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1982 American Handgunner Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
HND8230 Compensating Device for .45 autos Moats, Greg Nov/Dec 1982 “Accu-Comp” system cuts recoil. 30
HND8232 The Sokolovsky .45 Auto Stringfellow, Bert Nov/Dec 1982 All stainless steel, redesigned. 32
HND8234 John Shaw: Portrait of a Winner Bane, Michael Nov/Dec 1982 His school offers shooting courses. 34
HND8236 Handgun Stopping Power Ayoob, Massad Nov/Dec 1982 The “old way” still computes. 36
HND8238 Blazer .38 Special Ammo Reynolds, Dave Nov/Dec 1982 Concept reduces cost. 38
HND8245 Belt Slide Holsters Kerr, Frank Nov/Dec 1982 Do double duty for police, save money. 45
HND8246 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Nov/Dec 1982 Basic barricade technique. 46
HND8247 Mickey Fowler Wins 1982 Bianchi Cup Woods, Jim Nov/Dec 1982 For three straight years. 47
HSO8219 Aluminum Frame for .45 Auto Bosselmann, Karl Sept/Oct 1982 Fits all models except Colt Commander. 19
HSO8223 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Sept/Oct 1982 The Ayoob Wedge. 23
HSO8228 New Substitution For Leather AH Staff Sept/Oct 1982 Porvair: said to wear better, longer. 28
HSO8229 Taurus DA 9mm Auto Reynolds, Dave Sept/Oct 1982 Features good accuracy, functionality. 29
HSO8230 The New Auto Ordnance .45 Reynolds, Dave Sept/Oct 1982 Can be easily tuned for combat shooting. 30
HSO8231 Ten-Ring Competition Muzzleloader Mason, James D. Sept/Oct 1982 The Rival: looks and feels like Gold Cup. 31
HSO8232 “Steel Challenge Tournament” Davis, Len Sept/Oct 1982 Draws 154 handgunners from 21 states. 32
HSO8239 Unique Shoestring Holster Shuman, Don Sept/Oct 1982 Easy to make, and it works. 39
HSO8242 Colt’s First .45 Auto Shimek, Robert T. Sept/Oct 1982 Proud grandparent scuttled in 1911. M1911 second. 42
HSO8244 Tuning the AMT .45 Hardballer. Gaertner, Russ Sept/Oct 1982 An amateur gunsmith can do easily. 44
HSO8248 “I Have Held This Gun Before” Pickles, Al Sept/Oct 1982 it’s nostalgia, all the way. 48
HJA8230 Master Tips Winokur, Jon July/August 1982 Speed reloading. 30
HJA8236 Home-Built .45 Auto Hackathorn, Ken July/August 1982 How it compares with factory/custom jobs. 36
HJA8240 Seecamp Introduces Unique .25 Auto Reynolds, Dave July/August 1982 Offers many new features. 40
HJA8242 Silhouette Pistol Stocks (cover) Briggs, Philip July/August 1982 New, practical, exotic designs for XP-100. 42
HJA8246 Combat Shooting Australian Style Robinson, John July/August 1982 Down under handgunners are progressive. 46
HJA8250 Is the Parabellum Practical? Shimek, Robert July/August 1982 Defensive shooting skills outdoors. 50
HJA8255 Indoor Pin Shooting Langman, William R. July/August 1982 Sharpens shooting skills outdoors. 55
HJA8256 Speedloading Ayoob, Massad July/August 1982 Techniques require practice. 56
HJA8258 The .45 Colt Hamilton, Claud S. July/August 1982 Is it really obsolete? 58
HJA8259 Match-Winning .45 Auto Barrels Arnold, Dave July/August 1982 Made of stainless steel, by Bar-Sto. 59
HJA8265 T/C Contender Gets Face Lift Reynolds, Dave July/August 1982 New Mach IV has many new features. 65
HJA8283 Ruger Offers Transfer Bar Kit AH Staff July/August 1982 Will convert “Old Model,” at no charge. 83
HMJ8219 Master Tips Winokur, Jon May/June 1982 The front sight is the key! 19
HMJ8230 Electro-Film Bosselmann, Karl May/June 1982 New and old combine for a new gun finish. 30
HMJ8234 Gunmaking in Llama-Land Jones, J.D. May/June 1982 New auto pistols and revolvers. 34
HMJ8232 FBI Model 13 S&W Aaron, Dick May/June 1982 Test report: heavy barrel 3-incher is a hit. 32
HMJ8237 Repeating Unlimited Rader, J. May/June 1982 An XP with a magazine. 37
HMJ8242 Colt New Service Target Murphy, Bob May/June 1982 The history behind these big guns. 42
HMJ8245 Inflation and the Handloader Hamilton, Claud May/June 1982 Lower the high cost of shooting. 45
HMJ8249 The Eagle AH Staff May/June 1982 Preview of a new auto pistol. 49
HMJ8250 Caraville Arms (cover) Moats, Greg May/June 1982 Drop-in DA kit for the 1911. 50
HMA8244 Reloading: Junkyard Dogs Zambone, Joe March/April 1982 Some really bad news for night intruders. 44
HMA8248 Reloading: The USAF Superbullet Rogers, Patrick F. March/April 1982 How does it compare with the .45 ACP? 48
HMA8250 Reloading: Shaping Up “Shorty” Zutz, Don March/April 1982 Functional reliability for the .380 ACP 50
HMA8251 Reloading: Put ‘Em to the SAECO Test Barach, Mike March/April 1982 Roll your own cast bullets to specific hardness. 51
HMA8253 Reloading: HS-5 Accuracy and the .45 ACP Zutz, Don March/April 1982 Hodgdon powder puts hustle on the heavyweights. 53
HMA8232 The Silhouette Family Costilow, Jim March/April 1982 Dad, Mom, Kids, Chickens, Turkeys, Pigs, Rams. 32
HMA8234 Basic Pistol Miller, Rick March/April 1982 “Simple is best” for the practical shooter. 34
HMA8236 The Pistol that Wins the Gold (cover) Mason, James D. March/April 1982 The latest Hammerli makes the best even better. 36
HMA8242 Wheelguns of the Practical Circuit Miller, Rick March/April 1982 Don’t underestimate the value of a good revolver. 42
HMA8254 Get a Grip on your Scope-Mounted .45 Neeley, Albert C. March/April 1982 Plastic surgery on Pachmayr “skin.” 54
HJF8230 Remington 7mm BR Briggs, Philip Jan/Feb 1982 Just how good is this cartridge? 30
HJF8233 The Gammon Pistol (cover) Miller, Rick Jan/Feb 1982 A .45 designed to win matches. 33
HJF8236 Colt New Army Rickell, Walter Jan/Feb 1982 DA revolvers are nothing new. 36
HJF8238 Hank Williams, Jr. Bane, Michael Jan/Feb 1982 This country western star is a gun nut. 38
HJF8242 Charter Arms Explorer Sterret, Larry Jan/Feb 1982 Test report on new semi-auto .22. 42
HJF8248 M-S Safari Enforcer Barach, Mike Jan/Feb 1982 Test report on a production ,45. 48
HJF8250 Custom Pistolsmith Directory Jan/Feb 1982 Custom Pistolsmith Directory revised for 1982. 50
HJF8224 Roy Fishpaw: Custom Stockmaker Jan/Feb 1982 Unusual design and quality craftsmanship. 24
HJF8226 Reloading Tests Cotterman, Dan Jan/Feb 1982 Handloading products evaluated after extended tests. 26
Item Article Author Issue Title Page