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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
HJF0007 Letters to the Editor n/a Jan/Feb 2000 Speak Out 7
HJF0019 Mayberry Police Dept Revisited.. Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb 2000 Cop Talk 19
HJF0023 Yes you have to carry a gun with that shiny badge… Ken Hackathorn Jan/Feb 2000 Tactical Advantage 23
HJF0028 The Cold Shot… JD Jones Jan/Feb 2000 Handgun Hunting 28
HJF0036 The ABCs of Barrel Break In… Ed Brown Jan/Feb 2000 Pistolsmithing 36
HJF0040 “Skinny James” just doesn’t ring… Roy Huntington Jan/Feb 2000 Handgun Leather 40
HJF0042 The lessons of the Chosin Reservoir Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb 2000 The Ayoob Files 42
HJF0043 A touchy feely bullet… Charles E Petty Jan/Feb 2000 Handloading 43
HJF0044 Improve your match shooting performance Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 2000 Better Shooting 44
HJF0048 The FBI’s Prestigious SWAT Team Pistol Cameron Hopkins Jan/Feb 2000 Most Wanted: 48
HJF0052 Doug Koenig triumphs at the World Speed Shooting Championship Julie Goloski Jan/Feb 2000 1999 Steel Challenge 52
HJF0054 Is the shape of combat handguns to come? Charles E Petty Jan/Feb 2000 FN Five-Seven 54
HJF0062 Ernest Emerson’s fighting folder sets a new standard Pat Covert Jan/Feb 2000 Strike Force 62
HJF0068 A winning pair of .45 caliber pistols John Taffin Jan/Feb 2000 Taffin Tests 68
HJF0070 We test four- count em four- Seecamp pistols Mike Cumpston Jan/Feb 2000 An Embarassment of Riches 70
HJF0072 Our new series launches with the S&W triple Lock Charles E Petty Jan/Feb 2000 Classic Test Report 72
HJF0073 Great guns of the 20th century John Taffin Jan/Feb 2000 The Sixgunner 73
HJF0074 Coming full circle with the Walther PPK .32 ACP Charles E Petty Jan/Feb 2000 Test Report 74
HJF0075 At least he can say he made a “clean” getaway Commander Gilmore Jan/Feb 2000 The 10-Ring 75
HJF0091 T/C sling system & Carbine Conversion Unit & Bushnell Range Finder & Mitch Rosen Paddle Holster Charles E Petty Jan/Feb 2000 Gunny Sack 91
HMA0007 Letters to the Editor n/a Mar/Apr 2000 Speak Out 7
HMA0017 If John Browning was a hunter… JD Jones Mar/Apr 2000 Handgun Hunting 17
HMA0020 A wistful look at the handgun battery… Ken Hackathorn Mar/Apr 2000 Tactical Advantage 20
HMA0027 A sobbing good holster… Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 2000 Combat Shooting 27
HMA0030 Urban legends and tales of justice Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr 2000 The Ayoob Files 30
HMA0038 The importance of keeping both eyes open when shooting Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 2000 Better Shooting 38
HMA0042 Rule of the Brownshirts… Ed Brown Mar/Apr 2000 Pistolsmithing 42
HMA0044 He obviously wasn’t a double-bagger… Commander Gilmore Mar/Apr 2000 The 10-Ring 44
HMA0046 Jerry “the Burner” Barnhart wins back to back national championships Julie Goloski Mar/Apr 2000 Flame On 46
HMA0050 Meet pistolsmith Lou Lombardi and his amazing .22 pistols Barrett Tillman Mar/Apr 2000 King of the Rimfires 50
HMA0053 The new Thunder Ranc Special from Les Baer Custom is sensational Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2000 Days of Thunder 53
