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Chicken Guns


Wait! It’s not what you think. Before everyone runs to their computers to send me e-mails telling me I’m a

Who Are We?


“Multiple handgun owners tend to buy more often, shoot a bit more and read a lot about handguns.” Part of

Goodies Galore


2012 SHOT Show Okay, I hate reviews of trade shows as much as the next guy, but the Shooting And

How Fast Is Fast?


Over Thinking Velocity One of the more common letters I get here are readers worrying if their self-defense load is



Wife Suzi and I were chatting the other day about someone in the industry who got a new job. She

Wheelgun Wherewithal


The column I did on basic cleaning tips for autopistols (“The Opposite Of Dirty,” Insider, March/April 2011) is continuing to

Hot Stuff


Just returned from our yearly sojourn to the Shooting and Hunting Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show). Lots of goodies offered,

The Opposite Of Dirty?


Kinda’ Clean… Sorta’ I’d say the second most-asked-about topic in the reader mail pile would be questions about gun cleaning.