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Start ’Em Out Right


By Dave Anderson If you’re reading this, you’re likely a pretty decent shot, a supporter of gun rights, a responsible

G. Wm. Davis


Iconic Leather Craftsman, Passes. Gordon Davis, or “G. Wm. Davis” as he stamped his work, was a groundbreaking leather craftsman.

Dry-Firing Facts


The firearms section of Scheels usually carries a staggering array of .22 rimfire cartridges. It was a shock to see

9mm Gems


There are serious aspects of handguns and shooting, from firearm safety to personal defense to gun rights issues. You can

The Little .22s


If you’re planning to own just one .22 handgun it probably shouldn’t be a pocket pistol. Medium-size sport pistols have

.44 Special Loads


Factory Options Keep It Versatile Some handgunners don’t handload and have no interest in doing so. The great competitive shooter

S&W’s M&P22


Smith & Wesson’s M&P22 is a high quality pistol, a fine choice for plinking, small game hunting, casual target shooting

Da Auto Evolution


What’s Old Is Often New Firearms design takes odd twists and turns along the way. Sometimes better technology comes along,

Springfield Armory’s


XDM 5.25 Competition .45 The XD pistols from Springfield Armory have proven to be high quality, reliable, shootable and durable