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“The City Dweller” Pen Lanyard.

“The City Dweller” Pen Lanyard is the first product from a new brand: The Mad Blacksmith, a micro-knife and knife accessory company. It’s appropriate for anyone who values his knife and wants to avoid its confiscation for any reason. Many times, modern knife pocket clips are described as menacing; this conflict can be avoided with the addition of “The City Dweller.” It’s a simple way to make your EDC far less conspicuous to passers-by. A great added feature is that it makes your knife readily accessible even if you’ve removed the pocket clip entirely. You can simply feed the para-cord through a standard lanyard hole in the knife’s handle. Finally, dealers, collectors clubs, and organizations of all types can get theirs personalized with laser-etched logos. For more info: (714) 488-8208,
The Mad Blacksmith

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