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Peter The Power Meter


By Dave Anderson The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) was formed in 1976. It was organized as an umbrella confederation

Ammo Storage:


Myths, Mistakes and Common Sense By Dave Anderson There are two main issues involved in storing ammunition; environmental conditions for

Magazine Management


By Dave Anderson Development of the “modern” 1911 really got going in the late ’70’s. The 1911 pistol virtually ruled

Rossi Ranch Hand


Fun And Practical? Um … Yes and No. By Dave Anderson Monday is my favorite day for shooting on public

Dave? Wishy-Washy?


Well… Maybe… Or Not? By Dave Anderson “You know what your problem is?” my buddy asked. “You’re wishy-washy. You’re too

Viridian Laser System


By Dave Anderson Long ago, laser sighting systems were huge, expensive, impractical novelties. Impractical maybe, but the concept — simply