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1999 American Handgunner Magazine Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
HJF9907 Letters to the Editor n/a Jan/Feb 1999 Speak Out 7
HJF9918 Adrenalin, Cops and Guns… Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb 1999 Cop Talk 18
HJF9922 Dan Wesson is back with the best sixgun ever John Taffin Jan/Feb 1999 The Sixgunner 22
HJF9924 The accuracy brouhaha… Ed Brown Jan/Feb 1999 Pistolsmithing 24
HJF9936 The lime green yugo of holsters & A pile of paddles… Roy Huntington Jan/Feb 1999 Handgun Leather 36
HJF9943 The ungoring of oxen… Charles E Petty Jan/Feb 1999 Handloading 43
HJF9946 Factory loaded heavyweight cartridges for handgun hunting John Taffin Jan/Feb 1999 Taffin Tests 46
HJF9948 Glockenspeil… Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 1999 Combat Shooting 48
HJF9952 Say Cheese & Fat Rim .45 Colt… JD Jones Jan/Feb 1999 Handgun Hunting 52
HJF9955 A high capacity 1911 ona polymer frame Charles E Petty Jan/Feb 1999 Test Report: Kimber Polymer 55
HJF9956 Master pistolsmith Bill Wilson with a classic custom Commander Cameron Hopkins Jan/Feb 1999 Colt Combat Commander 56
HJF9962 Trigger control and the need for ambidexterity in your shooting repertoire Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 1999 Better Shooting 62
HJF9964 A quintet of custom fixed blade fighters from the top bladesmiths Patrick Covert Jan/Feb 1999 Striker Five 64
HJF9966 Potent new multi-slug adds punch to the standard rimfire Charles E Petty Jan/Feb 1999 Quick-Shot .22 66
HJF9975 Landmark study proves more guns reduce crime Jeff Snyder Jan/Feb 1999 Gun Rights 75
HJF9979 Midway Pistol Rest, McCormick Power Mag, Benchmade Folders, & Caspian Sights Charles E Petty Jan/Feb 1999 Gunny Sack 79
HJF9996 A routine traffic stop turns into a deadly brawl for Detroit cops Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb 1999 The Ayoob Files 96
HJF9999 Little known historical fact: Bill Clinton is a descendant of Wyatt Earp Barrett Tillman Jan/Feb 1999 Wyatt Clinton and Bill Earp 99
HJF99114 Colt’s new president & Less Guns, More Crime… Cameron Hopkins Jan/Feb 1999 Insdustry Insider 114
HMA9916 A chronograph for the new millennium… Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 1999 Combat Shooting 16
HMA9920 Sputnik watching in anaconda land… JD Jones Mar/Apr 1999 Handgun Hunting 20
HMA9927 A holstermaker and a gentleman… Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 1999 Handgun Leather 27
HMA9931 License to reload & Mountain of Manstoppers Ken Hackathorn Mar/Apr 1999 Tactical Advantage 31
HMA9936 And all he heard was clikkity-clikkity-click… Commander Gilmore Mar/Apr 1999 The 10-Ring 36
HMA9940 How to shoot your practice scores on match day Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 1999 Better Shooting 40
HMA9942 A crazed assailant attacks with a baseball bat Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr 1999 The Ayoob Files 42
HMA9947 Blackpowder improvements and a new .45 Colt bullet mould John Taffin Mar/Apr 1999 Taffin Tests 47
HMA9950 Tastes Great! Less Filling! & Little stubby bullets Charles E Petty Mar/Apr 1999 Handloading 50
HMA9952 Shoting the “world’s most powerful redheaded stepchild” John Taffin Mar/Apr 1999 Freedom Arms .41 Magnum 52
HMA9956 How to get started with charcoal burning handguns John Taffin Mar/Apr 1999 Cap n’ Ball Sixgunning 56