HMA0057 A candid interview with Clint Smith, drector of Thunder Ranch Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2000 Thunder Ranch 0001 57
HMA0058 Pistolsmithing perfection in a matched pair of Model 41s AH staff Mar/Apr 2000 Guild Gun 2000 58
HMA0060 Brutually rugged fighting knives from Strider Knives Pat Covert Mar/Apr 2000 Hard Corps 60
HMA0068 A mind is a terrible thing not to speak… Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2000 Handgun Leather 68
HMA0071 Custom add-ons and accessories for the Ruge Blackhawk John Taffin Mar/Apr 2000 The Sixgunner 71
HMA0073 What is a “well regulate militia” and are you in it? Jeffrey Snyder Mar/Apr 2000 Gun Rights 73
HMA0074 The stopping power debate Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr 2000 Cop Talk 74
HMA0079 Jarvis “expandable bushing” barrel & Fastex Barrel Treatment & Stoney Point Telescoping Bipod & PMC .22 Pistol match ammo Charles E Petty Mar/Apr 2000 Gunny Sack 79
HMA00106 In pursuit of an oxymoron… Cameron Hopkins Mar/Apr 2000 Industry Insider 106
HMJ0018 It matches the gold lame disco pants… Roy Huntington May/Jun 2000 Handgun Leather 18
HMJ0020 Concealable is as concealable does Dave Anderson May/Jun 2000 Combat Shooting 20
HMJ0024 Who protects your rights? You, as a member of a jury Jefferey Snyder May/Jun 2000 Gun Rights 24
HMJ0027 And now, for our rube goldberg award… Charles E Petty May/Jun 2000 Handloading 27
HMJ0028 It’s a frame job… JD Jones May/Jun 2000 Handgun Hunting 28
HMJ0032 How to avoid hearing loss Dave Anderson May/Jun 2000 Better Shooting 32
HMJ0035 O’Dark Thirty… Ken Hackathorn May/Jun 2000 Tactical Advantage 35
HMJ0036 Urban assault: the Ellen Wingren incident Massad Ayoob May/Jun 2000 The Ayoob Files 36
HMJ0041 Upgrading cowboy sixguns is a job for the expers John Taffin May/Jun 2000 Taffin Tests 41
HMJ0044 An exclusive interview with the new owner of Gunsite Academy Steve Tarani May/Jun 2000 Gunsite: New Beginnings 44
HMJ0046 With upgraded features, these Smith autos are a step above Charles E Petty May/Jun 2000 Smith & Wesson Tactical Pistols 46
HMJ0048 First look at the new “big bore” .380 from Larry Seecamp Charles E Petty May/Jun 2000 SeeCamp .380 48
HMJ0052 The Smith & Wesson Safety Hammerless was the “smart gun” of its day Mike Cumpston May/Jun 2000 Classic Test Report 52
HMJ0053 A totally tactical 1911 from gunsmith Marc Krebs Massad Ayoob May/Jun 2000 Pointman 53
HMJ0057 Open mouth, insert slug? Commander Gilmore May/Jun 2000 The 10-Ring 57
HMJ0062 Modern replicas of these classic old Colt relvolvers John Taffin May/Jun 2000 Cimarron Cartridge Conversions 62
HMJ0064 New bullet designs breathe some life into the diminutive .32 Charles E Petty May/Jun 2000 Resurgence of the .32 ACP 64
HMJ0066 Just what Jumping Jack Flash would shoot Charles E Petty May/Jun 2000 It’s a Gas 66
HMJ0079 Sapphire wearable light & Michaels Briefcase & Dillon Pistol Cleaning Kit & Remington Electronic Muffs Charles E Petty May/Jun 2000 Gunny Sack 79
HMJ00106 Westworld… Cameron Hopkins May/Jun 2000 Insdustry Insider 106
HJA0016 Insightfully yours, gaston glock Dave Anderson Jul/Aug 2000 Combat Shooting 16
HJA0018 A boy and his gun… JD Jones Jul/Aug 2000 Handgun Hunting 18
HJA0020 The shame of it all… Roy Huntington Jul/Aug 2000 Handgun Leather 20
