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Yak Dung & Fire Water


Anti-hunters often believe we hunt just to kill. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Planning, anticipation and

Gadget Game-Changers


It was thought-provoking as I looked through my dad’s vintage hunting pictures. Back in the ’50’s and ’60’s hunters enjoyed

Off-Season Tune-Up


If you’ve ever played sports, you understand the importance of practice. Staying proficient in any discipline requires skills be refined

Hunt More Spend Less


Like most everything else in life, the escalating expenses involved with pursuing big game continue to burn a hole in

Prairie Dogs & Pistols


When temperatures heat up during summer months there are not a lot of big-game hunting opportunities. All’s not lost, however.

Hunting Memories


Snow, snow and more snow, which extinguished the fires. Hell then froze over. The snow kept falling making a wonderful

A Huntin’ Story


I almost never write hunting stories. I’m bored by most, and with few exceptions can’t stand the “hunting” TV shows.