HMA9960 Jerry Barnhart wins the World Speed Shooting Championship Sharon Edington Mar/Apr 1999 Sizzling Plates 60
HMA9964 A stunning matched pair of custom bowling pin revolvers Mickey Fowler Mar/Apr 1999 Pin Wheeler 64
HMA9970 Hot new compact .45 is the smallest 1911 ever made Charles E Petty Mar/Apr 1999 Ultra Carry 70
HMA9973 Going back to visit the Kimber factory, one year later Charles E Petty Mar/Apr 1999 Kimber Revisited 73
HMA9976 Serious blades for serious uses- from custom knifemaker Steve Ryan Patrick Covert Mar/Apr 1999 Heavy Metal Fighters 76
HMA9982 Back at the old grind Ed Brown Mar/Apr 1999 Pistolsmithing 82
HMA9984 How long can a carbide resizing die last? Seth Nadel Mar/Apr 1999 The Life of a Reloading Die 84
HMA99102 Benevolent dictators love guns because gun owners do great good Jeff Snyder Mar/Apr 1999 Gun Rights 102
HMA99103 Bear track cases & Garrett “hammerhead” ammo & Eagle “gunfighter” grips & Kimber .22 conversion unit Charles E Petty Mar/Apr 1999 Gunny Sack 103
HMJ9907 Letter to the Editor n/a May/Jun 1999 Speak Out 7
HMJ9916 Birth of a match & World Shoot-Off: The Format Dave Anderson May/Jun 1999 Combat Shooting 16
HMJ9923 Sig-nificant Achievement & PCP Freak vs Bambi… JD Jones May/Jun 1999 Handgun Hunting 23
HMJ9928 You want to stick that probe where?… Massad Ayoob May/Jun 1999 Cop Talk 28
HMJ9932 The overengineered holster… Roy Huntington May/Jun 1999 Handgun Leather 32
HMJ9946 The family that busts caps together, stays together… Ed Brown May/Jun 1999 Pistolsmithing 46
HMJ9948 How an armed citizen stopped a crazed “schoolyard murderer” from killing more Massad Ayoob May/Jun 1999 The Ayoob Files 48
HMJ9950 Skeeter Skelton’s original style grips are available again John Taffin May/Jun 1999 Taffin Tests 50
HMJ9952 The world’s most combat tested revolver… Ken Hackathorn May/Jun 1999 Tactical Advantage 52
HMJ9955 How to speed reload with an autopistol Dave Anderson May/Jun 1999 Better Shooting 55
HMJ9959 Mr Seecamp goes to handloading school… Charles E Petty May/Jun 1999 Handloading 59
HMJ9961 Real world shooting techniques from a master Cameron Hopkins May/Jun 1999 Practical Shooting the Ron Avery Way 61
HMJ9965 Freedom Arms and cowboy shooting are a natural combination John Taffin May/Jun 1999 The Sixgunner 65
HMJ9966 Todd Jarrett wins the title for the United States Rob Adam May/Jun 1999 IPSC North American Championships 66
HMJ9970 The Taurus model 817 is the latest “ultra light” snubnose Massad Ayoob May/Jun 1999 Baby Magnum 70
HMJ9980 Greg Lighfoot’s custom tactical knives combine sound design with craftsmanship Patrick Covert May/Jun 1999 Canadian Carvers 80
HMJ9982 Small, concealable, easy to shoot– there’s a lot to like about the Kel-Tec Paul Markel May/Jun 1999 Kel-Tec P-40 82
HMJ9999 Jrs Hearing Muff Sweats & Aimpoint “XD” Sight & Dillon Concealed Carry Tote & Brownells Clip Stripper Charles E Petty May/Jun 1999 Gunny Sack 99
HMJ99115 Beretta makes two little pistols that are great for when you don’t have a gun Mike Cumpston May/Jun 1999 The Ungun 115
HMJ99124 Young shooters are injecting new life into the shooting sports Massad Ayoob May/Jun 1999 Junior Handgun Competition Today 124
HMJ99134 The world’s biggest IPSC match draws shooters from all over the planet Annie Lory Bachrach May/Jun 1999 1998 Handgunner IPSC Postal Match 134
HMJ99146 Pistol Packing Proliferates & The Show must go on… Cameron Hopkins May/Jun 1999 Industry Insider 146
HJA9907 Letter to the Editor n/a Jul/Aug 1999 Speak Out 7
