Best Of — Handloading

The .32-20


An Acurate Gentleman’s Cartridge. By John Taffin The .32-20 started life in the Winchester Model 1873 and then shortly after

Favorite 45 Bullets


By John Taffin Today’s reloader has a nearly endless supply of jacketed and factory cast bullets available for reloading the

Pyrodex P Powder


By John Taffin Hodgdon’s Pyrodex powder goes back to the mid-1970’s when R.E. Hodgdon was informed by Warren Center of

Mythbusting: Part 3


Never Assume Anything By John Taffin “Reloaders do not need a chronograph.” I reloaded for more than 20 years before

More Myth Busting


By John Taffin “Cartridge cases must be separated by manufacture and headstamp.” I have a tough time with this one.

Myth Busting


By John Taffin Part 1. Myth 1: Reloaders save money. Articles always compare the cost of a box of factory