New Product Of The Day


SG Tactical. The SG Tactical Universal Magazine Pouch features a pivoting cover for easier access of handgun magazines during the reloading process. The covers can also be kept in the lowered position for competition or tactical uses and can be removed or replaced. It is constructed of polymer material and fits most handgun magazines.

The Most Popular Police SIG


Although the polymer-framed, striker-fired designs predominate in police pistols today, the all-metal, hammer-fired double-action semiautomatic has not left the law enforcement armory by any means. Within that genre, the SIG Sauer currently predominates. When I was at the SIG factory in New Hampshire doing the research for the second edition of Gun Digest Book of

Treasure – Or Junk?


When are handguns classic treasures and when are they junk? It’s a good question because many uninitiated people think just

Dominating Eyes


Avery small minority of people are naturally ambidextrous. To some extent ambidexterity can be developed through disciplined training. Most people