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1986 American Handgunner Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
HJF8621 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Jan/Feb 1986 Mike Plaxco’s tricks of going prone for IPSC. 21
HJF8622 Get Ready for Redi-Set Lesce, Tony Jan/Feb 1986 Self-setting steel plates for much plinking fun. 22
HJF8628 Crossfire Ayoob and Hackathorn Jan/Feb 1986 Which is better? Single or double action? 28
HJF8629 RCBS 4×4 Reloading Press Cotterman, Dan Jan/Feb 1986 Our reloading columnist examines RCBS 4×4. 29
HJF8630 Colt’s Peacekeeper Arnold, Dave Jan/Feb 1986 .357 Magnum bargain from Colt may be it. 30
HJF8634 Pachmayr’s Modular Pistol Arnold, Dave Jan/Feb 1986 State-of-the-art pistol for pro handgunners. 34
HJF8639 The Ayoob Files: Pistol vs. Shotgun: The Ken Kaas Incident Ayoob, Massad Jan/Feb 1986 Finally! A regular feature analyses the psychology of gunfights. 39
HJF8642 Let’s Get Practical Williams, Mason Jan/Feb 1986 Survival stressed when cops compete with handguns. 42
HJF8646 Reloading the 9mm Luger Trzoniec, Stanley W. Jan/Feb 1986 Reloading Army’s new 9mm Luger cartridge. 46
HJF8650 Custom Pistolsmith Directory Jan/Feb 1986 Custom pistolsmiths listed by state. 50
HMA8624 Kids and Guns Proctor, P.G. March/April 1986 How to keep kids and guns together safely. 24
HMA8626 1985 IPSC European Championships van Driel, Jan March/April 1986 Tom Campbell emerges as top dog in Vienna. 26
HMA8627 Elmer Keith’s Model 29—For Sale March/April 1986 The only M-29 of Elmer’s that’ll ever be sold. 27
HMA8628 Dillon RL-550 Reloading Press Cotterman, Dan March/April 1986 Affordable quality in a progressive press. 28
HMA8629 The Ayoob Files: An Old and Steady Hand: The Emmett Gholson Incident Ayoob, Massad March/April 1986 Even in barber shop stay Condition Yellow. 29
HMA8632 Glaser Safety Slugs Hipes, Mark A. March/April 1986 “Is the Glaser the ultimate manstopper?” 32
HMA8634 Colt’s Detective Special Trzoniec, Stanley W. March/April 1986 This .38 Special snubby is class all the way. 34
HMA8637 Guns of the Canadian Mounted Police Hopkins, Cameron March/April 1986 Handguns of the RCMP from past to present. 37
HMA8642 Ask Me About My Heinie Weller, Jim March/April 1986 Weller tests Dick Heinie’s superb custom .45s. 42
HMA8646 The Dutch Connection van Driel, Jan March/April 1986 Ammo requirements puzzle the Dutch police. 46
HMA8650 Pro Tach Chronograph Weller, Jim March/April 1986 Test of latest, most compact chronograph. 50
HMA8651 The Guns of Leonard Baity Petty, Charles E. March/April 1986 Pistolsmith profile of young & upcoming talent. 51
HMA8652 So You Carry a Snubby Hamilton, Claud S. March/April 1986 Is the snubby’s reputation justified? 52
HMA8658 The Amazing Recoiless Pistol Pole, Bill March/April 1986 A humorous look at recoil reducing gadgets. 58
HMA8661 How (Not) to Shoot Silhouette Numbthumb, S.A. March/April 1986 Ol’ Numbthumb now tries silhouette. 61
HMJ8628 C&H 444-X Cotterman, Dan May/June 1986 A tell-it-like-it-is test of this reloading press. 28
HMJ8630 IHMSA National Championship Stringfellow, Bert May/June 1986 IHMSA crowned a new king. 30
HMJ8632 Smith & Wesson’s 669 Hipes, Mark A May/June 1986 A test report on Smith’s chopped 9mm auto. 32
HMJ8634 IPSC National Championship Hopkins, Cameron May/June 1986 Combat shooting’s premier event. 34
HMJ8638 Mag-Na-Port’s Professional Pistol Arnold, Dave May/June 1986 .44 Mag custom snubnose—small & powerful. 38
HMJ8645 Lone Star State’s Practical Pistol Pickle, Al May/June 1986 From Texas, a custom .45 auto for defense. 45
HMJ8646 PPC National Championship Romero, Fred May/June 1986 Hundreds of cops from across US shoot it out. 46
