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1984 American Handgunner Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
HJF8430 Odi’s Viking II .45 Auto Williams, Mason Jan/Feb 1984 Has Seecamp DA conversion. 30
HJF8433 Beretta’s M84 and M85 .380 Autos Ayoob, Massad Jan/Feb 1984 Author favors the M84 33
HJF8434 Do-It-Yourself Pistolsmithing Gaertner, Russ Jan/Feb 1984 Many new tools are described. 34
HJF8437 The 1983 IPSC Nationals Winokur, Jon Jan/Feb 1984 Rob Leatham takes top honors. 37
HJF8442 The 1983 Second Chance Shoot Winokur, Jon Jan/Feb 1984 Combat match emulates “street” scenes. 42
HJF8444 Custom PIstolsmith Survey (cover) Davis, Len Jan/Feb 1984 Most respondents gve smiths high marks. 44
HJF8445 The 1984 Custom Pistolsmith Directory Jan/Feb 1984 The 1984 Custom Pistolsmith Directory 45
HMA8432 1984: The Year of the 9mm Auto? Davis, Len March/April 1984 Connecticut SP adopt Beretta. 32
HMA8433 The 1983 World Shoot (IPSC) Dalton, Mike March/April 1984 Winner was Rob Leatham. 33
HMA8436 1983 Police Revolver Championships Romero, Fred March/April 1984 Officer Kerry Hile wins again. 36
HMA8442 The Steyr Model GB 9mm Auto Pickles, Al March/April 1984 Test-fire report. 42
HMA8444 Ken Hurst, Master Firearms Engraver Davis, Len March/April 1984 His firm is the world’s largest. 44
HMA8445 The Detonics Scoremaster .45 ACP Romero, Fred March/April 1984 Test-fire report. 45
HMA8448 The Wildey .45 Winchester Magnum Fender, James E. March/April 1984 Test-fire report. 48
HMA8420 Smiths Guild Names Members AH Staff March/April 1984 20
HMA8425 Marine Officer Builds Range (cover) Davis, Len March/April 1984 Bob Embesi’s range near Temecula. 25
HMA8438 Browning .380 Auto Pistol Trzoniec, Stanley May/June 1984 High capacity, reliable performance. 38
HMA8442 1983 IHMSA Internationals Briggs, Phillip C. May/June 1984 New guns, New records. 42
HMA8445 Lady Pistolsmith Baiocco, Sam May/June 1984 Ginny Greider — a profile 45
HMA8446 Russian Training Techniques Harke, Heinrich May/June 1984 They start ‘em young. 46
HMA8458 Ergonomics Savino, Richard May/June 1984 Does fit equal accuracy? 58
HMA8467 Test Report: Super Vel Ammo Zutz, Don May/June 1984 Back in production and better. 67
HJA8409 Star Reloader Romero, Fred July/August 1984 Insight into this progressive tool. 9
HJA8424 Handgun Safeties Edwards, Tim July/August 1984 A look at these little levers. 24
HJA8428 Why the .44 Special? Pickles, Al July/August 1984 For defense, why not? 28
HJA8434 High Standard Crusader Petty, Charles July/August 1984 What went wrong with this unique revolver? 34
HJA8438 Exotic Handgun Stocks Pickles, Al July/August 1984 Bullshooters’ designer stocks. 38
HJA8442 Special Purpose Ammo Pickles, Al July/August 1984 Exotic rounds for special uses. 42
HJA8444 Rimfire Handguns for Rams Thorstad, Bruce July/August 1984 This new fun game is for real. 44
HJA8446 Going for the Gold Reynolds, Dave July/August 1984 S&W’s efforts to support our Olympic teams. 46
HJA8466 Master Tips Winokur, Jon July/August 1984 The cross draw with John Shaw. 66
HSO8420 Speed Shooting Bane, Michael Sept/Oct 1984 New shooting game organized. 20
HSO8424 The Group Gripper Hackathorn, Ken Sept/Oct 1984 The $25 accuracy job. 24
