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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
HJF8723 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Jan/Feb 1987 PPC Master John Pride on mental conditioning. 23
HJF8725 The Ayoob Files: Alley Holdup: The Richard Davis Incident Ayoob, Massad Jan/Feb 1987 An armed citizen fights back against the odds. 25
HJF8726 Hornady Pro-Jector Cotterman, Dan Jan/Feb 1987 Test report on Hornady’s progressive press. 26
HJF8732 NRA’s Bianchi Cup 1986 Ayoob, Massad Jan/Feb 1987 Bureaucratic bumbling is trouble for The Cup. 32
HJF8732 A Dilettante’s Debut Mejia, Robert Jan/Feb 1987 Impressions of The Cup from a first-timer. 32
HJF8736 Grand Master Deluxe Weller, Jim Jan/Feb 1987 Ron Power’s gun for NRA Action Shooting. 36
HJF8742 1986 IPSC Nationals Hopkins, Cameron Jan/Feb 1987 Rob Leatham nails down 4th consecutive win. 42
HJF8750 Custom Pistolsmith Directory Jan/Feb 1987 Buyer’s guide listing the nation’s pistolsmiths. 50
HMA8725 Bonanza Co-Ax B-2 Press Cotterman, Dan March/April 1987 Objective test of an unusual reloading press. 25
HMA8727 The Ayoob Files: “…And I’m Coming Out Shooting!”: The Les Davis Incident. Ayoob, Massad March/April 1987 The madman screams,”I’m coming out shooting!” He does, and he dies. 27
HMA8734 The Masters Hopkins, Cameron March/April 1987 3-handgun match joins pros and sportsmen. 34
HMA8742 The Sherry Pistol Zambone, Joe March/April 1987 A designer pocket pistol by Wilkinson Arms. 42
HMA8746 Super Sabots Zambone, Joe March/April 1987 Turn a .44 into a .357 with 2,000 fps velocities. 46
HMA8712 Silhouette Data Book Johnson, Tim March/April 1987 Review of “book” that helps your shooting. 12
HMA8732 The .32-20 and Hunters Pistol Slye, David A. March/April 1987 Obsolete round is taking silhouette by storm! 32
HMA8750 IHMSA Unlimited Guns Stringfellow, Bert March/April 1987 An overview of the hand-rifles of silhouette. 50
HMJ8727 Master Tips Winokur, Jon May/June 1987 Combat Master MikeDalton on gun safety. 27
HMJ8729 Pro-Timer III Weller, Jim May/June 1987 Shooting timer from Competition Electronics. 29
HMJ8731 The Ayoob Files: Smallbore Good Guys vs. Largebore Bad Guys Ayoob, Massad May/June 1987 A gunfight comes down and you are there. 31
HMJ8740 RCBS Priming Tool Cotterman, Dan May/June 1987 Test & evaluation of handy reloading tool. 40
HMJ8744 Smith & Wesson 422 French, Howard E. May/June 1987 .22 plinker designed for beginning shooter. 44
HMJ8750 The 10mm Light Petty, Charles May/June 1987 Reloading the 10mm Auto for IPSC. 50
HMJ8752 World Shoot VII Hopkins, Cameron May/June 1987 Practical shooting’s world Championship. 52
HMJ8726 Rogers SS III Holster Ayoob, Massad May/June 1987 Closest to snatch-proof you’ll ever see. 26
HMJ8728 Mag-Na-Trigger Ayoob, Massad May/June 1987 Device renders revolver operable only to you. 28
HMJ8739 Night Sights Lesce, Tony May/June 1987 Tritium inserts make sights visible at night. 39
HMJ8742 PPC Nationals Mejia, Robert May/June 1987 The cops shoot it out for the National crown. 42
HMJ8757 Stopping Power Marshall, Evan May/June 1987 Observations from morgue on handgun stopping power. 57
HMJ8758 Speedloaders Mejia, Robert May/June 1987 Investigation of various speedloaders. 58
HMJ8760 Confessions of a Convert Mejia, Robert May/June 1987 A cop gives up PPC for IPSC. 60
HJA8731 The Numbthumb Files Numbthumb, S.A. July/August 1987 Parody of our popular Ayoob Files. 31
HJA8735 Master Tips Winokur, Jon July/August 1987 Revolversmith Bill Davis on practical revolver. 35
HJA8736 Lee Turret Press Cotterman, Dan July/August 1987 Reloading press fares well in thorough test. 36
HJA8737 The Ayoob Files: Mexican Standoff: The David Bumpas Incident Ayoob, Massad July/August 1987 When in doubt, shoot it out. 37
HJA8738 A Shooter’s Dream Jinks, Roy July/August 1987 S&W’s historian on past and future firearms. 38
HJA8748 Stalking Victory AH Staff July/August 1987 Amateur nearly tips apple cart at The Masters. 48
HJA8749 Walther-American PPK Petty, Charles July/August 1987 Here at last, the real PPK and Made in USA. 49
HJA8744 Wilson Magnum Hunter Zambone, Joe July/August 1987 Custom Ruger Redhawk .44 Mag for hunting. 44
HJA8750 .454 Casull Taffin, John July/August 1987 Awesome powerhouse of hunting revolvers! 50
HJA8754 Handgun Hunting: One Man’s Odyssey Ayoob, Massad July/August 1987 One man’s handgun hunting experiences. 54
HSO8729 The Ayoob Files: Copkiller at Large: The Wetterling Incident Ayoob, Massad Sept/Oct 1987 A cop killer goes on a murdering rampage. but an armed citizen is ready. 29
