New Product Of The Day

TRUE-SEE 5-Diamond Design Reactive Targets.

Truglo Inc. introduces a 5-Diamond design to its lineup of TRU-SEE Reactive Targets. TRU-SEE targets feature Truglo’s unique and innovative ACCU-GRID Precision Sighting System that allows for accurate 0.25-inch measurements when sighting. TRU-SEE Targets also enhance point-of-impact visibility by utilizing a fluorescent green or pink halo. The flat-black finish with fluorescent green or pink background makes the shot easy to identify downrange. TRU-SEE Targets are printed on heavy stock paper with self-adhesive backing for increased target life. TRU-SEE Targets are value-packed and contain a multitude of replacement dots. For more info: (972) 774-0300.


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