HJA9918 Relax it’s only a total collapse of civilization Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug 1999 Cop Talk 18
HJA9923 The Omnipresent Centennial Ken Hackathorn Jul/Aug 1999 Tactical Advantage 23
HJA9931 Splitting the pie… the importance of course design Dave Anderson Jul/Aug 1999 Combat Shooting 31
HJA9939 Famous last words: “I think I’ll add a little more bullseye” JD Jones Jul/Aug 1999 Handgun Hunting 39
HJA9942 Lessons from the schoolyard,: what really happened in these horrible disasters Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug 1999 The Ayoob Files 42
HJA9944 Theory of the “Smoking” gun: Utilitarinism and gun control Jeff Snyder Jul/Aug 1999 Gun Rights 44
HJA9947 The indispensible Molly Brown Charles E Petty Jul/Aug 1999 Handloading 47
HJA9950 Let’s test this thing on a lawyer… Ed Brown Jul/Aug 1999 Pistolsmithing 50
HJA9952 Understanding handgun cartridges and there nomenclature Dave Anderson Jul/Aug 1999 Better Shooting 52
HJA9954 Shooting blackpowder loads in cartridge sixguns John Taffin Jul/Aug 1999 Taffin Tests 54
HJA9955 Gimme the money, or maybe buy my gun… Commander Gilmore Jul/Aug 1999 The 10-Ring 55
HJA9956 How to dress of the West: the best duds for cowboy shooting Barrett Tillman Jul/Aug 1999 Sartorial Splendor 56
HJA9966 Controversial new gun stirs up problems at this IPSC shoot Ron Avery Jul/Aug 1999 1998 USPSA Limited Nationals 66
HJA9970 A profile on the custom blades of Pat Crawford Patrick Covert Jul/Aug 1999 Cut to the Chase 70
HJA9974 How to defend home and hearth: a guide for two person tactics Andy Stanford Jul/Aug 1999 Team Tactics for Milennium Madness 74
HJA9975 We all love handguns, hence this magazine. But get a shotgun or rifle Andy Stanford Jul/Aug 1999 More Than a Pistol Problem 75
HJA9976 There is more to this Y2K thing than stocking up on .223 and MREs Cameron Hopkins Jul/Aug 1999 The Last Boy Scout 76
HJA9983 B&L Spotting Scope, Uncle Mike’s Range Bag, Kellube OM12 Lubricant, “On Target” Video… Charles E Petty Jul/Aug 1999 Gunny Sack 83
HJA99122 Garand Larceny… Cameron Hopkins Jul/Aug 1999 Industry Insider 122
HSO9907 Letters to the Editor n/a Sep/Oct 1999 Speak Out 7
HSO9916 Origin of the super bullet… JD Jones Sep/Oct 1999 Handgun Hunting 16
HSO9920 A road paved with berettas… Ken Hackathorn Sep/Oct 1999 Tactical Advantage 20
HSO9930 Pursuit and death: fleeing felon decides he won’t go down without a fight Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 1999 The Ayoob Files 30
HSO9932 What to do about the “Millennium Bug” for your family’s safety Barrett Tillman Sep/Oct 1999 B4Y2K 32
HSO9932 That’s all it takes, 10 easy steps to be prepared Cameron Hopkins Sep/Oct 1999 Top Ten Y2K Survival Tips 32
HSO9936 Dave’s rules for excruciatingly correct gun carrying Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 1999 Combat Shooting 36
HSO9939 The grunge factor… Charles E Petty Sep/Oct 1999 Handloading 39
HSO9948 Understanding handgun cartridges and their seemingly illogical names Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 1999 Better Shooting 48
HSO9952 It may not be good, but at least it’s ugly Roy Huntington Sep/Oct 1999 Handgun Leather 52
HSO9961 A match report from the IDPA Mid-Winter Nationals Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 1999 Gentlemen, Choose Your Weapons 61
HSO9962 A probing, analytical look at this fast growing new shooting discipline Andy Stanford Sep/Oct 1999 The Truth About IDPA 62
