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July/August 2016

Carry Options

Sammy Reese
Shoulders And Scabbards

Cop Talk

Massad Ayoob
Safariland Bill Rogers

GunCrank Diaries

John Connor
Moohoohahaha It Lives

Gun Rights

Alan Korwin
Would Your Support Unilateral Background Checks

Handgun Hunting

Mark Hampton
Hunting With The 10mm Auto


John Taffin
The .32-20

The Insider

Roy Huntington
A Pair A Spare


Ted Yost
New Must Haves

Shooting Iron

Mike “Duke” Venturino
Dog People

Taffin Tests

John Taffin
Springfield Armory Range Officers

Tactics & Training

Larry Weeks
What If My Gun Breaks At The Range

Winning Edge

Dave Anderson
Ammo Storage


The Ayoob Files

Massad Ayoob
Lessons From A Gunfighting General

Better Shooting

Dave Anderson
Defensive Realities

The Sixgunner

John Taffin
The First Big Bore Sixguns


Mark Kakkuri
Can Man Custom Gun Case