HMJ8649 Crossfire Ayoob, Massad and Moritz, Mark May/June 1986 Does Post-Shooting Trauma exist? 2 views. 49
HMJ8650 Pact Mk II Timer Hopkins, Cameron May/June 1986 High-tech aid is timer & chronograph. 50
HMJ8651 The Ayoob Files: The Second Combat Cross Ayoob, Massad May/June 1986 Revealing instruction from actual gun fights. 51
HJA8623 Master Tips Winokur, Jon July/August 1986 Mickey Fowler explains finger-forward grip. 23
HJA8626 Smith & Wesson 645 Cooper, Jeff July/August 1986 Critical look at new .45 auto from Smith. 26
HJA8632 Pachmayr’s Dominator Jones, J.D. July/August 1986 Radical revision of a Gov’t Model for hunting. 32
HJA8634 Custom Handguns in Africa Hopkins, Cameron July/August 1986 Sit back and enjoy an armchair safari. 34
HJA8643 The Ayoob Files: Do Better Guns win? Five Cases in Point Ayoob, Massad July/August 1986 Do better guns win fights? maybe, maybe not. 43
HJA8646 Crossfire Hopkins and Petty July/August 1986 Are magnums better? Consider two views. 46
HJA8648 AMT’s Autoscale Cotterman, Dan July/August 1986 An electric powder measure and scale in one. 48
HJA8659 What’s New form Remington July/August 1986 New factory ammo and a new XP-100. 51
HJA8659 Ross Seyfried, African Hunter Tappenberg, john July/August 1986 1981 IPSC champ now a professional hunter. 59
HSO8635 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Sept/Oct 1986 Rob Leatham explains weak-hand shooting. 35
HSO8637 The Affordable Compensator Neisler, Trip Sept/Oct 1986 A comp and a barrel bushing in one. 37
HSO8641 The Ayoob Files: No Noe Ever Raped a .44 Magnum: The Helen Weathers Incident Ayoob, Massad Sept/Oct 1986 A lady and her .44 Magnum face a rapist. 41
HSO8642 A Decade of Design Wood, J.B. Sept/Oct 1986 Major handgun innovations of past decade. 42
HSO8646 Happy Birthday IHMSA Gates, Elgin Sept/Oct 1986 Silhouette shooting is ten years young. 46
HSO8650 Ruger GP-100 Trzoniec, Stanley W. Sept/Oct 1986 Ruger’s ultimate .357 Magnum revolver. 50
HSO8654 Ruger’s Bisley Arnold, Dave Sept/Oct 1986 Ruger resurrects the Bisley Model. 54
HSO8658 Les Baer’s forty-Five Trzoniec, Stanley W. Sept/Oct 1986 A test of the custom Colt .45 ACP. 58
HSO8658 Beeman P-1 Air Pistol Romero, Fred Sept/Oct 1986 World’s most powerful air pistol. 60
HSO8662 The Good Old Days Winokur, Jon Sept/Oct 1986 Men who pioneered “The Modern pistolcraft.” 62
HSO8667 American Handgunner Index of Articles AH Staff Sept/Oct 1986 Part I: Article index of past 10 years. 67
HSO8698 Colt’s Mustang Arnold, Dave Sept/Oct 1986 A pocket pistol with champion bloodlines. 98
HSO86104 Ross Seyfried, Champion Tappenberg, John Sept/Oct 1986 1981 IPSC World Champion Ross Seyfried. 104
HSO86108 Do Comps Affect Accuracy? Petty, Charles E. Sept/Oct 1986 The results may surprise you. 108
HND8623 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Nov/Dec 1986 Bill Rogers on competition holsters. 23
HND8624 MSC Ammunition Ayoob, Massad Nov/Dec 1986 .25 auto good for defense with MSC ammo? 24
HND8629 Lee Hand Press Cotterman, Dan Nov/Dec 1986 A portable reloading press. 29
HND8633 Steel Challenge 1986 Hopkins, Cameron Nov/Dec 1986 Chip McCormick wins $250,000 speed shot. 33
HND8634 Steel Challenge Prize Pistol Arnold, Dave Nov/Dec 1986 Most prestigious pistol was on the prize table. 34
HND8635 Sugar and Spice and Pistols Knob, Linda Nov/Dec 1986 The ladies of the Steel Challenge. 35
HND8638 Reloading .38 Super Petty, Charles E. Nov/Dec 1986 Bye-bye Blue Dot, hello W-W 540. 38
HND8644 Handguns of Safari Club AH Staff Nov/Dec 1986 Gorgeous custom handguns big $ at auction. 44
HND8646 J.D. Jones on Handgun Hunting Jones, J.D. Nov/Dec 1986 Guns, gear, loads, scopes, techniques. 46
