Best Of — Shooting Iron

The 9mm Makarov:


An Oddball Cartridge By Mike “Duke” Venturino My friends say I’ve never met a $100 bill I didn’t like. That

Have A Gun…


It’s probably safe to say the number one rule of gunfighting is to have a gun. It’s easy to see

Colt’s SAA In Battle


As both a student of Plains Indian Wars history and enthusiastic handgunner I’ve paid special attention to documentable instances where

Handgun Esthetics


Why are so many of today’s handguns ugly? Do handgun manufacturers test design applicants for a sense of esthetics and

Liberator .45


Clandestine organizations can come up with some weird ideas. In regards to World War II and weapons the United States’

Machine Rests


Love At First Sight? My job would be much more difficult without them. The alternative to a pistol machine rest

Slugging It Out


Recently a reader sent his Editorship, Roy, a request for a specific column about how one goes about “slugging” barrels.