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1993 American Handgunner Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
HND9342 The Rest of the Story Taffin, John Nov/Dec 1993 Some innovative new aids for better shooting for the handgun hunter 42
HND9344 Taffin Tests Taffin, John Nov/Dec 1993 High performance, favorite loads for the wildcat .357/44 Bain & Davis 44
HND9364 Dan Wesson is Back Taffin, John Nov/Dec 1993 The revolver maker who rewrote the silhouette record book is back 64
HND9367 Test Report: The New Centennial Taffin, John Nov/Dec 1993 Smith & Wesson’s dynamite little snubnose is a real performer 67
HND9368 Riding the River With the Border Patrol Leatham, Nyle Nov/Dec 1993 Learn how a small band of IPSC shooters enlightened the Patrol on modern training 68
HND9378 World Shoot-off Championship Anderson, Dave Nov/Dec 1993 American Handgunner sponsors a man-against-man shoot-off 78
HND9384 Para-Ordnance Tactical Pistol Hopkins, Cameron Nov/Dec 1993 Richard Heinie customizes a 14-shot .45 ACP for personal defense 84
HND9390 The Amazing Technicolor Dream Gun Fowler, Mickey Nov/Dec 1993 Outrageous looking, maybe: high-tech tack driver, definitely 90
HND9392 The Czech Classic Petty, Charles Nov/Dec 1993 A close-up look at the most interesting pistols from the former Communist Bloc 92
HND9398 Ayoob Files, The Ayoob, Massad Nov/Dec 1993 Gunfights in Great Britain?Yes, there are a few armed citizens in this unarmed land 98
HND93142 A Long, Hard Road Pride, John Nov/Dec 1993 It took nearly 20 years for a dedicated LAPD officer to win the PPC nationals 142
HND93152 Better Shooting Anderson, Dave Nov/Dec 1993 Understanding the different grip techniques you can use on a handgun 152
HSO9338 A Pre-Pasta-Rous Proposal Farrell, Scott Sept/Oct 1993 Crime is rising, something must be done. Let’s ban spaghetti 38
HSO9342 Ruger Super Blackhawk “Hunter” Taffin, John Sept/Oct 1993 A test report on Ruger’s newest version of the Blackhawk 42
HSO9346 Who Really Needs a One-Shot Stop? Nadel, Seth Sept/Oct 1993 An iconoclastic look at a “given” in the world of self-defense 46
HSO9360 Season of the Handgun Ayoob, Massad Sept/Oct 1993 Every gun has its season, but which gun is best for different climates? 60
HSO9368 Switch Barrel Ruger Taffin, John Sept/Oct 1993 A pistolsmith converts a Ruger Blackhawk to .41 Magnum and .44 Magnum 68
HSO9372 Ahrends Custom Hi-Power Hopkins, Cameron Sept/Oct 1993 The world’s first high capacity 9mm is a sumptuous custom conversion 72
HSO9380 Steel Challenge ’93 Leatham, Nyle Sept/Oct 1993 Speed shooting at its finest with a young superstar winning again 80
HSO9390 Safariland: 30 Years of Excellence Hopkins, Cameron Sept/Oct 1993 Meet Neale Perkins, the founder of Safariland, and the company he built 90
HSO9396 Test Report: Ruger Vaquero Taffin, John Sept/Oct 1993 A traditional sixgun with modern strength and durability 96
HSO9398 Better Shooting Anderson, Dave Sept/Oct 1993 Exploding the myth of point shooting with facts 98
HSO93116 Taffin Tests Taffin, John Sept/Oct 1993 High performance, favorite loads for the wildcat 353 Casull 116
HJA9338 Dillon vs. Lee Dillon, Mike and Lee, Richard July/August 1993 Two heavyweights of the reloading industry in a bruising debate 38
HJA9340 Air Force Pistol Training Moritz, Mark July/August 1993 Bless their hearts they try, but Air Force pistol training is a joke 40
