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HND9455 Test Report: Nelson Patriot Holster Moritz, Mark Nov/Dec 1994 There’s no such thing as a perfect holster, but this comes mighty close 55
HND9460 Taffin Tests Taffin, John Nov/Dec 1994 The legendary .44 Magnum is the big bore by which all others are measured 60
HND9462 Test Report: The Cincher Moritz, Mark Nov/Dec 1994 Need a holster for an obscure gun? The Cincher fits ’em all 62
HND9468 Sixgunner, The Taffin, John Nov/Dec 1994 Favorite packin’ pistols for the field 68
HND9471 The .40 Smith & Wesson Today Petty, Charles Nov/Dec 1994 A comprehensive overview of the hottest new self-defense cartridge 71
HND9480 Bernadelli Practical Pistol Adam, Rob Nov/Dec 1994 A ready-to-race IPSC comp gun right from the box 80
HND9482 The Guns of Les Baer James, Frank W. Nov/Dec 1994 Less is more when it comes to custom .45s 82
HND9490 American Hadngunner World Shootoff Leatham, Nyle Nov/Dec 1994 Shooters go head-to-head in the fastest growing match on the pro circuit 90
HND9496 Fast as a Speeding Bullet Taffin, John Nov/Dec 1994 Today’s new generation of chronographs are even more sophisticated 96
HND9498 A Woman Goes to Gunsite Parsons, Lisa Nov/Dec 1994 New lady’s class debuts at the school Jeff Cooper founded 98
HND94107 Better Shooting Anderson, Dave Nov/Dec 1994 An intriguing discussion about triggers and actions 107
HSO9460 Ayoob Files, The Ayoob, Massad Sept/Oct 1994 Down and disarmed: A case for Back-up 60
HSO9472 Sixgunner, The Taffin, John Sept/Oct 1994 Are replica single actions as good as an original Colt? 72
HSO9475 Test Report: Bianchi Accu-Mold Huntington, Roy Sept/Oct 1994 Tough, new nylon holster gear for cops 75
HSO9476 Heckler & Koch USP Petty, Charles Sept/Oct 1994 A versatile new polymer pistol from the famed German gun makers of HK 76
HSO9484 Yanek P-13 Hopkins, Cameron Sept/Oct 1994 Para-Ordnance’s new P-13 customized into a superb carry gun 84
HSO9494 Sigma Ayoob, Massad Sept/Oct 1994 S&W’s daring new polymer pistol challenges Glock 94
HSO94104 A Visit to Galco Anderson, Dave Sept/Oct 1994 Take a tour of the holster making factory of Galco 104
HSO94116 Will the Police Confiscate Your Guns? Ayoob, Massad and Huntington, Roy Sept/Oct 1994 No they won’t: Ayoob Yes they will: Huntington 116
HSO94124 Taffin Tests Taffin, John Sept/Oct 1994 The .375 Winchester makes a fantastic hunting cartridge when handloaded 124
HSO94156 Dreaded Assault Single-Shots Williams, Richard Sept/Oct 1994 A selection of high-performance single-shots defy anti-gunner stereotypes 156
HSO94164 Bianchi Cup ’94 Leatham, Nyle Sept/Oct 1994 The return of the autopistol to dominance at The Cup 164
HSO94172 Better Shooting Anderson, Dave Sep/Oct 1994 It all boils down to this: good shooting is safe shooting 172
HJA9426 Better Shooting Anderson, Dave July/August 1994 Mastering the most difficult shooting skill- trigger control 26
HJA9450 Sixgunner, The Taffin, John July/August 1994 A new regular feature for the tradition-minded handgunners 50
HJA9464 Freedom Arms .50 Taffin, John July/August 1994 The biggest, hottest new cartridge- the .50 AE- find a Freedom home 64
HJA9468 Taffin Tests Taffin, John July/August 1994 The .35 Remington makes a fantastic hunting cartridge when handloaded 68
HJA9471 Torture Testing the Browning BDM James, Frank July/August 1994 A team of shooters gangs up on a BDM. Can a BDM take 5,000 nonstop rounds? 71
HJA9475 Wacky Weird News Ayoob, Massad July/August 1994 Exclusive: Reeves Jungkind returns from the dead 75
HJA9476 Strike Gun Lonsdale, Mark July/August 1994 Go into battle with a special weapon designed for Navy SEALs 76
HJA9492 Colorado Cast Bullets Ayoob, Massad July/August 1994 Meet Paul Miller and his service-oriented cast bullet business 92
HJA9294 Wilson Combat Custom 2011 Petty, Charles July/August 1994 A competition pistol for IPSC just like the one Jerry Barnhart shoots 94
HJA9498 Blackpowder Handgunning Taffin, John July/August 1994 How to get started and what it takes to fire a “smokepole” pistol 98
HJA94108 I.R.C. Fowler, Mickey July/August 1994 The International Revolver Championships gives wheelgunners a match of their own 108
HJA94120 Why Do We Shoot? Leatham, Nyle July/August 1994 Reflections on the intrinsic qualities of the shooting sport that inspire us 120
HMJ9456 Daewood DP-51 James, Frank May/June 1994 Trick new 9mm from Korea features “Tri-Action” mechanism 56
HMJ9458 T/C Scout Taffin, John May/June 1994 A modern blackpowder handgun, if that’s not an oxymoron 58
HMJ9465 Better Shooting Anderson, Dave May/June 1994 Techniques of how to shoot a snubnose revolver 64
HMJ9466 Ayoob Files, The Ayoob, Massad May/June 1994 Under-gunned and out of ammo: the case for high capacity pistols 66
HMJ9468 Taffin Tests Taffin, John May/June 1994 Our favorite big bore sixgunner, John takes a look at the .22 Jet 68
