New Product Of The Day


SG Tactical. The SG Tactical Universal Magazine Pouch features a pivoting cover for easier access of handgun magazines during the reloading process. The covers can also be kept in the lowered position for competition or tactical uses and can be removed or replaced. It is constructed of polymer material and fits most handgun magazines.

2105 American Handgunner Special Edition

This GIANT 2015 Special Edition Is Available Now! Add This Bonus Issue To Your Collection Of Handgun Resources. The American Handgunner Special Edition is the best source for the latest trends in handgun equipment, handgun care, history, ammunition and handgun accessories. Inside this issue are top notch articles from the world’s best writers. The comprehensive

Why Do We Shoot?


A Culture Of Marksmanship I enjoy shooting. More specifically, I enjoy hitting the target, hearing the gratifying clang of steel

Cabot Guns


Reinventing The 1911. The best guns aren’t guns at all — they’re ideas. In addition to good parts carefully selected

The .45 Colt


History And Surprising Facts About This Iconic Cartridge. About a decade ago I caused a considerable stir in Handgunner’s pages

The Hunt Is On!


Benchmade’s HUNT Series Of Knives Has Been A Rousing Success Ask most knife nuts and they’ll tell you: Benchmade is