New Product Of The Day: S-Class Pistol


Cabot Guns. The Cabot S-Class uses advanced aerospace technology and the finest materials to create a precise custom 1911 with an elegant “blind” front sight matching glare-reducing machining on the top strap. Unique and effective cocking serrations feature the Cabot Trinity stripes, and the TriStar trigger and guide rod feature the company’s signature stars. The

The Hunt Is On!


Benchmade’s HUNT Series Of Knives Has Been A Rousing Success Ask most knife nuts and they’ll tell you: Benchmade is known for making superb tactical knives. This has shifted since the Oregon cutlery manufacturer launched their HUNT series of serious sportsmen knives. Just over a year old now, the HUNT lineup keeps expanding with new

Echo-Sigma ASRS


Echo-Sigma survival kits have graced our pages before for good reason — they are always 100 percent solidly thought-out and

Umarex C96 Air-Pistol


Continuing their “Legends” series, Umarex has just made another of my favorites — the “broom handle” Mauser. They call it

Competition Gear


And Yes — It Should Be Cool. There’s so much fun to be had running-and-gunning or taking the steel challenge,

Meet ‘WilBer’


Wilson Combat Custom Beretta. Beretta has all but dropped out of the American police pistol market after being one of