HSO8730 H.D.S. Compac Press Cotterman, Dan Sept/Oct 1987 Handloading guru wrings out portable press. 30
HSO8732 Taffin Tests Taffin, John Sept/Oct 1987 In-depth handloading of .44 Mag cartridges. 32
HSO8736 Accurate Arms #5 and .38 Super Petty, Charles Sept/Oct 1987 Perfect propellant quest yields new powder. 36
HSO8737 Hornady Handgun Ammo Weller, Jim Sept/Oct 1987 Hornady factory fodder is reliable & accurate. 37
HSO8739 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Sept/Oct 1987 Brian Enos explains the natural stance. 39
HSO8740 Dillon Square Deal Press Lesce, Tony Sept/Oct 1987 Testing Dillon’s Square Deal for reloaders. 40
HSO8741 The Guns of Ted Nugent Hopkins, Cameron Sept/Oct 1987 Handgunning rock star Ted Nugent. 41
HSO8744 Rebored Redhawk Romero, Fred Sept/Oct 1987 Hamilton Bowen rebores the Ruger Redhawk to .45 Long Colt. 44
HSO8745 Gunsite Service Pistol Moritz, Mark Sept/Oct 1987 Note page number—Jeff Cooper’s favorite. 45
HSO8747 Safari Club’s Handcannon AH Staff Sept/Oct 1987 Exquisite Contender brought big $ at auction. 47
HSO8750 Ruger P-85 Fender, James E. Sept/Oct 1987 Comprehensive testing of Ruger’s new Nine. 50
HSO8756 The Broomhandle is Back Wood, J.B. Sept/Oct 1987 What to look for in used Broomhandles. 56
HND8730 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Nov/Dec 1987 Bill Wilson explains basic, practical automatic. 30
HND8740 Silhouette and Hunting Thatcher, Ray Nov/Dec 1987 Does silhouette shooting help handgun hunters? 40
HND8742 The Tool Cotterman, Dan Nov/Dec 1987 Reloading press spits 2,000 rounds an hour! 42
HND8743 Falcon Portsider Salpas, Bob Nov/Dec 1987 Randall left-hand .45 now Falcon Portsider. 43
HND8747 The Ayoob Files: Donuts and Danger: The Colonie Incident Ayoob, Massad Nov/Dec 1987 Deadly danger develops, the cops barely win. 47
HND8748 1987 Bianchi Cup Ayoob, Massad Nov/Dec 1987 Officer John Pride nails down his first Cup. 48
HND8750 The Kimber Predator Petty, Charles Nov/Dec 1987 Kimber’s single-shot bolt action handgun. 50
HND8754 Handgun Safari Kelly, Larry Nov/Dec 1987 Handgun hunter faces charging lion! 54
HND8758 1987 Steel Challenge Hopkins, Cameron Nov/Dec 1987 EXCITING FINALE CAPS SPEED SHOOTING FESTIVAL. 58
HND8761 …And Everything Nice MADIGAN, TAMMY Nov/Dec 1987 GAL’S view of ladies of Steel Challenge. 61
HND8764 Model 41 Trzoniec, Stanley W. Nov/jDec 1987 Smith’s remarkable .22 still Prince of Plinkers. 64
HND8762 Triple Threat Prize Guns Arnold, Dave Nov/Dec 1987 AH’s fabulous brace of pistols worth $5,000! 62
HND8744 Forming Wildcat Cases Petty, Charles Nov\Dec 1987 Don’t be apprehensive of wildcat rounds. 44
HAN8760 Gun Giveaway— The .454 Casull Ptashkin, Ron AH Annual 1987 Look, read, enter to win. 60
HAN8729 Custom Grips AH Staff AH Annual 1987 Custom grips and how to pick your next pair. 29
HAN8738 Handgun Scopes Hopkins, Cameron AH Annual 1987 Buyer’s guide of every handgun scope. 38
HAN8751 Shoulder Holsters Pickles, Al AH Annual 1987 An encompassing shoulder holster article. 51
HAN8782 Handgun Holsters AH Staff AH Annual 1987 Various holsters and judging their quality. 82
HAN8790 Iron Sights AH Staff AH Annual 1987 A look at all the different sights available. 90
HAN8709 Paint Wars Romero, Fred AH Annual 1987 Game that’s sweeping the nation. 9
HAN8712 The Wilson Accu-Comp Petty, Charles AH Annual 1987 Custom Colt .38 Super from Bill Wilson. 12
HAN8716 H&K Squeeze Cockers Arnold, Dave AH Annual 1987 Innovative pistol design one of best Nines! 16
HAN8724 Colt’s King Cobra Arnold, Dave AH Annual 1987 .357 Mag “snake” designed to strike & bite. 24
HAN8747 Pistolsmith Profile Buttler, W.W AH Annual 1987 Michael Baker’s pistolsmith apprenticeship. 47
HAN8767 Two Hand Stances Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1987 Exam of two hand shooting stances. 67
HAN8788 Quotable Quotes Winokur, Jon AH Annual 1987 Remarks of the greatest handgun champions. 88
HAN8794 Colt’s Ace Le Vick, John P. AH Annual 1987 Is Colt’s conversion unit really an Ace? 94
HAN87114 Springfield Armory Forges Ahead Petty, Charles AH Annual 1987 A test of Springfield’s .45 Government Model. 114
HAN8726 Keith and His Bullets James, Frank AH Annual 1987 The bullets Elmer Keith left as his legacy. 26
HAN8748 WW 296 and .44 Magnum Murbach, Terry AH Annual 1987 Maybe best powder for loading .44 Magnum. 48
HAN8799 Eureka! Allen, Paul L. AH Annual 1987 Guess what? The .45 ACP is a tapered case! 99
HAN87101 The Eggheads are Coming Cotterman, Dan AH Annual 1987 Too much scientific hoopla ruining reloading? 101
Item Article Author Issue Title Page