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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
HJF8509 Cops and IPSC Marshall, Evan Jan/Feb 1985 The perfect marriage, or a “paper bag” date? 9
HJF8522 Carry Gun Modifications Moats, Greg Jan/Feb 1985 What’s practical, what’s not—from experts. 22
HJF8526 .44 Special Double Derringer Crudele, Stephen Jan/Feb 1985 A pocket powerhouse of potent persuasion. 26
HJF8528 John Linebaugh’s Custom 45 Long Colts Taffin, John Jan/Feb 1985 There’s life yet in the old Warhorse. 28
HJF8532 Custom Fitting Custom Grips Sterett, Larry Jan/Feb 1985 How to fit custom grips to the frame. 32
HJF8536 Reloading the .45 Win. Mag. Zambone, Joe Jan/Feb 1985 How hot is this hot new magnum? 36
HJF8539 Alan Jenkins:Wunderkid Thornton, Rebecca Jan/Feb 1985 He’s only 15, but he’s a good speed shooter. 39
HJF8540 IPSC in South Africa Hopkins, Cameron Jan/Feb 1985 They shoot IPSC a little differently. 40
HJF8542 A Southpaw’s Delight Rich, Curtis Jan/Feb 1985 Problems for lefties with semi-autos. 42
HJF8544 The Star 30PK Petty, Charles Jan/Feb 1985 Spanish gunmaking firm comes up w/ winner. 44
HJF8548 Custom Pistolsmith Directory Jan/Feb 1985 Pistolsmiths 48
HJF8571 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Jan/Feb 1985 Double action shooting. 71
HMA8507 Norway Second Chance March/April 1985 Vikings discover bowling pin shooting. 7
HMA8526 How to Beat Match Pressure Romero, Fred March/April 1985 Learn from champion how to beat jitters. 26
HMA8528 Master Tips Winokur, Jon March/April 1985 Ray Neal explains fire control, grip technique. 28
HMA8534 World’s Most Powerful Revolver Fender, James March/April 1985 An indepth look at the .454 Casull Magnum. 34
HMA8538 Handgunner’s Nightmare–Morton Grove Kendzie, Andrew March/April 1985 How to keep the gun grabbers from yours. 38
HMA8539 Cogan’s Pop-Off Compensator Bone, Michael March/April 1985 Comp gun for matches; carry gun for streets. 39
HMA8542 Korriphila.45 ACP Rickell, Walter March/April 1985 The Mercedes of autoloaders. 42
HMA8546 The New Wave of Holsters Arganbright, Bob March/April 1985 Make room for velcro and nylon. 46
HMA8554 Swiss Plinker Wood, J.B. March/April 1985 Yodel while plinking this fine Swiss handgun. 54
HMJ8516 Crossfire Marshall, Evan and Romero, Fred May/June 1985 Is PPC practical? 2 cops hash it out. 16
HMJ8518 Master Tips Winokur, Jon May/June 1985 Jack Weaver demos Weaver stance. 18
HMJ8534 1984 IPSC National Championships Hopkins, Cameron May/June 1985 Year of .38 Super; Rob Leatham wins. 34
HMJ8531 Wilson Combat PPC Revolver Nadel, Seth May/June 1985 Champ PPC shooter wrings out PPC gun. 31
HMJ8542 1984 PPC National Championships Romero, Fred May/June 1985 When smoke cleared Kerry Hile had third title. 42
HMJ8544 Charter’s Off-Duty .38 Snubby Pickles, Al May/June 1985 Charter Arms’ lightweight backup revolver. 44
HMJ8545 Orlando Police Adopts IPSC Bane, Michael May/June 1985 Department sees IPSC benefits for training. 45
HMJ8546 Pin Busters Hopkins, Cameron May/June 1985 Coors hosts bowling pin World Championship 46
HMJ8551 The Guns of Mike LaRocca Trzoniec, Stanley May/June 1985 One of the hottest young pistolsmiths around. 51
HJA8526 Master Tips Winokur, Jon July/August 1985 Jeff Cooper on basics of practical shooting. 26
