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Robar Companies Inc
21438 N 7th Ave #B , Phoenix AZ 85027
623-582-0059 fax


The 21st Centry Precision Rifle
Issue: GUNS Magazine November 2014
Article: SR21

Gunny Sack: Robar Unity Tactical Atom Adaptor
Issue: American Handgunner September/October 2014
Article: Unity Tactical ATOM Adaptor

Robar ITTS 1911
Issue: American Handgunner March/April 2014
Article: Everything Needed - And Nothing More

Is It Caliber Or Equipment?
Issue: American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2013
Article: Defensive Carry

Robar's Custom 1911 .40
Issue: American COP August 2013
Article: Robar Giveaway

The Glock 30S .45
Issue: GUNS Magazine August 2013
Article: This Glock combines the G30's 11 Rounds of .45 ACP Firepower

Unipro Sight Tool
Issue: GUNS Magazine May 2013
Article: Spotlight

UniPro Sight Tool
Issue: American Handgunner March/April 2013
Article: Gunnysack

UniPro Sight Tool
Issue: American Handgunner March/April 2013
Article: Spotlight

A Custom Duty Auto?
Issue: American COP February 2013
Article: Robar's 1911 .40 Cal.

Stuff I Like
Issue: American COP February 2013
Article: Vantage Point

Getting a Grip on Grips
Issue: GUNS Magazine February 2013
Article: Quartermaster

Unipro Sight Tool
Issue: American COP January 2013
Article: Spotlight

2013 New Products
Issue: Shooting Industry January 2013
Article: Hundreds Of New Products Usher In The New Business Year

The .339 Déjà Vu
Issue: GUNS Magazine October 2012
Article: Because Today's Cartridge Choices Are So Complete,The Wildcat Cartridge Is More A Fun Ballistics JourneyThan Something Really Necessary To Fill A Niche.

Custom with Purpose
Issue: GUNS Magazine June 2012
Article: Custom Shop

HK P7 Mini-Upgrade
Issue: American Handgunner March/April 2012
Article: Better Shooting

Re-born Re-volver
Issue: American Handgunner January/February 2012
Article: Better Shooting

Odd Angry Shot: 2012 On The Cheap
Issue: GUNS Magazine January 2012
Article: NP3-Plus Firearms Finish

Reality Check II
Issue: American COP July/August 2011
Article: sniper rifles

Reality Check II
Issue: American COP May/June 2011
Article: Robar reduction

Officer Survival
Issue: American COP November/December 2010
Article: NP3 Metal Treatment

A Robar Single Action
Issue: American Handgunner July/August 2010
Article: single action revolver

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