HJA9348 Home on the Range Hopkins, Cameron July/August 1993 Three innovative new products to make your life easier on the range 48
HJA9356 Custom Sixguns Taffin, John July/August 1993 An overview of some of the finest custom work available for the venerable sixgun 56
HJA9368 Smith & Wesson 915 Ayoob, Massad July/August 1993 A new no-frills version of the standard S&W 9mm auto loader…but affordable 68
HJA9374 Hammerli Free Pistol Baiocco, Sam July/August 1993 The amazing Swiss target pistol with an electronic trigger 74
HJA9380 Better Shooting Anderson, Dave July/August 1993 A new regular feature to help you improve your handgunning skills 80
HJA9392 Ayoob Files, The Ayoob, Massad July/August 1993 A belligerent drunk grabs your gun in a crowded room- what do you do? 92
HJA93106 Taffin Tests Taffin, John July/August 1993 High performance, favorite loads for the wildcat .50 Action Express 106
HMJ9244 Shooting in a Recession Ayoob, Massad May/June 1993 How to get the most bang for your buck in these tough times 44
HMJ9346 Dr. Lehman’s Traveling Eye Show Zutz, Don May/June 1993 A roving optician specializes in fitting you with custom shooting glasses 46
HMJ9350 Ruger 22-45 Moritz, Mark May/June 1993 The new polymer frame Mk. II .22 with the grip angle of a 1911 50
HMJ9364 Ayoob Files, The Ayoob, Massad May/June 1993 Sometimes the bad guy doesn’t have a weapon…but lethal force is still justified 64
HMJ9370 The SHOT Show— You Are There Ayoob, Massad May/June 1993 The world’s greatest gun show is not open to the public 70
HMJ9374 Browning Buckmark Taffin, John May/June 1993 Available in a variety of configurations, this is a “top choice” .22 74
HMJ9376 The Guns of EGW Hopkins, Cameron May/June 1993 Sensational custom guns from a talented shop of Pennsylvania artisans 76
HMJ9382 Desert Eagle .50 AE Taffin, John May/June 1993 The biggest big bore now comes in a whopping .50 caliber semi-auto 82
HMJ9388 How Much Do Custom Guns Really Help? Leatham, Nyle May/June 1993 Now that you ask, it’s about $1,000 a second on an El Precedent 88
HMJ9392 .357 Magnum Pocket Rocket Ayoob, Massad May/June 1993 An overview of the best custom conversions of the Ruger SP-101 to .357 Magnum 92
HMJ93118 Taffin Tests Taffin, John May/June 1993 High performance, favorite loads for the wildcat .257 JDJ 118
HMJ93120 The Old Warhorse Ayoob, Massad May/June 1993 A basic street .45 from D.R. Middlebrooks 120
HMJ93138 IHMSA Special Events Williams, Dick and Taffin, John May/June 1993 Match reports on the IHMSA Field Pistol and Internationals 138
HMA9350 Last of the Lathes Wood, J.B. March/April 1993 A few of the innovative Lath pistols from Finland are still available 50
HMA9356 What Went Wrong in Genoese? Hopkins, Cameron March/April 1993 The seemingly prosperous Springfield Armory closes its doors 56
HMA9360 1992 U.S. Nationals James, Frank March/April 1993 Jerry Barnhart wins his third national crown with a brand-new pistol 60
HMA9364 The Offensive Pistol James, Frank March/April 1993 Have IPSC guns distorted into dreaded “offensive pistols”? 64
HMA9366 Ayoob Files, The Ayoob, Massad March/April 1993 A shooter’s look at the JFK assassination 66
HMA9368 McCormick’s Modular Pistol Hopkins, Cameron March/April 1993 A radical new frame made of plastic and steel redefines the competition pistol. 68
HMA9376 Getting Started in Blackpowder Johnston, Phil March/April 1993 Learning the basics of charcoal burning pistols 76
HMA9383 Double Barreled Pistols Ward, Wilfrid March/April 1993 A fascinating look at the twin barreled pistols of yesteryear 83
