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1995 American Handgunner Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
HND9533 Test Report: Polish Radom P-83 Grzybowski, Richard Nov/Dec 1995 A copy of the Russian Makarov, this Polish .380 is a good value 33
HND9534 Inglis Hi-Power James, Frank W. Nov/Dec 1995 This Canadian-made copy of the Browning Hi-Power is a great surplus value 34
HND9559 Fun Shoot Ayoob, Massad Nov/Dec 1995 Go ahead, have some fun with your guns 59
HND9560 1995 American Handgunner Shoot-Off A.H. Staff Nov/Dec 1995 Once again, The Jet proves he’s the fastest man in the world with a pistol 60
HND9564 Pin Wheel Ayoob, Massad Nov/Dec 1995 Custom S&W Model 625 tricked out for bowling pin shooting 64
HND9568 Robar .45 Hopkins, Cameron Nov/Dec 1995 Meet Robbie Barrkman one of America’s most versatile gunsmiths 68
HND9572 Hideout 9mm Taffin, John Nov/Dec 1995 After discovering the 3913, our field editor retired his Chief’s Special 72
HND9580 Schofield Taffin, John Nov/Dec 1995 Navy Arms resurrects this great old sixgun in a stunning replica 80
HND9586 How They Make Ammo Petty, Charles Nov/Dec 1995 A visit to America’s largest ammo manufacturers for the inside story 86
HND9596 Better Shooting Anderson, Dave Nov/Dec 1995 Learn how to shoot really, really fast— it’s all in the draw 96
HND95139 Test Report: Dillon Blue Bag Nadel, Seth Nov/Dec 1995 Good value in a range bag for all your shooting stuff 139
HND95140 The Cop Cup Leatham, Nyle Nov/Dec 1995 John Pride wins the grand-daddy of them all, the Bianchi Cup, for the third time 140
HND95144 Taffin Tests Taffin, John Nov/Dec 1995 The 6.5 JDJ is a custom hunting round that kills surprisingly well 144
HSO9554 Getting To Know Bar-Sto Barrels Hopkins, Cameron Sept/Oct 1995 Meet legendary barrelmaker Irv Stone and learn why a Bar-Sto is so accurate 54
HSO9558 Heinie Glock Sights James, Frank W. Sept/Oct 1995 A new sight for the Glock pistol from pistolsmith Richard Heinie 58
HSO9560 The Truth About Cor-Bon Ammunition Petty, Charles Sept/Oct 1995 Cor-Bon claims higher velocities than other factory ammo. Is it really true? 60
HSO9564 Single Stack Classic Ayoob, Massad Sept/Oct 1995 A combat shooting match limited only to 1911 “low capacity” pistols 64
HSO9566 Combat Cutters Covert, Patrick Sept/Oct 1995 A look at the custom combat folders of America’s top bladesmiths 66
HSO9570 Wilson Combat Tactical Elite .45 Hopkins, Cameron Sept/Oct 1995 A lightweight Gov’t Model 1911 customized into a serious carry gun 70
HSO9578 Amazing Custom Grips of Roy Fishpaw Petty, Charles Sept/Oct 1995 Discriminating handgunners know where to get the best revolver grips 78
HSO9584 Kit Guns Single Action Style Taffin, John Sept/Oct 1995 One of John’s favorite handguns is the lowly .22 Kit Gun 84
HSO9587 Don’t Trust Lasers Ayoob, Massad Sept/Oct 1995 The hard reality of the street proves these sights have serious drawbacks 87
HSO9590 Ayoob Files, The Ayoob, Massad Sept/Oct 1995 A submachine gun, an AR-15 and a riot shotgun come into play in a robbery 90
HSO9592 Taffin Tests Taffin, John Sept/Oct 1995 The diminutive .32 Long is a great little plinking round 92
HSO95119 Law Enforcement Double Standard Hurlbut, Max Sept/Oct 1995 Our we holding our police to a double standard? 119
HJA9546 Sixgunner, The Taffin, John July/August 1995 Custom grips take the sting out of shooting heavy-kicking revolvers 46
HJA9548 Better Shooting Anderson, Dave July/August 1995 How to control your flinch for better shooting results 48
HJA9550 Iron Man Kelly Scotto, Mary July/August 1995 Meet back-to-back IHMSA “Iron Man” champion Bob Kelly 50
HJA9552 Sixguns With Class Taffin, John July/August 1995 Tasteful revolver conversions from Mississippi pistolsmith Dave Clements 52
HJA9556 How to Test a Handgun Petty, Charles July/August 1995 Learn the tricks of an expert on how to get the best accuracy from a handgun 56
HJA9566 The Guns of STI Ayoob, Massad July/August 1995 A view from the street on the performance of high tech Modular Frame Guns 66
HJA9571 A Visit to STI Hopkins, Cameron July/August 1995 A look inside the factory that makes the remarkable Modular Frame guns 71
HJA9572 Taffin Tests Taffin, John July/August 1995 The .45-70 becomes a real handcannon when loaded to John’s recipes 72
HJA9578 Ayoob Files, The Ayoob, Massad July/August 1995 Assault rifle shooting: The Lance Massey incident 78
HJA95119 Who Needs Sights? Nadel, Seth July/August 1995 A controversial look at the hot topic of point shooting vs. sighted fire 119
HMJ9548 NRA Silhouette National Williams, Dick May/June 1995 Thanks to a dedicated group of shooters, the match was a roaring success 48
HMJ9550 Ayoob Files, The Ayoob, Massad May/June 1995 Terror in the Clinic: The Brookline Pre-Term Incident 50
HMJ9554 Spotsmanship Harris, Jim May/June 1995 A discourse on the nature of spots and the art of spotting 54
