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1988 American Handgunner Magazine Articles

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HJF8822 Taffin Tests Taffin, John Jan/Feb 1988 Loads of loads for the popular .357 Magnum. 22
HJF8825 The Ayoob Files: A Survivor Stands Alone: The Bayshore Incident Ayoob, Massad Jan/Feb 1988 Death stalks ill-prepared Canadian constables. 25
HJF8826 Nosler Handgun Bullets Cotterman, Dan Jan/Feb 1988 The makers of the Partition rifle bullets turn to handgunning. 26
HJF8832 The Inner Game Winokur, Jon Jan/Feb 1988 A panel discussion with top pros on mental aspects of shooting. 32
HJF8836 Pepper Popper Steel Targets Felter, Brian Jan/Feb 1988 How to build the ultimate reaction target. 36
HJF8841 The Guns of Rick Mears James, Frank Jan/Feb 1988 One of Indy’s hottest drivers likes his handgunning. 41
HJF8844 AMT Automag II Wood, J.B. Jan/Feb 1988 The world’s first .22 Magnum pistol is a real winner. 44
HJF8850 The 1987 Masters Hopkins, Cameron Jan/Feb 1988 A retired bullseye shooter cleans house. 50
HJF8857 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Jan/Feb 1988 Mickey Fowler explains singe-action trigger control. 57
HJF8858 Choosing a Custom Gun Weller, Jim Jan/Feb 1988 There’s more to it than just picking a Big Name. 58
HMA8828 Clark’s Classy Classic Ayoob, Massad March/April 1988 Jim Clark’s longslide .38 Special 1911 pistol is pure classic. 28
HMA8832 The Ayoob Files: High-Volume firefight: The Kolowski-Burchette Incident Ayoob, Massad March/April 1988 A biker and two cops shoot it out. The cops win. 32
HMA8834 Master Tips Winokur, Jon March/April 1988 How to clear the combat shooter’s jams. 34
HMA8836 PMK .380 Wood, J.B. March/April 1988 Inexpensive and well-made, the PMK .380 is a good pocket pistol. 36
HMA8838 Ammo for the Dark Place Mejia, R. and Petty, C. March/April 1988 Two views of what to carry for ammunition in the Dark Place. 38
HMA8842 Training With a World Champion Ayoob, Massad March/April 1988 Audit a class with champion shooter Mike Plaxco. 42
HMA8846 PDW-XM9 Lenaerts, Jacques March/April 1988 At last, the real truth behind the Army’s 9mm test. 46
HMA8850 1987 IPSC Nationals Petty, Charles March/April 1988 Jerry Barnhart wins with a .45 ACP over the .38 Super shooters. 50
HMA8852 Smith and Wesson Olympic Gold Baiocco, Sam March/April 1988 This radical new .22 Short features a whole new design. 52
HMA8855 Texas Longhorn Sixguns Taffin, John March/April 1988 Was Sam Colt left-handed? Here’s a right-hander’s revolver. 55
HMA8862 Big Red Taffin, John March/April 1988 Ruger’s new Super Redhawk is a handful of handgun. 62
HMA8865 Glock 17 Petty, Charles March/April 1988 The infamous “plastic pistol” is exposed for what it really is. 65
HMA8867 Tuning the Dan Wesson Neisler, Trip March/April 1988 Like any mass-produced gun, the DW needs some fine tuning. 67
HMJ8828 The Ayoob Files: Armed Robbery In Progress: The Stanton Robinson Incident Ayoob, Massad May/June 1988 An Armed robber learns Burger King is home of the whopper .44 Special. 28
HMJ8830 Taffin Tests Taffin, John May/June 1988 Hotrod the .44 Special with favorite loads from John Taffin. 30
HMJ8836 Master Tips Winokur, Jon May/June 1988 Competition ammo tips from Jack Breskovich. 36
HMJ8838 Taurus Handguns Arnold, Dave May/June 1988 The way things are going, is S&W a cheap copy of Taurus? 38
HMJ8839 Bill Jordan on Jordan Grips Link, Sheila May/June 1988 The fast hand with the slow drawl on grip design for magnums. 39
HMJ8840 Lyman T-Mag Press Cotterman, Dan May/June 1988 Our Handloading Editor wrings out Lyman’s multi-station press. 40
HMJ8841 Breskovich Advantage Grips Petty, Charles May/June 1988 Steel insert grip panels add weight to reduce recoil on 1911 autos. 41
HMJ8844 Remington XP-100 Trzoniec, Stanley W. May/June 1988 New calibers, new look for the quarter-century old single shot. 44
HMJ8847 The Martz Luger Wood, J.B. May/June 1988 Simply stated, one of the finest custom handguns. Period. 47
HMJ8854 .44 Magnum Desert Eagle Weller, Jim May/June 1988 Awesome new power for the gas operated semi-auto. 54
HMJ8858 4x.44 Ayoob, Massad May/June 1988 The four-inch .44 Magnum is a rugged workhorse of a handgun. 58
HMJ8898 Bausch & Lomb Scopes Barach, Mike May/June 1988 Two new handgun scopes of exceptional quality. 98
HJA8828 Master Tips Winokur, Jon July/August 1988 Sally van Valzah on controlling the flinch. 28
