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9C1 Generation 2 Pistol with Trigger Upgrade

A fast-action trigger system is now standard on all 9C1 Gen 2 models (except those sold in California and Massachusetts, which will keep the original DAO trigger). The original and new fast-action triggers are interchangeable, so current FMK 9C1 Gen 2 pistol owners can purchase a conversion kit. Key features include: a shorter, lighter trigger pull, drop-free mag release and no mag out safety. The pistol is chambered in 9mm and is 6.85″ long, 1.14″ wide and weighs 23.45 ounces unloaded. It has a 4″ barrel with six grooves, left-hand twist and a loaded chamber indicator. For more info: (714) 630-0658,

FMK Firearms

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