HMJ9480 Flashback: 1911 Assenza, Tony May/June 1994 The first Limited Class Nationals won by an 8-shot Colt .45 80
HMJ9484 Typhoon James, Frank May/June 1994 Watch master gunsmith Ron Power build radical custom revolver 84
HMJ9494 Frenzy, Fear and Loathing in Dallas Ayoob, Massad May/June 1994 An impressionistic look at gundom’s gala gathering, the SHOT Show 94
HMJ9498 The Distinguished Pistol Program Peasley, Bob May/June 1994 What exactly is the DCM Distinguished program? 98
HMJ94100 Shooters with Heart Parsons, Lisa May/June 1994 How to host a benefit shoot to support charity and the image of handgunners 100
HMJ94156 Jarvis Custom Taurus Petty, Charles May/June 1994 Wonderful things can happen to the Taurus P-92 156
HMA9450 Taffin Tests Taffin, John March/April 1994 It don’t get no bigger ’n this- the .500 Maximum 50
HMA9460 Pen Gun James, Frank March/April 1994 American Derringer resurrects a curious style of firearm 60
HMA9464 What Went Wrong with Black Talon Petty, Charles March/April 1994 Winchester did a good job marketing their high-tech ammo. Too good 64
HMA9468 Speed Demon Hopkins, Cameron March/April 1994 Blazing-fast, this turbo-charged racegun is built for pure speed shooting 68
HMA9474 World Shoot X Adam, Rob March/April 1994 Matt McLearn wins the IPSC world championship in Bisley, England 74
HMA9480 The .44 Special Taffin, John March/April 1994 The venerable old .44 Special is still a popular self-defense chambering 80
HMA9482 Ayoob Files, The Ayoob, Massad March/April 1994 Last resort against disarming: the Randy Willems incident 82
HMA9490 1993 IHMSA Field Pistol Championchips Williams, Dick March/April 1994 An automatic target system is used for the first time at a silhouette match 90
HMA94124 Thunder Five Ayoob, Massad March/April 1994 The ultimate car jacking defense gun: a shotgun revolver 124
HJF9456 Taffin Tests Taffin, John Jan/Feb 1994 High performance, favorite loads for the wildcat .475 Linebaugh Long 56
HJF9444 Rooms of the Handgun Harven, Robert W. Jan/Feb 1994 Vital survival info: the best methane-proof pistol for combat on the commode 44
HJF9470 1993 Long Range Silhouette Championship Williams, Dick Jan/Feb 1994 Bob Vaughn takes the coveted Grand Aggregate in this NRA match 70
HJF9472 The 1993 U.S. National Leatham, Nyle Jan/Feb 1994 A radical new optical sight wins the IPSC national championship 72
HJF9480 New York’s New Pistols Ayoob, Massad Jan/Feb 1994 The NYPD makes a bizarre list of requirements for its new 9mm pistols 80
HJF9491 Dear Potential Customer Bowen, Hamilton S. Jan/Feb 1994 An open letter to custom gun customers from the president of the Pistolsmith Guild 91
HJF9497 Test Report: The Claridge Hi-Tec Wood, J.B. Jan/Feb 1994 A test of an unusual 9mm pistol design 97
HJF9498 Ayoob Files, The Ayoob, Massad Jan/Feb 1994 Use enough gun: the Rock-Hayes breakout incident 98
HJF94102 Test Report: Firestar .40 Moritz, Mark Jan/Feb 1994 The author really likes this “little gun with big results” 102
HJF94128 Better Shooting Anderson, Dave Jan/Feb 1994 Learning how to improve the shooting stance 128
HJF94139 American Handgunner International Postal Match Jan/Feb 1994 The biggest IPSC match in the world draws over 4,000 shooters…by mail 139
HAN9419 T/C Barrel Shootoff Raab, Rocky AH Annual 1994 Factory versus custom; which is more accurate? 19
HAN9428 Have Gun Won’t Travel Leatham, Nyle AH Annual 1994 Experience big money mational IPSC matches without traveling cross country. 28
HAN9451 Hammerli, Swiss Manufacturer of Excellence Adam, Rob AH Annual 1994 Swiss precision in firearms manufacturing. 51
HAN9468 Single Action Satisfaction Taffin, John AH Annual 1994 The Fastest Gun Who Ever Lived, Bob Munden, customizzes sixguns for sheer shooting satisfaction. 68
HAN9458 Lethal Force Marlow, J. AH Annual 1994 An inside look at Massad Ayoob’s famous threat management school, LFI. Self defense. 58
HAN94108 What’s New at Dan Wesson Taffin, John AH Annual 1994 Innovative products from the fourth generation of the Wesson firearms family. 108
HAN94110 Do-It-Yourself Custom .45 Detty, Mike AH Annual 1994 You don’t need a lot of fancy tools to modify a basic 1911A1. 110
HAN9410 Too Hot to Handle Nowicki, Ed AH Annual 1994 OC Pepper Spray: the ultimate non-lethal self defense weapon. 10
HAN9446 High Tech Ammo Petty, Charles E. AH Annual 1994 Is there really such a thing as a “magic bullet” for self defense? 46
HAN9475 Ten Myths of Self Defense Nowicki, Ed AH Annual 1994 Common misconceptions that can get you killed. Self defense. 75
HAN9492 Custom Combat 1911A1 Anderson, Dave AH Annual 1994 A complete guide to customizing the 1911 for combat and defense. Self defense. 92
HAN94117 Trend Crimes Farrell, Scott AH Annual 1994 Understanding modern criminals, crime techniques and how to defend yourself. Self defense. 117
Item Article Author Issue Title Page