HSO9964 Colt introduces the hot new Cowboy Model single-action John Taffin Sep/Oct 1999 Colt Rides Again 64
HSO9972 A state of the art IPSC pistol for Limited Class competition Cameron Hopkins Sep/Oct 1999 Limitless Potential 72
HSO9979 Meet custom bladesmith Chris Reeve, a man driven to perfection Patrick Covert Sep/Oct 1999 Points of Perfection 79
HSO9984 Beautiful replicas of the “martial” Colts are available today from USPFA John Taffin Sep/Oct 1999 Shooting the Martial Colts 84
HSO9988 New flyweight S&W “AirLite Ti” is the ultimate belly gun Jake Jatras Sep/Oct 1999 Elemental Fusion 88
HSO9992 Real sixgun leather from genuine craftsmen John Taffin Sep/Oct 1999 The Sixgunner 92
HSO9999 What’s the most accurate .45 Colt sixgun? John Taffin Sep/Oct 1999 Taffin Tests 99
HSO99103 That carrying concealed guns lowers crime is not relevant to gun debate Jeff Snyder Sep/Oct 1999 Gun Rights 103
HSO99106 Interchangable Ammo Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 1999 Cop Talk 106
HSO99119 Briley Glock Barrel, Leading Edge “Hyperport”, Aftec Extractor & Wilson Spring Kits’ Charles E Petty Sep/Oct 1999 Gunny Sack 119
HSO99146 Stand together or hang seperately… Cameron Hopkins Sep/Oct 1999 Industry Insider 146
HND9920 A stomper of a cartridge… Charles E Petty Nov/Dec 1999 Handloading 20
HND9924 The importance of an AR-15 Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 1999 Cop Talk 24
HND9928 The world according to bianchi… Roy Huntington Nov/Dec 1999 Handgun Leather 28
HND9932 The only constant is change… Dave Anderson Nov/Dec 1999 Combat Shooting 32
HND9938 The inner game of Y2k preparedness John Fasano Nov/Dec 1999 The Day the Earth Stood Still 38
HND9945 A new definition emerges of the second amendment Jeff Snyder Nov/Dec 1999 Gun Rights 45
HND9947 Handcannons to the rescue JD Jones Nov/Dec 1999 Handgun Hunting 47
HND9952 Learning to deal with heavy recoil Dave Anderson Nov/Dec 1999 Better Shooting 52
HND9956 Liliputians are people too Ken Hackathorn Nov/Dec 1999 Tactical Advantage 56
HND9960 Annalyzing the lessons from the gunfights of Col Charles Aksins Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 1999 The Ayoob Files 60
HND9966 Magnumize your 1911 with the .460 Rowland conversion kit John Taffin Nov/Dec 1999 Taffin Tests 66
HND9967 Talk about your big-bore ordnance… Commander Gilmore Nov/Dec 1999 The 10-Ring 67
HND9969 More great leather from great custom makers John Taffin Nov/Dec 1999 The Sixgunner 69
HND9972 Coming to grips with the new Pocket Nine Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 1999 Colt’s Deep Cover 9mm 72
HND9978 Jerry Barnhart beats back all corners to wint the exciting man on man match Nyle Leatham Nov/Dec 1999 1999 American Handgunner World Shootoff 78
HND9986 Roundbutted Rugers and Sheriff’s Models are beautifully made John Taffin Nov/Dec 1999 Cosby’s Custom Cowboy Classics 86
HND9988 Bruce Piatt wins a controversial Bianchi Cup Nyle Leatham Nov/Dec 1999 Better Late than Never 88
HND9992 Real match grade accuracy from a novel new drop-in kit for the 1911 Charles E Petty Nov/Dec 1999 Test Report: Kart Easy-Fit Barrels 92
HND99119 Benchmade Axis Lock, S&W Tools, Sprinco Plate+, and RCBS Hand Priming Tool Charles E Petty Nov/Dec 1999 Gunny Sack 119
HND99146 A matter of timing… 1911 Wars Cameron Hopkins Nov/Dec 1999 Industry Insider 146
Item Article Author Issue Title Page