HMJ9556 1994 USPSA Limited Nationals Anderson, Dave May/June 1995 No space guns in this match, strictly street-worthy 1911s and 45s 56
HMJ9568 Pistolsmith Profile: Kim Stroud More, Mary Ellen May/June 1995 Meet the first lady pistolsmith ever admitted to the American Pistolsmiths Guild 68
HMJ9574 The FBI .45 Hopkins, Cameron May/June 1995 The elite HRT unit of the FBI adopts a new .45 ACP from Les Baer custom 74
HMJ9580 Torture Testing the S&W Sigma James, Frank May/June 1995 10,000 rounds are poured through one pistol in a single afternoon 80
HMJ9586 A SHOT Show in the Dark Fasano, John May/June 1995 Somebody let a gonzo journalist into the SHOT Show. Boy are they sorry 86
HMJ95100 Sixgunner, The Taffin, John May/June 1995 Heavyweight bullets for big bore revolvers 100
HMJ95124 American Pistolsmiths Guild Gun of the Year May/June 1995 Featuring a magnificent example of the synergy of six master gunsmiths 124
HMA9536 Accurate Pistol Shooting Cook, Blaize March/April 1995 The story of how one man started a college pistol team 36
HMA9548 Sixgunner, The Taffin, John March/April 1995 Classic holster rigs from the westerns and hard-to-find “ivory” grips 48
HMA9552 Tombstone: Guns ’n Gear of the Movies Fasano, John March/April 1995 All too often Hollywood gets the guns wrong, but not in this recent western 52
HMA9554 Wyatt Earp: Officer Survival Pioneer Ayoob, Massad March/April 1995 Legendary frontier lawman was practicing “officer survival” years ago 54
HMA9564 Briley Carry Comp Hopkins, Cameron March/April 1995 Hot new custom “carry gun” from the Briley Pistol Division 64
HMA9574 Taffin Tests Taffin, John March/April 1995 The .45 Long Colt is still going strong, perhaps even stronger than ever 74
HMA9582 The Line in the Sand Snyder, Jeff March/April 1995 When is an armed citizen morally justified in armed resistance to the government? 82
HMA9584 Ayoob Files, The Ayoob, Massad March/April 1995 Turning Point TV shootings are instructional for armed citizens 84
HMA9586 1994 U.S. Nationals Anderson, Dave March/April 1995 U.S. Army shooter captures the IPSC national championship 86
HJF9550 Taffin Tests Taffin, John Jan/Feb 1995 The .30-30 is a tried and proven rifle round, but it works great in handguns too 50
HJF9560 IHMSA Internationals ’94 Scotto, Mary Jan/Feb 1995 Bob “Iron Man” Kelly wins the grand aggregate in shooting’s toughest game 60
HJF9568 Battle of the Mouseguns Petty, Charles Jan/Feb 1995 A timid shoot-out between the .22 LR and the .25 ACP 68
HJF9570 Tactical Taurus Anderson, Dave Jan/Feb 1995 Really big things are happening in the Taurus Custom Shop. Here’s one of the best 70
HJF9576 The Volquartsen Ruger Petty, Charles Jan/Feb 1995 Laser sighted custom creation from the renowned Tom Volquartsen 76
HJF9584 The Medusa Gun Moritz, Mark Jan/Feb 1995 When they ban everything, the Medusa can shoot anything 84
HJF95107 Sixgunner, The Taffin, John Jan/Feb 1995 If you had to pick just one handgun for the rest of your life, what would it be? 107
HJF95119 American Handgunner’s International Postal Match Jan/Feb 1995 Nearly 4,000 handgunners shoot it out by mail from around the world 119
HAN9507 Handgun Stopping Power Taylor, Chuck AH Annual 1995 A hard look at the bullets that really penetrate. 7
HAN9511 Pulverizing Stopping Power Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1995 Stock gun pin shooting is an increasingly popular handgun sport. 11
HAN9518 Top 10 Tools Huntington, Roy AH Annual 1995 Essential items no would-be gunsmith can do without. 18
HAN9533 Sex, Lies and Firearms Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1995 Debunking the myths about women and guns. 33
HAN9540 A World Tour of Handguns Gangarosa, Gene Jr. AH Annual 1995 A close-up look at some of the world’s most popular sidearms. 40
HAN9551 Competing With the Best Leatham, Nyle AH Annual 1995 Regional USPSA matches offer quality courses and big-name competition. 51
HAN9559 Post Shooting Trauma Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1995 The psychological effects of a shooting can be devastating. 59
HAN9568 S&W— King of the Sixguns Taffin, John AH Annual 1995 The ultimate sixgun fan on the ultimate sixgun manufacturer. 68
HAN9586 Die Trying James, Frank AH Annual 1995 The guns of NTI 86
HAN9587 The Tactics of NTI Speir, Dean AH Annual 1995 Learning to survive the unsurvivable National Tactical Invitational. 87
HAN9592 Is Reloading For You? Petty, Charles AH Annual 1995 A beginner’s guide to creating your own handloads. 92
HAN9599 Customizing the 1911-A1 Sieberts, Steve AH Annual 1995 NRA gunsmithing course teaches classic armorer’s techniques. 99
HAN95106 The Handguns of Second Chance XX Ayoob, Massad AH Annual 1995 The .45 auto shines at this bowling pin decimation fest. 106
HAN95112 How to Pick a Pistolsmith Anderson, Dave AH Annual 1995 You’ve made the decision to customize, now who can you trust your favorite gun to? 112
Item Article Author Issue Title Page