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Check Out These Great Columns From American Handgunner

September/October 2014

Carry Options

Sammy Reese
Going Southpaw

Cop Talk

Massad Ayoob
Understanding ‘Hair Trigger’ Issues

GunCrank Diaries

John Connor
Support Armed Bears And The Right To Bear Arms

Gun Rights

Alan Korwin
Why The Man Of The House Should Be Armed

Handgun Hunting

Mark Hampton
Don’t Be A Jerk On Your Next Guided Hunt


John Taffin
More Mythbusting: Part 3

The Insider

Roy Huntington
100 Yards… And A Surprise


Ted Yost
1911 Troubleshooting Made Simple

Shooting Iron

Mike “Duke” Venturino
Starting Out

Taffin Tests

John Taffin
Classic Snub Guns

Tactics & Training

Ralph Mroz
Goobers Or Gods?

Winning Edge

Dave Anderson
S&W’s Model 39


The Ayoob Files

Massad Ayoob
Unintended Shot: The Santisbanes Incident

Better Shooting

Dave Anderson
The Fast And Accurate Quest

The Sixgunner

John Taffin
Old Man Guns


Roy Huntington
Andrews’ “Business Exotic Line”

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