HJA8830 The Ayoob Files: The Newhall Massacre Ayoob, Massad July/August 1988 Finally, the truth about the infamous Newhall Massacre. 30
HJA8834 Llama’s Auto Pistols Arnold, Dave July/August 1988 A fresh new look at autos from the Spanish gunmaker. 34
HJA8838 Falcon Gunsight French, Howard E. July/August 1988 It’s not a scope, It’s not an iron sight, it’s new. 38
HJA8840 The Best of the Breed Ayoob, Massad July/August 1988 Of all the small .45s, Ayoob likes the lightweight Officers. 40
HJA8844 Frank Pachmayr’s .45 Lachuk, John July/August 1988 The grand old man of .45s and how he inspired the accurized .45. 44
HJA8846 Taffin Tests Taffin, John July/August 1988 Taffin handloads for the hot .357 SuperMag. 46
HJA8848 Lee Reloader Cotterman, Dan July/August 1988 Inexpensive, simple and it works. A test of the reloading tool. 48
HJA8849 The Little Monster Hantke, Paul July/August 1988 Big bite, little kick, that’s the compensated Officer’s Model. 49
HJA8852 Single-Action Gunleather Nesbitt, Mike July/August 1988 Traditional holster rigs for your traditional single-action. 52
HJA8858 Supercomp III Weller, Jim July/August 1988 A stunning pictorial and in-depth test of Steve Nastoff’s custom .45. 58
HJA8862 Handgun Scopes Taffin, John July/August 1988 An incisive look at the how, why and wherefore of handgun scopes. 62
HJA8866 Substance Abuse: Gunpowder Staley, Neil E. July/August 1988 Are you suffering from a serious shooting malady? 66
HSO8825 M9 AH Staff Sept/Oct 1988 The Army calls for new pistol tests after Beretta failures. 25
HSO8836 Silhouette Champion Johnson, Tim Sept/Oct 1988 Meet Boyd Carpenter, IHMSA champ and ballistic experimenter. 36
HSO8842 Pistolsmith Profile Schaffert, Lee Sept/Oct 1988 Meet Kent Miller and his amazing MercComp. 42
HSO8844 Dynamite Derringers Wood, J.B. Sept/Oct 1988 Two new Derringers, the TEC-38 and FIE-38, are special. 44
HSO8846 The Omega Man Baiacco, Sam Sept/Oct 1988 Meet Josef Peters, the man who invented the Omega 1911 conversion. 46
HSO8848 Clark’s Pin Master Petty, Charles Sept/Oct 1988 Jim Clark, father of the pin gun, introduces Pin Master. 48
HSO8850 Taffin Tests Taffin, John Sept/Oct 1988 Five levels of high performance loads for the .45 Colt. 50
HSO8855 B-Square’s S&W Scope Mount Petty, Charles Sept/Oct 1988 No gunsmithing mount is no trouble to install. 55
HSO8856 Handgun Hunting Laws Fender, James E. Sept/Oct 1988 An overview of the regulations governing handgun hunting. 56
HSO8857 Cor Bon Custom Hunting Bullets Hopkins, Cameron Sept/Oct 1988 Superior penetration, outstanding expansion—Cor Bon bullets. 57
HSO8858 Planning a Handgun Safari Hopkins, Cameron Sept/Oct 1988 58
HSO8860 Big Bore Autos for Hunting Fender, James Sept/Oct 1988 Desert Eagle, Coonan Arms, Grizzly Magnum—which is best? 60
HSO8872 Handgun Hunting: The Experts Sept/Oct 1988 What guns and loads dot he experts pick for handgun hunting? 72
HND8831 Bolt-On Custom L-Frame Ayoob, Massad Nov/Dec 1988 Trick-out your S&W L-frame yourself with add-on accessories. 31
HND8834 Master Tips Winokur, Jon Nov/Dec 1988 Combat Master Elden Carl on physical conditioning for shooters. 34
HND8836 Christmas Turkey Hart, David Nov/Dec 1988 Yuletide cheer for a handgunner at a turkey shoot. 36
HND8838 Hogue Monogrips Petty, Charles Nov/Dec 1988 A new, soft rubber Monogrip from Guy Hogue. 38
HND8842 The Ayoob Files: Cover and Concealment: The Earl Gorrell Incident Ayoob, Massad Nov/Dec 1988 Earl Gorrell applies the lessons of cover and concealment. 42
HND8843 Big Three Chronographs Petty, Charles Nov/Dec 1988 Which of biggest selling chronographs is really best? 43
HND8844 Handgunner’s Christmas Wish List Nov/Dec 1988 Some suggestions for stocking stuffers. 44
HND8847 Taffin Tests Taffin, John Nov/Dec 1988 High performance favorite loads for the .45 ACP cartridge. 47
HND8849 Dan Wesson .44 Hunter Pak Taffin, John Nov/Dec 1988 A new .44 Magnum switch-barrel set for the discriminating handgun hunter. 49
HND8858 Ed Brown’s Maxi-Comp Hopkins, Cameron Nov/Dec 1988 Master pistolsmith Ed Brown and his remarkable .45 pistols. 58
HND8862 Steel Challenge 1988 Leatham, Nyle Nov/Dec 1988 The fast and furious action of the world speed shooting contest. 62
HND8866 Pin Grabbers Moritz, Mark Nov/Dec 1988 A new saw-toothed bullet for bowling pin shooting. 66
Item Article Author Issue Title Page