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Harden The Target


It’s easy to get complacent, but you need to remember it’s an often-ugly world out there, and predators are waiting,

Old Guns Rock


I was digging through the safe trying to find a gun I knew I had but hadn’t seen in some

The Lee Loader


Read This And Learn How To Reload. While shooting a video recently on how to use the Lee Loader, it

Sharpen A Knife


Yup, Even You Can. Yes, we feature knives in a gun magazine. Shocking, I know, and yes, a remarkable show

Amos Saves A Career


Kurt Golloway walked through the front door — fast, the bell tinkling hard. Scout and Amelie both jumped to their

Amos OverCharges


“Are you the gunsmith?” The voice was sharp, demanding, someone used to getting his way. Amos had heard the sound