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I Was Wrong? Sorta


By Ralph Mroz For years I promoted the practice of extremely close-quarter shooting, or hands-reach to contact-distance shooting, as a

On Avoidance


Defensive shooting is more focused on what doesn’t happen to you than on what happens to your attacker. The other

Goobers Or Gods?


What kind of gun owner are you? I’ll bet, just by dint of the fact you subscribe to Handgunner, you’re

Old Guys Tricks


Don’t Confuse Concealability with Carryability Guns smaller than “full-size”— usually referred to as “compact” or “mini” — are primarily carried

What “DVC” Means


And How It Applies To You. The letters “DVC” are prominently displayed in the USPSA logo, and routinely encountered around

Advanced Tactics

From the Advanced Tactics Thunder Ranch video training course featuring Clint Smith. A preview of Clint Smith’s new Advanced Tactics