Gunvault Speedvault Biometric


Portable but permanently fastenable gun safes meet two unique needs: They keep a firearm handy and hidden but also securely locked. Wasn’t too long ago the only safe in a home was hidden in a basement or garage — far from the normal daily activities of the house, effectively out of reach. But if you

Hoffner Beast


The Hoffner Beast certainly is. Police officer, anti-terror expert and self-defense trainer Brian Hoffner designed it as such. Check out

The Most Popular Police SIG


Although the polymer-framed, striker-fired designs predominate in police pistols today, the all-metal, hammer-fired double-action semiautomatic has not left the law

Treasure – Or Junk?


When are handguns classic treasures and when are they junk? It’s a good question because many uninitiated people think just