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Umarex C96 Air-Pistol


Continuing their “Legends” series, Umarex has just made another of my favorites — the “broom handle” Mauser. They call it

Competition Gear


And Yes — It Should Be Cool. There’s so much fun to be had running-and-gunning or taking the steel challenge,

Airguns & Airsoft


High-Tech Fun-Power! What’s inexpensive to shoot and maintain, doesn’t need hearing protection and is just plain fun to shoot? Yup,

Modern-Day Patriot


Emerson Knives Sets The Standard When It Comes To Tactical Blades. It’s hard to fathom, but many of our young

CZ’s 97 B .45 ACP


A Handful Of Good Machinery. The man was gathering mushrooms. In dawn’s mist above Uhersky Brod, he might have been