HJA0023 What no one bothered to tell you about the s&w agreement Jeffrey Snyder Jul/Aug 2000 Gun Rights 23
HJA0028 A cartridge with flourish… Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug 2000 Cop Talk 28
HJA0032 Fill yer hand & Favorite cowboy loads… Charles E Petty Jul/Aug 2000 Handloading 32
HJA0035 The pitfalls of cottonballs and other hard of hearing myths Dave Anderson Jul/Aug 2000 Better Shooting 35
HJA0036 The saga of John’s sad sortie into a gun show John Taffin Jul/Aug 2000 Taffin Tests 36
HJA0037 Cannons to right of him, cannons to left of him Commander Gilmore Jul/Aug 2000 The 10-Ring 37
HJA0038 Walther’s new P-99 is high tech all the way Charles E Petty Jul/Aug 2000 Millenium Warrior 38
HJA0054 The Armed Citizen Rescue Shot: The Roy Aultuman Incident Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug 2000 The Ayoob Files 54
HJA0055 Do you really need this popular accessory for the 1911? Charles E Petty Jul/Aug 2000 Myth of the Full Length Guide Rod 55
HJA0056 As sleek and graceful as the are deadly, the combat folders of Brian Tighe Pat Covert Jul/Aug 2000 Tactical Elegance 56
HJA0058 A custom Casapian Arms carry gun from pistolsmith Terry Tussey Cameron Hopkins Jul/Aug 2000 Damascus Knight 58
HJA0062 Spine tingling tales of Medal of Honors winners and their 1911 pistols Barrett Tillman Jul/Aug 2000 Won with Hardball 62
HJA0064 Introducing a talented gripmaker and engraver John Taffin Jul/Aug 2000 The Sixgunner 64
HJA0080 Clark M-41 Custom Barrel, Talisman Knife, McCormick “Thin” Grips, & Aimtech Scope Pistol Charles E Petty Jul/Aug 2000 Gunny Sack 80
HJA0098 The unabridged agreement & The decline and fall of the pistolsmith Cameron Hopkins Jul/Aug 2000 Industry Insider 98
HSO0007 Letters to the Editor n/a Sep/Oct 2000 Speak Out 7
HSO0010 The Supreme Court will never safeguard your gun rights Jefferey Snyder Sep/Oct 2000 Gun Rights 10
HSO0020 Friendly fire tragedy & The ever pointing finger Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2000 Cop Talk 20
HSO0023 Diode vs Tritium… Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2000 Combat Shooting 23
HSO0024 That better be a pistol in your pocket pal… Commander Gilmore Sep/Oct 2000 The 10-Ring 24
HSO0026 Shoot steel, shoot better. It’s really that simple Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2000 Better Shooting 26
HSO0030 One is the loneliest number… Charles E Petty Sep/Oct 2000 Handloading 30
HSO0035 Do it yourself gunsmithing parts and accessories for colt and ruger single-actions John Taffin Sep/Oct 2000 Taffin Tests 35
HSO0036 Trooper Down: The Bill Pierce Incident Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2000 The Ayoob Files 36
HSO0038 Hail to the chief! A tribute to the J-frames’ 50th birthday John Taffin Sep/Oct 2000 The Sixgunner 38
HSO0040 The Eteranl Quandy: which pistol to buy? Ken Hackathorn Sep/Oct 2000 Tactical Advantage 40
HSO0042 Yes for paychecks, no for broadswords…. JD Jones Sep/Oct 2000 Handgun Hunting 42
HSO0052 Match shooting can help you survive when you see the elephant Mike Dalton Sep/Oct 2000 Competition Shooting and Self-Defense 52
HSO0054 Already setting the 1911 world on its ear, Kimber raises the bar even higher Cameron Hopkins Sep/Oct 2000 Kimber CDP 54
HSO0062 A knife made specifically to complement a firearm Brian Puckett Sep/Oct 2000 The Hissatsu 62
