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1983 American Handgunner Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
HND8330 The Llama Double-Action .44 Magnum Gaertner, Russ Nov/Dec 1983 Super Comanche features strength, easy handling 30
HND8332 Fred E. Stevens: Gun Designer Petty, Charles E. Nov/Dec 1983 His revolver shoots underwater.32 32
HND8334 Brian Enos Wins 1983 Bianchi Cup Match (cover) Romero, Fred Nov/Dec 1983 One point behind was LAPD Officer John Pride. 34
HND8342 Full-Size, All-Stainless Steel .45 Auto Davis, Len Nov/Dec 1983 Industry’s first full-size stainless steel .45 test report. 42
HND8347 Tom Campbell’s Supergun II Bane, Michael Nov/Dec 1983 Prototype .45 auto from scratch, but S&W scratches. 47
HND8333 Beretta’s .380 Auto: A Winner Davis, Len Nov/Dec 1983 The best .380 auto on the market. 33
HSO8340 Steel Challenge Tournament Davis, Len Sept/Oct 1983 Features record $100,000 purse. 40
HSO8345 Point Shooting Wilson, David A. Sept/Oct 1983 Tips by beteran police officer. 45
HSO8346 Factory Installed Sights Trzoniec, Stanley Sept/Oct 1983 They fill bill for most shooting needs. 46
HSO8350 Police Duty Holsters Campbell, Steven L. Sept/Oct 1983 Too many cops overlook their importance. 50
HSO8355 Home Defense Course Knab, Linda Sept/Oct 1983 Name of the game is awareness. 55
HSO8356 Redhawk Grand Master Deluxe Romero, Fred Sept/Oct 1983 custom pistolsmith Ron Power develops a beauty. 56
HSO8364 Handgun accessories Trzoniec, Stanley Sept/Oct 1983 market is booming with new products. 64
HSO8367 Hangun Accessories Source Directory AH Staff Sept/Oct 1983 Names and addresses at your service. 67
HJA8326 The .451 Detonics Mag. Conv. Kit Stanford, Dave July/August 1983 Converts .45 Auto to new caliber. 26
HJA8330 How to Lose a PPC Match Romero, Fred July/August 1983 Veteran shooter describes 10 ways to do it. 30
HJA8332 The Hammerli Free Pistol M152 (cover) Baiacco, Sam July/August 1983 A potential Olympic gold medal winner. 32
HJA8336 Swaged Bullets in the .45 Auto Zutz, Don July/August 1983 They enhance accuracy. 35
HJA8336 Favorite Loads of Top Gun Writers Davis, Len July/August 1983 Names read like a Who’s Who of handloaders. 36
HJA8338 The Ransom Rest Trzoniec, Stanley July/August 1983 Takes guesswork out of assessing loads. 38
HMJ8340 The Coonan .357 Magnum Autoloader Weller, Jim May/June 1983 Magazine loading is different. 40
HMJ8342 PPC Revolvers—How Good Are They? Romero, Fred May/June 1983 Virtually perfect! 42
HMJ8345 New French Police Ammo Collin, Michael, DVM May/June 1983 Ideal police load. 45
HMJ8346 Three New Guns by Detonics Pickles, Al May/June 1983 Two new autos and a hinged-frame revolver. 46
HMJ8350 Handling the .45 Auto—Safely Savino, Richard May/June 1983 Use common sense, plus. 50
HMJ8354 The Model 1911-A2 Version? Thomas, Dick May/June 1983 Would entail several modifications. 54
HMJ8355 Russians Dominate Caracas Match Baiacco, Sam May/June 1983 They are well disciplined and superbly coached. 55
HMJ8356 The Service Pistol Controversy Rogers, Patrick F. May/June 1983 In depth report traces political donnybrook. 56
