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Winchester Handguns?


For nearly 150 years the word Winchester was synonymous with long guns. Yet it’s a little known fact Winchester Repeating

The .38-44


Big, Brawn Bruisers. The first of many “shooting buddies” came in my senior year of high school — 1966/1967. His

Treasure – Or Junk?


When are handguns classic treasures and when are they junk? It’s a good question because many uninitiated people think just



Bling” seems to be a modern catchword in American slang. I think it refers to fancy doodads. For my entire

P35 Vs. P38


Does Hi-Cap Trump DA Mode? Contrary to common misconception, when Germany unleashed its blitzkreig on Poland in 1939 precipitating World

Starting Out


Many times people have asked me how I got my “start” — as in, my consuming interest in firearms, followed

Tapers And Rolls?


Crimping De-Mystified. Over the years I’ve done reloading seminars for cowboy action shooters. There seemed to be a universal lack

The 9mm Makarov:


An Oddball Cartridge My friends say I’ve never met a $100 bill I didn’t like. That being said, I’ve never

Have A Gun…


It’s probably safe to say the number one rule of gunfighting is to have a gun. It’s easy to see