Ayoob Files 1998-1999


Enjoy this two-year digital collection of Ayoob Files from 1998-1999 by renowned author, trainer and expert witness Massad Ayoob as originally published in American Handgunner beginning in 1986.

This is part of the full 27-year collection. To order the complete digital collection, click here.

This Ayoob Files 1998-1999 digital collection includes:

Jan/Feb 1998 — Don’t Make Us Shoot You: The Blake Hubbard Incident
Mar/Apr 1998 — Mistaken Identity Shooting: The Death Of An Exchange Student
May/Jun 1998 — The Doctor And The Crackhead
Jul/Aug 1998 — The Minister And The Mugger: The Thomas Cairns Incident
Sep/Oct 1998 — Hostage Rescue: The Lessons of Prince’s Gate
Nov/Dec 1998 — A Bill Jordan Legacy: The Cantrell-Rosa Shooting
Jan/Feb 1999 — The Malice Green Case: Lessons Learned
Mar/Apr 1999 — Wrong Victim: The Kolner/Rice Shooting
May/Jun 1999 — Stop The Killing: The Pearl High School Incident
Jul/Aug 1999 — School Shootings: The Truth Exposed!
Sep/Oct 1999 — Pursuit And Death: A Case In Connecticut
Nov/Dec 1999 — The Gunfights Of Col. Charles Askins

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