New Product Of The Day: Impact Sports Tactical


The Impact Sport Tactical earmuffs feature all the design elements of Impact Sport, including a noise rating of 22db NRR, battery life of 350 hours, folding design, one single-power volume control knob and Air Flow Control technology. The Tactical version features a contemporary, low-profile earcup design, padded headband, hard-sided carrying case, an extra pair of

A Close Look At: Handgun Accessories


Bounty For The Beast. There was nothing wrong with my guns. I started looking around in the sea of black and steel and thought, what can I do to make mine special? I want mine to look like, well — mine. You should want yours to look like yours, and these goodies should help. The

Appendix Carry


Not For Everyone. I had a lengthy chat with a reader about the pros and cons of appendix carry. He

The Sound Of Silence


Sound Suppressors: And Why Everybody Needs At Least One. In 1934, Congress passed the National Firearms Act in response to

S&W’s Master Pieces


Classic Style Meets Top-Notch Accuracy. In July, 1966, shortly into my 17th year, I acquired the first handgun I actually

A Close Look At Optics


It’s Not All About Crosshairs! Red dot sights pretty much revolutionized handgun optics but now and again, an “old fashioned”

The 9MM Ruger LCR


Some of my gun-friends of the “big-bore” persuasion will occasionally snicker at my choice of a primary carry-piece: a Kel-Tec