New Product Of The Day: S-Class Pistol


Cabot Guns. The Cabot S-Class uses advanced aerospace technology and the finest materials to create a precise custom 1911 with an elegant “blind” front sight matching glare-reducing machining on the top strap. Unique and effective cocking serrations feature the Cabot Trinity stripes, and the TriStar trigger and guide rod feature the company’s signature stars. The

Wilson’s 92G – And Ultra Light Carry 1911


Brigadier Tactical. In 1985 many shooters were shocked, apoplectic and dismayed or worse, to see the United States military put the beloved and almost mythical .45 ACP 1911 out to pasture, replacing it with a 9mm double-action/single-action high-capacity semi-auto pistol. It was the Italian firm of Beretta which won the contract and they agreed to

Dominating Eyes


Avery small minority of people are naturally ambidextrous. To some extent ambidexterity can be developed through disciplined training. Most people

Sharpen A Knife


Yup, Even You Can. Yes, we feature knives in a gun magazine. Shocking, I know, and yes, a remarkable show