The IMI Pistol


Was it ever issued to some units of the Israeli military or perhaps the Mossad? I don’t know. My calls

Truly Tiny Handguns


Effective Protection Or Wasted Space? By Will Dabbs, MD Photos By Sarah Dabbs It’s embarrassing to admit, but my first

The Canik TP-9


By J.B. Wood The Canik is not just another full-sized striker-fired 9mm pistol. The design is superb, the features innovative,

Big 9mms


Carry A 3-Pound 9mm? Duke Wouldn’t Either! But… By Duke “Mike” Venturino Photos By Yvonne Venturino His Editorship, Roy, is