HJA8527 The Combat Mind-Set Cooper, Jeff July/August 1985 Being mentally prepared for lethal threats. 27
HJA8528 The Taurus Model 66 Attenborough, B.F. July/August 1985 Brazilian .357 Mag wheelgun shows quality. 28
HJA8529 Crossfire Nadel, Seth and Romero, Fred July/August 1985 Knockdown power: Myth or Reality? 29
HJA8534 Fiocchi Target Pistols Baiocco, Sam July/August 1985 Italian bullseye pistols are tack-drivers. 34
HJA8539 Les Baer, Master Pistolsmith Prins, Bob July/August 1985 Meet one of the country’s top pistolsmiths. 39
HJA8542 The .32 H&R Magnum Comes of Age Cotterman, Dan July/August 1985 The cartridge and the guns chambered for it. 42
HJA8544 The .256 Super-Mag Goodman, Doug July/August 1985 Learn how a silhouetter designed this wildcat. 44
HJA8546 The Handguns of Safari Club AH Staff July/August 1985 Feast your eyes on these special handguns. 46
HJA8548 Portrait of an Olympian Rickell, Walter July/August 1985 Don Nygord shoots busllseye, well. 48
HSO8529 Course of Fire: Steel Challenge Sept/Oct 1985 How to shoot Steel Challenge at your range. 29
HSO8533 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Sept/Oct 1985 Lee Cole’s match winning tip for gals. 33
HSO8535 Crossfire Fowler, Mickey and Hipes, Mark Sept/Oct 1985 Is IPSC a sport or tactical fraining? 35
HSO8537 Thompson Trio Barach, Mike Sept/Oct 1985 Auto-Ordnance’s 3 chamberings for Browning’ 1911 design. 37
HSO8538 IPSC Indoor Championship Hopkins, Cameron Sept/Oct 1985 IPSC indoors? You bet. 38
HSO8542 1985 Steel Challenge Hopkins, Cameron Sept/Oct 1985 Shooting Championship offered 200,000. 42
HSO8546 Davis Windmaster Nadel, Seth Sept/Oct 1985 Bill Davis applies radical thinking to PPC gun. 46
HSO8550 Home on the Range with Jo Anne Hall Hopkins, Cameron Sept/Oct 1985 Former Dallas cheerleader & IPSC champ. 50
HSO8552 Colt’s Python Turns 30 Trzoniec, Stanley Sept/Oct 1985 The Python celebrates its 30th birthday. 52
HSO8555 Chop Jobs With Class AH Staff Sept/Oct 1985 300 Gunsmithing knows how to chop barrels. 55
HSO8558 The Centimeter Bore Collins, Whit Sept/Oct 1985 Part Two of 10mm bore story and Bren Ten. 58
HSO8561 Detonics Pocket Nine Murphy, Bob Sept/Oct 1985 A pocket pistol with promise. 61
HSO8562 Lady’s Choice Williams, Mason Sept/Oct 1985 Perfect carry guns for gals–Freedom Arms. 62
HSO8563 Hornady Pro 7 Press Barach, Mike Sept/Oct 1985 Progressive press cranks em out w/ quality. 63
HSO8588 Unique is Unique Boyer, Terry M. Sept/Oct 1985 A report on this versatile pistol powder. 88
HND8530 Crossfire Pride, John and Ayoob, Massad Nov/Dec 1985 Revolver or auto for self defense? 30
HND8531 Courses of Fire: Bianchi Cup Nov/Dec 1985 How you can shoot the Bianchi Cup. 31
HND8536 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Nov/Dec 1985 Brian Enos shows how to hit 505. 36
HND8541 Buy Your Kiddo a Chipmunk Johnson, Timothy Nov/Dec 1985 A great idea for that special first gun. 41
HND8545 The Cup Runneth Over Hopkins, Cameron Nov/Dec 1985 Rob Leatham win Bianchi Cup match. 45
HND8554 Hege Siber Blackpowder Pistol Nesbitt, Mike Nov/Dec 1985 Finest, most accurate smokepole pistol! 54
HND8556 Dawn of the .38 Super Romero, Fred Nov/Dec 1985 Comparing custom .38 Super to .45 ACP. 56
HND8558 Bisley Bounces Back Arnold, Dave Nov/Dec 1985 EMF’s reproductions of Colt Bisley model. 58
