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10 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Dave Osborne

    Thank you for an excellent magazine! Can you provide the source for the data presented in the “Add It Up” column in the July/August 2015 issue? Thanks! Dave Osborne

  2. William A. Clark

    I thought I had read there was a collection of all of Conner’s GunCrank Diaries. I can’t find it listed anywhere.
    Is there one and if so what’s the address for it?

  3. Robert Roesner

    I have a question about what I can do about fixing my pistol I have now or should I purchase another pistol. My problem is that when I pull the trigger my finger bends downward and the trigger pinches my finger. I shoot a Taurus PT 120 .40 caliber. I have shot 1911’s and not had this problem; however I have heard that 1911 are more difficult to keep in tune and clean then the new pistols on the market. I am not opposed to purchasing a 1911 if this is the only pistol I can use to solve my problem. Please help.

  4. Mike

    I love American Handgunner Magazine. I love the information on guns and gear. Moreover, I really love the Ayoob Files.

  5. Thomas Hampton

    I have enjoyed your magazine for quite some time. I am also a subscriber. I got my copy today in the mail and the last 10 or so pages ripped and tore so bad the article is missing. Is there anyway I could get a replacement copy? Keep up the good work. Thank you, Thomas Hampton

  6. Dennis McGrath

    After reading a past Conner report on the Ruger LCR, I purchased one and have been very pleased with it. I have been looking for a 45 ACP to replace my custom 1911 that had been stolen and had not even considered a Kahr CT45 until his last report. Thanks for that, it has all the features that I want ( slim and small grip ), as I have small hands. Keep up the good work. Dennis McGrath

  7. gary schoning

    all your phone numbers are turned off. So sad if you are out of business you did well.Hoefully somebody sees this. I saw your mag in Walmart but did not get mine in mail.

    1. Amercian Handgunner Post author

      We are so sorry, we had phone problems yesterday. All phones are back on today, please contact our subscription department if you have any questions about your subscription. 1-858-605-0253

  8. Chuck Nichols

    While rereading Ed Yost’s article “Understanding Headspace” in the Sept/Oct 2015 issue, I noticed a picture of 38 Specials with setback primers. I don’t know how I missed it before, but don’t understand how these can be caused by excessive headspace. They appear to me to be caused by firing squib loads or test firing non-loads having primers only. I’ve been wrong before, am I now?


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