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Exodus Inside Scabbard.

The Exodus Inside Scabbard is designed to be a deep concealing IWB holster. It features a wraparound body with reinforced mouth trim to aid in 1-handed re-holstering. The Exodus Inside Scabbard is a very compact holster making it extremely comfortable to wear all day. The Inside Scabbard comes standard with a molded sight channel and a sweat shield that allows a full shooting grip. The Exodus Inside Scabbard is available in five colors (black, burgundy, light or dark brown and natural horse hide). The Scabbard can be crafted using high-grain horsehide as well as exotic trim or full exotic coverage (shark, elephant, stingray, American alligator, etc.) to create a quality, comfortable IWB holster to match your unique personality. For more info: (816) 689-5141,
Exodus Gun Leather
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