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6 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Dave Osborne

    Thank you for an excellent magazine! Can you provide the source for the data presented in the “Add It Up” column in the July/August 2015 issue? Thanks! Dave Osborne

  2. William A. Clark

    I thought I had read there was a collection of all of Conner’s GunCrank Diaries. I can’t find it listed anywhere.
    Is there one and if so what’s the address for it?

  3. Robert Roesner

    I have a question about what I can do about fixing my pistol I have now or should I purchase another pistol. My problem is that when I pull the trigger my finger bends downward and the trigger pinches my finger. I shoot a Taurus PT 120 .40 caliber. I have shot 1911’s and not had this problem; however I have heard that 1911 are more difficult to keep in tune and clean then the new pistols on the market. I am not opposed to purchasing a 1911 if this is the only pistol I can use to solve my problem. Please help.

  4. Mike

    I love American Handgunner Magazine. I love the information on guns and gear. Moreover, I really love the Ayoob Files.

  5. Thomas Hampton

    I have enjoyed your magazine for quite some time. I am also a subscriber. I got my copy today in the mail and the last 10 or so pages ripped and tore so bad the article is missing. Is there anyway I could get a replacement copy? Keep up the good work. Thank you, Thomas Hampton


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