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July/August 2015

Carry Options

Sammy Reese
Do You Tell Your Kids You Carry A Gun?

Cop Talk

Massad Ayoob
The Most Popular Police SIG

GunCrank Diaries

John Connor
Stuff You Don’t Read

Gun Rights

Alan Korwin
Why You Should Keep The Faith

Handgun Hunting

Mark Hampton
Handgun Scopes: The Good, Bad And In-Between


John Taffin
“Slow & Easy” .44 Magnum Target Loads

The Insider

Roy Huntington
Sharpen A Knife


Ted Yost
Building Your Spare Parts Kit

Shooting Iron

Mike “Duke” Venturino
Treasuer — Or Junk?

Taffin Tests

John Taffin
Wilson’s 92G – And Ultra Light Carry 1911

Tactics & Training

Ralph Mroz
Sizing Up A Quality Gun Belt

Winning Edge

Dave Anderson
Bacon-Wrapped Apple Pie?


The Ayoob Files

Massad Ayoob
Barricaded: The Elfego BACA Story

Better Shooting

Dave Anderson
Dominating Eyes

The Sixgunner

John Taffin
Dream Hunt


Roy Huntington
Present Arms: Stack Arms