HND8653 American Handgunner Index of Articles AH Staff Nov/Dec 1986 Articles published in 10 years: Part Two. 53
HAN8607 Cop Talk Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1986 Guns and holsters he’s carried on the job. 7
HAN8612 Handloading Cotterman, Dan AH Annual 1986 Bullet wounds and reloading for self defense. 12
HAN8618 Custom Chronograph Petty, Charles E. AH Annual 1986 Model 1000. Chronographing can be fun. 18
HAN8620 Handgun Hunting Holsters Rutter, Michael AH Annual 1986 Handgun hunters demand best equipment. 20
HAN8624 Toy Guns: For Adults Only AH Annual 1986 Working replica handguns. 24
HAN8626 Steel Challenge 1985: A Photo Essay Gelson, Gary AH Annual 1986 Steel Challenge 1985: a photo essay. 26
HAN8628 Smith & Wesson 645 Petty, Charles E. AH Annual 1986 First .45 DA auto made in US, offspring of Model 39. 28
HAN8636 Charter Arms .380 Auto Sterett, Larry AH Annual 1986 Straight blowback stainless pistol features .380 ACP self defense round. 36
HAN8638 30+ Caliber Contenders Trzoniec, Stanley W AH Annual 1986 T/C Contender ideal for silhouette or hunting. 38
HAN8642 Colt’s Peacekeeper Pickles, Al AH Annual 1986 Vet cop says Peacekeeper best service gun. 42
HAN8644 Bersa Model 223 Auto Wood, J.B. AH Annual 1986 All steel .22LR plinker attractively priced. 44
HAN8646 The Detonics Duo Petty, Charles E. AH Annual 1986 2 new stainless offerings from Detonics, who brought the Scoremaster and Pocket Nine. 46
HAN8650 ADC’s Dynamite Derringers Cotterman, Dan AH Annual 1986 Handloading turns ADC .45 Colt derringer into a devastating double barreled sixshooter. 50
HAN8652 Revenge of the Pin Men Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1986 Pin Guns of Second Chance. 52
HAN8656 Ed Brown’s Maxi-Comp: Second Chance Tested Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1986 Brown’s custom Colt .45 auto conversion yields fine recoil-reducing pin buster. 56
HAN8658 The French Connection Williams, Mason AH Annual 1986 French 9mm Luger pistol evolved from Browning 1935 and 1911 Models. 58
HAN8660 Do-it-Yourself .45 Auto Weller, Jim AH Annual 1986 Springfield Armory kit goes together easily. 60
HAN8664 Mid-Priced Magnums Trzoniec, Stanley W. AH Annual 1986 Cost less than S&W Model 27 & Colt Python. 64
HAN8668 A Breath of Fresh Air Galan, J.I. AH Annual 1986 Compressed air cartridges for .38 Special. 68
HAN8675 Samson Ammunition Pickles, Al AH Annual 1986 Israel Military Industries, makers of the Uzi, offer superb, affordable handgun ammo. 75
HAN8696 Master Tips Winokur, Jon AH Annual 1986 The StressFire Revolver reload. 96
HAN8698 Modern Handgun Targets Williams, Mason AH Annual 1986 Modern handgun targets. 98
HAN86102 Custom Pistolsmith Directory AH Annual 1986 Pistolsmiths listed by state. 102
HAN8670 Auto vs. Revolver For Self Defense Weller, Jim AH Annual 1986 Which gun works better for staying alive? 70
HAN8672 Basic Self Defense Shooting Petty, Charles E. AH Annual 1986 Controlling accurate fire from standard loads. 72
HAN8677 The Ayoob Trilogy of Self Defense Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1986 How to survive a violent attack, in 3 parts. 77
HAN8678 Part One: Before the Fight Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1986 How to defend your home. 78
HAN8684 Part Three: After the Fight Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1986 How to win the legal aftermath. 84
HAN8688 The Combat Mind Set Cooper, Jeff AH Annual 1986 State of mind that insures victory in a gunfight. 88
HAN8690 Shoot Back! Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1986 How to draw from concealed holsters. 90
Item Article Author Issue Title Page