HSO0064 In a battle of high-end .380s, we pit the SIG P-232 against the Walther PPK Mike Cumpston Sep/Oct 2000 Best of the Breed 64
HSO0068 A new 1911 with close tolerances and excellent performance Charles E Petty Sep/Oct 2000 Test Report: Rock River Arms 68
HSO0072 Forget that IPO or dot-com– start buying guns! Tom Murphy Sep/Oct 2000 How to Start Collecting 72
HSO0080 Yes, you can still rely on a sixgun for saving your bacon John Taffin Sep/Oct 2000 Single-Actions For Self-Defense 80
HSO0091 Bushnell Holosight II, Miculek Revolver Grips, Outers Foul Out III & Hillson Lubricants Charles E Petty Sep/Oct 2000 Gunny Sack 91
HSO00114 Army reserve eliminates marksmanship program & Ruger topples S&W for number one rating Cameron Hopkins Sep/Oct 2000 Industry Insider 114
HND0007 Letters to the Editor n/a Nov/Dec 2000 Speak Out 7
HND0019 Lips of Steel & Fixing the “Last Round Jam” Problem… Alex Hamilton Nov/Dec 2000 Pistolsmithing 19
HND0020 The one-hand-tied-behind-my-back rules of gunfighting Ken Hackathorn Nov/Dec 2000 Tactical Advantage 20
HND0023 Welcome to the world of frustration… JD Jones Nov/Dec 2000 Handgun Hunting 23
HND0024 Power plus speed equals powerspeed… Dave Anderson Nov/Dec 2000 Combat Shooting 24
HND0026 Four top gripmakers for single action revolvers John Taffin Nov/Dec 2000 Taffin Tests 26
HND0032 Fixed, adjustable and semi adjustable sights- what to look for Dave Anderson Nov/Dec 2000 Better Shooting 32
HND0036 The true path to loading the .44-40 & Let’s pour some titegroup in those cases… Charles E Petty Nov/Dec 2000 Handloading 36
HND0039 He didn’t have a pistol, but he’s got a good parrot… Commander Gilmore Nov/Dec 2000 The 10-Ring 39
HND0040 Hot new loads for handgun hunters and cowboy shooters John Taffin Nov/Dec 2000 The Sixgunner 40
HND0042 A slick conversion of the 1911 to DAO Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 2000 Para Ordnance LDA 42
HND0046 Nikon field image system, Leupold-Gilmore LG-35 scope, MPRO7 deluxe cleaning kit, & Remington combo knife Charles E Petty Nov/Dec 2000 Gunny Sack 46
HND0050 True or False: Bullets don’t expand at low velocity, therefore short barrels are bad Charles E Petty Nov/Dec 2000 Size Doesn’t Matter 50
HND0054 A radical new polymer pistol from Croatia out-Glocks the Glock Sebestyen Gorka Nov/Dec 2000 HS 2000 54
HND0062 In which we explain the best shooting stance for shooting fast and accurate Ron Avery Nov/Dec 2000 The Modern Isosceles 62
HND0064 A trio of classics from the Golden Age of target shooting in America Mike Cumpston Nov/Dec 2000 Mid-Century Target Revolvers 64
HND0070 Do you carry a snubby .38? Do you feel confident that you’re well armed? Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 2000 Is the .38 Snub Enough? 70
HND0074 Rugged yet elegant , Ruger’s DA revolvers are the finest ever made Mike Cumpston Nov/Dec 2000 Revisiting Ruger’s Revolvers 74
HND0076 Comparing top of the line and basic entry models from the Armory Charles E Petty Nov/Dec 2000 Springfield vs Springfield 76
HND0078 Our rights are absolute, but not for public safety Jefferey Snyder Nov/Dec 2000 Gun Rights 78
HND00114 Never mind the cold, dead fingers, we’re alive and well… Cameron Hopkins Nov/Dec 2000 Industry Insider 114
Item Article Author Issue Title Page