HND8560 The Army’s New Nine Trzoniec, Stanley Nov/Dec 1985 Beretta 92F now sidearm of the military. 60
HND8561 Reflections on the New Order Cooper, Jeff Nov/Dec 1985 Cooper offers thoughts on the Beretta 92F. 61
HND8566 A Tour of the Beretta Factory van Driel, Jan Nov/Dec 1985 See how the Beretta 92F is made. 66
HND8568 Up in Smoke S.A. Numbthumb Nov/Dec 1985 Had fun as prankster at bullseye match. 68
HND8575 Man of Steel Thorstad, Bruce Nov/Dec 1985 Dave Whitman, holder of IHMSA records. 75
HND8592 Wildey is Coming Nov/Dec 1985 Exclusive on upcoming Wildey auto pistol. 92
HAN8521 Two Nifty New Accessories for the Range Pickles, Al AH Annual 1985 PAAC Case 21
HAN8525 Quotable Quotes Winokur, Jon AH Annual 1985 25
HAN8527 1985 Custom Pistolsmith Directory AH Staff AH Annual 1985 Pistolsmith 27
HAN8533 Beware of Dog (Bulldog that is) Rickell, Walter AH Annual 1985 Bite definitely worse than its bark. 33
HAN8534 Qualifier Ammo Marshall, Evan AH Annual 1985 Inexpensive practice ammo matches duty. 34
HAN8536 Colt’s New New Frontier Rickell, Walter AH Annual 1985 In .22LR, a plinker’s delight. 36
HAN8540 Handgunning in Britain DuBroff, Sidney AH Annual 1985 It ain’t easy these days. 40
HAN8541 .35 Remington, Down But Not Out Johnson, Timothy AH Annual 1985 Chamber it in a handgun. 41
HAN8551 Desert Eagle .357 Magnum Autoloader Savino, Richard AH Annual 1985 Innovative autoloading design in.357 Mag. 51
HAN8554 Handgun Holster Round-Up Arganbright, Bob AH Annual 1985 Holsters 54
HAN8556 French Modele 1935-S Carter, Jim AH Annual 1985 Pistol in 7.65 Long has fascinating design. 56
HAN8560 A Look at the Handgunning Sports Hopkins, Cameron AH Annual 1985 Smorgasbord of sports to play w/ handgun. 60
HAN8562 Colt Officers Model vs. Detonics Brown, Dr. E.B. III AH Annual 1985 Two .45s shoot it out. 62
HAN8565 Plaxco Drop-In Compensator Marshall, Evan AH Annual 1985 Instantly converts .45 back to normal. 65
HAN8567 CZ 75, The Progenitor Field, Leslie AH Annual 1985 Czech 9mm fathered TZ 75, Bren 10, others. 67
HAN8568 Wheelguns in Africa Kelly, Larry AH Annual 1985 More than adequate for skilled hunters. 68
HAN8572 Gadget Guns are Winners Shaw, John AH Annual 1985 John Shaw discusses “gamey” guns for IPSC. 72
HAN8574 Auto Port Compensator System Moats, Greg AH Annual 1985 Porting process violates “rules,” is champ. 74
HAN8576 Combat Shooter’s Bookshelf Nadel, Seth AH Annual 1985 Books to read. 76
HAN8578 Jim Stroh, Master Pistolsmith Davis, Len AH Annual 1985 Jim Stroh, portrait of a master. 78
HAN8580 Super Silhouette Sixguns Taffin, John AH Annual 1985 Try wheelgun instead of hand rifle. 80
HAN8586 Heavyweight Bullets Taffin, John AH Annual 1985 Heavweiht bullets for .44 Magnum sixshooter. 86
HAN8588 Compensator Controversy Hopkins, Cameron AH Annual 1985 Divergent views on comps from 3 pistolsmiths. 88
HAN8589 Manstopper Bullets Boselmann, Karl AH Annual 1985 Bullet design for staying alive. 89
HAN8592 Do You Need a Full-House .45? Weller, Jim AH Annual 1985 Customizing considerations. 92
HAN8594 Ten Tips for Match Conditioning Romero, Fred AH Annual 1985 10 tips on utililizing off-season days. 94
HAN8584 Coonan .357 Magnum Autoloader Williams, Mason AH Annual 1985 A .357 Magnum auto pistol that can shoot. 84
Item Article Author Issue Title Page