Ayoob Files 2006-2007


Enjoy this two-year digital collection of Ayoob Files from 2006-2007 by renowned author, trainer and expert witness Massad Ayoob as originally published in American Handgunner beginning in 1986.

This is part of the full 27-year collection. To order the complete digital collection, click here.

This Ayoob Files 2006-2007 digital collection includes:

Jan/Feb 2006 — Beyond The Shooting Itself: The Robert Tessitore Incident
Mar/Apr 2006 — Drama At Blair House: The Attempted Assassination Of Harry Truman
May/Jun 2006 — Handloads For Self-Defense: The Daniel Blas Case
Jul/Aug 2006 — Officer Friendly And The Gang-Banger
Sep/Oct 2006 — Slay The Monster, Flay The Hero: The Billy Anders Case
Nov/Dec 2006 — Armed Citizen Vs. The Dillinger Gang: The Harry Berg Incident
Jan/Feb 2007 — Hostage Rescue By Pistol Fire: The Sleigher-Watkins Shooting
Mar/Apr 2007 — Armed Citizen Shootings: The Chris Bird Collection
May/Jun 2007 — The ‘OK Corral Shootout’: A Lesson In The Importance Of Evidence Preservation
Jul/Aug 2007 — Learning From A Cop-Killer: The Lessons Of ‘Baby Face’ Nelson
Sep/Oct 2007 — The New FBI Report: Beneath The Tip Of The Iceberg
Nov/Dec 2007 — Dueling .40s: The J.R. Parrow Incident

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