The Best Of Its Kind

American Handgunner 2012 Special Edition

The GIANT American Handgunner 2012 Special Edition has page after page of color features dedicated
to handguns and accessories you need!

American Handgunner SE 2012

Look Inside:

SIG SAUER MK25: Best Of Its Kind
MY FAVORITE .22s: These’ll Getcha Shooting Again
GOING STRAPPED: The Belt Holster
SIG TACOPS: Evolution Of The SIG SAUER P226
TACTICAL BACKUPS: Folding Steel For Every Pocket
KINGS OF KAZAKHSTAN: Hunting With A Handgun
HANDGUNS OF WWII: Varied, But All Life Savers
BOAR HUNTING: With Led Optics
THE BEST OF TIMES: Many Options For Shooters
DEAR JOHN, WE’VE SHRUNK YOUR PISTOL: Browning’s Micro 1911-22 A1
007’S SIDEARM FOR THE REAL WORLD: Combat Custom Walther
KAHR PM 4044: One Man’s Perfect Carry Gun
PLUS MUCH MORE: Includes New Products You Must Have! 2012 Catalog Of Currently Available Handguns, Knives, Lasers And Lights.

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