HMA9394 Taffin Tests Taffin, John March/April 1993 High performance, favorite loads for the .380 ACP 94
HJF9336 The Masters Taffin, John Jan/Feb 1993 Retired state trooper Frank Glenn wins handgunning’s richest purse 36
HJF9359 Bearhug Grips Taffin, John Jan/Feb 1993 Home of the original Skeeter Skeleton grip design 59
HJF9360 IPSC North American Championship Hopkins, Cameron Jan/Feb 1993 A continental clash between America and Canada 60
HJF9366 The Guns of Jim Clark Taffin, John Jan/Feb 1993 The great master of the .45 is still the unrivaled king of customizing 66
HJF9372 Ayoob Files, The Ayoob, Massad Jan/Feb 1993 Parking lot shoot-out: a desperate bank robber makes his bloody getaway 72
HJF9373 NRA Long Range Silhouette Championship Williams, Dick Jan/Feb 1993 Radical new scope mounts debut at the national championship 73
HJF93103 American Handgunner IPSC Postal Match Smith, Ann Y. Jan/Feb 1993 Over 5,000 shooters from the world over shot our match. Here are the results 103
HAN9305 Firestar .45 Nadel, Seth AH Annual 1993 A highly compact, big-bore manstopper for those who need a serious carry gun. 5
HAN9308 My Favorite Combat Handguns Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1993 Massad Ayoob writed about his favorite personal handguns and their colorful history. 8
HAN9316 Why Do You Need A Weak-Side Holster Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1993 Don’t wait until you’re injured to learn to draw with your weak arm. 16
HAN9320 Galaco’s Miami Classic & S.O.B. James, Frank AH Annual 1993 These holsters, first made famous on TV, are still carring high ratings. 20
HAN9326 Hueing Custom P-9 Anderson, Dave AH Annual 1993 George Huening: Still on the fast track building the P-9 racegun. 26
HAN9334 The Supermgs Taffin, John AH Annual 1993 These mightly magnums have evolved into more than just silouette guns. 34
HAN9344 Accura-Ring; The Poor Man’s Compensator Maritz, Mark AH Annual 1993 Can an inexpensive recoil reducer give you its money’s worth? 44
HAN9345 The Thompson/Center Contender Dvorchak, Jr. George AH Annual 1993 Whether you’re a target shotter or big-game hunter, this gun still covers it all 45
HAN9349 The 9mm Luger Cartridge James, Frank AH Annual 1993 An old cartridge perserves to become on of the most popular all-purpose loads 49
HAN9359 At What Range Should You Train? Nadel, Seth AH Annual 1993 For self-defense, practicing at “average gunfight” distance can save your life. 59
HAN9363 Sharpen Your Shooting Skills Sieberts, Steve AH Annual 1993 Here are the fundamentals to follow to become a better handgunner. 63
HAN9368 Classic Sixgunners, Clasic Loads Taffin, John AH Annual 1993 Reflections on the men who dedicated their lives to developing today’s handguns. 68
HAN9376 Too Good To Be Forgotten Taffin, John AH Annual 1993 the day of the great western sixguns may be gone, but their legacy lives one. 76
HAN9388 New For 1993: ColtÆs All-American 2000 James, Frank AH Annual 1993 Colt takes a bold step forward with a unique pistol. 88
HAN93103 IAI Innovation James, Frank AH Annual 1993 Two new autos by IAI offer some fascinating solutions to old problems. 103
HAN93110 The Webley MK1 Pistol Kogan, Kenneth AH Annual 1993 A look at the standard issue gun of the old Royal Navy. 110
HAN93113 Complete Handgun Catalog With All-New Guns for 1993 AH Staff AH Annual 1993 113
Item Article Author Issue Title Page