HMJ8359 the Shock Watch Gamble, George H. May/June 1983 Dampens brunt of recoil shock waves. 59
HMJ8360 A Mexican Stand-Off Reynolds, Dave May/June 1983 Between 9mm autos and 9mm revolvers. 60
HMJ8363 First Prize: 1982 IPSC Nationals Davis, Len May/June 1983 Won by Mike Plaxco: an engraved, customized .45 auto. 63
HMJ8364 Position Yourself to Win Boswell, Drexel May/June 1983 Metallic silhouette shooting tips. 64
HMJ8366 Bill Bidwell—Pistolsmith Personified Hughes, B.R. May/June 1983 With 13-point checklist on .45 auto functioning. 66
HMJ8369 Seven Steps to Survival Nadel, Seth May/June 1983 Takes more than basic shooting ability. 69
HMA8330 Revolver Accuracy Gaertner, Russ March/April 1983 It’s in the cone. 30
HMA8334 The 1982 IPSC Nationals Shaw, John March/April 1983 Mike Plaxco wins by a whisker. 34
HMA8336 Sighting-In Handguns for Hunting McMicken, Bob March/April 1983 Requires basic knowledge of ballistics. 36
HMA8338 The Walther P5 Simmons, Donald M. March/April 1983 A “super pocket auto.” 38
HMA8340 Don’t Knock Air Pistols Davis, Len March/April 1983 They hone cartridge shooting. 40
HMA8344 Bill Rogers: “Chronic Gadgeteer” Bane, Michael March/April 1983 He’s founder of Rogers Holsters. 44
HMA8350 Top-Break Revolvers Bosselmann, Karl March/April 1983 They’re safe, reliable, accurate. 50
HMA8352 Industry Insider: Special Edition Pickles, Al March/April 1983 Detonics offers three hot ones. 52
HMA8353 Harry E. Sefried II: Gun Designer Petty, Charles March/April 1983 Recently retired from Ruger. 53
HMA8355 The 1982 PPC Nationals Nadel, Seth R. March/April 1983 winner: Kerry Hile, Columbus, Ohio PD 55
HMA8356 American Factory Ammunition Trzoniec, Stanley March/April 1983 Gets high marks. 56
HJF8334 Snubbies Shoot Super Arthur, Mel Jan/Feb 1983 And they’re lightweight , dependable. 34
HJF8336 Living Room Marksmanship Reynolds, Dave Jan/Feb 1983 Sub-caliber device for indoor shooting. 36
HJF8337 Dillon’s New Reloading Press Briggs, Philip C. Jan/Feb 1983 RL-450 is a high-volume unit that’s affordable. 37
HJF8338 Taurus M85 Undercover Revolver Reynolds, Dave Jan/Feb 1983 Features several design innovations. 38
HJF8339 Astra A-80 .45 Auto DA Pickles, Al Jan/Feb 1983 Made in Spain, it’s new on the U.S. market. 39
HJF8342 Multi-Jacket Handgun Bullets Corbin, David R. Jan/Feb 1983 Technique involves standard bullet swaging gear. 42
HJF8344 Match Shooting—Then and Now Echols, Lee E. Jan/Feb 1983 Former national champion makes comparisons. 44
HJF8346 The .38 S&W Cartridge Hughes, B.R. Jan/Feb 1983 After more than 100 years, it’s still going strong. 46
HJF8350 Rubber Handgun Grips Barach, Mike Jan/Feb 1983 More practical than wood. 50
HJF8352 Claude Kinard Sets New IHMSA Record Stringfellow, Bert Jan/Feb 1983 Shoots possible 80 at 1982 tournament. 52
HJF8356 Behlert’s Pin Gun Gamble, George H. Jan/Feb 1983 New system shoots down recoil. 56
HJF8358 H&R Revolvers Reynolds, Dave Jan/Feb 1983 Test fire report strong, durable, stylish.58 58
HJF8359 The Potent .41 Avenger Gaertner, Russ Jan/Feb 1983 A necked-down .45 ACP. 59
HJF8381 1983 Directory of Custom Pistolsmiths Jan/Feb 1983 1983 Directory of Custom Pistolsmiths 81
Item Article Author Issue Title Page