Ayoob Files 1992-1993


Enjoy this two-year digital collection of Ayoob Files from 1992-1993 by renowned author, trainer and expert witness Massad Ayoob as originally published in American Handgunner beginning in 1986.

This is part of the full 27-year collection. To order the complete digital collection, click here.

This Ayoob Files 1992-1993 digital collection includes:

Jan/Feb 1992 — Gun Thief Shootout: The Barger-Petigo Incident
Mar/Apr 1992 — Disarm Times Three: Albuquerque, Dallas, Pompano Beach
May/Jun 1992 — FBI Miami Shootout: An Update
Jul/Aug 1992 — Lessons From A Doorway Shootout
Sep/Oct 1992 — The Los Angeles Riots
Nov/Dec 1992 — Revolver Vs. Rifle: The Bob Wilson Incident
Jan/Feb 1993 — Death In A Parking Garage: The Chicago Courthouse Incident
Mar/Apr 1993 — The JFK Assassination: A Shooter’s Eye View
May/Jun 1993 — ‘Why Did You Make Me Do That?’: The Tom Rees Incident
Jul/Aug 1993 — Weapon Snatch: The Arvin Volner Incident
Sep/Oct 1993 — Heart Shot Survival: The Stacie Lim Incident
Nov/Dec 1993 — Armed and Persecuted: No Right To Self-Defense

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