HSO8432 1984 Steel Challenge Romero, Fred Sept/Oct 1984 Pruitt is fastest. 32
HSO8435 SCI, 1984 AH Staff Sept/Oct 1984 Safari Club Auction gun. 35
HSO8442 The Gammon II Armstrong, David Sept/Oct 1984 Devel’s latest is examined. 42
HSO8445 Parts-Built .45 Petty, Charles Sept/Oct 1984 This Crown City parts gun works. 45
HSO8446 To Comp Or Not To Comp Moats, Greg Sept/Oct 1984 Pin guns, are they practical? 46
HSO8448 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Sept/Oct 1984 Strong side draw. 48
HSO8452 Heat Treat Your Bullets Henderson, E.J. Sept/Oct 1984 They hold together. 52
HSO8463 Holster and More Holsters Pickles, Al Sept/Oct 1984 A potpourri of leather. 63
HSO8434 Myths of Revolver Tune-Ups Moore, William R. Sept/Oct 1984 Some straight facts on critical measurements. 34
HND8436 Shooting at Night McKay, Robert S Nov/Dec 1984 New teaching method works—without sights. 36
HND8438 Autos That Didn’t Mke It Wood, J.B. Nov/Dec 1984 Designs before and after their time. 38
HND8441 Bianchi Cup VI Ayoob, Massad Nov/Dec 1984 Enos wins this high-scoring match. 41
HND8446 The H&R USRA Pistol Rickell, Walter Nov/Dec 1984 A test report from the past. 46
HND8450 Day Vs. Kart Petrick, Stephen Nov/Dec 1984 Two fine conversion units are tested. 50
HND8454 The Multi-mag Revolver Pickles, Al Nov/Dec 1984 Centaur System by Ray Herriott truly caliber convertible. 54
HND8456 The .38 Super Today Gaertner, Russ Nov/Dec 1984 Don’t sell this cartridge short. 56
HND8458 Do You Need a Full-House .45? Weller, Jim Nov/Dec 1984 Add up the costs and benefits. 58
HAN8410 9mm Auto Pistol Shootout Thompson, Jim AH Annual 1984 Comprehensive test of 21 of today’s best 9mm autos. 10
HAN8416 M’Lady Looks at Shooting Lee, Mary T. AH Annual 1984 Woman pistoleer spells it out for gals less informed. 16
HAN8420 Handgunner Books Arganbright, Bob AH Annual 1984 20
HAN8424 How Important is Barrel Crowning? Basselmann, Karl AH Annual 1984 The answer may surprise you. 24
HAN8426 Iver Johnson Pocket Pistols Woods, Jim AH Annual 1984 Old firm of Arkansas has three new models of quality. 26
HAN8432 Aimpoint Mounting Systems Weller, Jim AH Annual 1984 Mounts and installation for .45 autos. 32
HAN8434 Are Auto Pistols For Police? Trzoniec, Stanley AH Annual 1984 Yes, S&W explains why. 34
HAN8439 Shooting Legend—John Hurst Echols, Lee AH Annual 1984 LAPD’s Hurst is bullseye shooter and grip maker. 39
HAN8436 Heckler & Koch P7 9mm Simmons, Donald M. AH Annual 1984 Test-fire report. 36
HAN8440 Colt’s New Pocket Pistol Woods, Jim AH Annual 1984 Colt returns to pocket auto market with this down-size Mk IV Series 80 Government Model.. 40
HAN8445 Magnums Can Be Accurate Hamilton, Claud AH Annual 1984 Magnums 45
HAN8446 Seecamps—Gun Designers of Today Petty, Charles AH Annual 1984 Seecamp’s successes of today pave way for designs of tomorrow. 46
HAN8451 Lap That Bore Savino, Richard AH Annual 1984 Crocus cloth will give gun a mirror-polished bore. 51
HAN8452 Has the .45 Auto Pistol Peaked? Williams, Mason AH Annual 1984 Tracing the .45’s history and updates the picture. 52
HAN8488 1984 Custom Pistolsmith Directory AH Annual 1984 Custom Pistolsmith Directory 88
Item Article Author Issue Title Page