20+1 Rounds of 9mm on Tap

By Michael O. Humphries

I had to fight the urge to employ an overused term and call this pistol a “Turkish Delight,” but I think it truly captures the essence of the Canik TP9 series of pistols from Turkey. In particular, we are considering the TP9 SFx, a pistol designed for competition use with some really nifty upgrades and enhancements — and once again, for under $550. Remember that.

The pistol is a modern, polymer-framed striker-fired design with a safety-in-the-trigger setup and a double-column magazine. While the standard TP9 magazine holds 18 rounds, the SFx comes with +2 basepad extensions on the two included magazines which bump up the total capacity to 20+1 rounds. This is a lot of ammo on tap for whatever you might face!

Another notable feature of the SFx sits atop the tungsten-gray Cerakoted slide — a mounting system for compact optical sights. Located at the rear of the slide, the system employs an interchangeable plate system incorporating the rear Warren Tactical Sight. The pistol comes with four plates to accept at least nine current models of red dot/reflex sights.

The 4140 steel slide itself features forward and rear cocking serrations and has four weight-reducing cutouts found on each side of the slide behind the front sight and two more at the bottom front of the slide. The match-grade bushingless barrel is button rifled. There’s a striker status indicator at the back of the slide which shows when the striker is cocked and ready to fire.

The frame features easily operated takedown levers located on both sides of the frame above and forward of the trigger. The easily accessible and operated slide release/lock is above the area where your thumb naturally rides.

The front of the triggerguard is squared off and serrated and there is a three-notch Picatinny rail in front of the triggerguard for mounting a weaponlight or laser. The TP9’s magazine drops easily and positively when the mag release button is pushed. The grip itself is aggressively textured, and interchangeable backstraps make sure you can customize the pistol to perfectly fit your hand.

All in all, this is a lot of pistol for the money and packs in a lot of firepower without taking too much of your hard-earned cash. So, be sure to check it and see if it might be right for you!


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