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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
HJF0108 Letters to the Editor n/a Jan/Feb 2001 Speak Out 8
HJF0116 Safety, safety, safety Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb 2001 Cop Talk 16
HJF0119 A sheep in sheep’s clothing.. Ken Hackathorn Jan/Feb 2001 Tactical Advantage 19
HJF0120 Iron, Dot or Scope.. JD Jones Jan/Feb 2001 Handgun Hunting 20
HJF0124 The Basic Black Holster… Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 2001 Combat Shooting 24
HJF0126 The power of work, the dedication of effort-keys to winning Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 2001 Better Shooting 26
HJF0128 Brass Maker to the Stars… Charles E Petty Jan/Feb 2001 Handloading 28
HJF0130 Cimarron Arms offers Cartridge Conversions that Colt should have made John Taffin Jan/Feb 2001 The Colts That Never Were 30
HJF0134 The Scent of A Man… Alex Hamilton Jan/Feb 2001 Pistolsmithing 34
HJF0138 Gun Grab: The Hit Man Incident Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb 2001 The Ayoob Files 38
HJF0140 The .475 Cooper is a more sensible bigbore alternative John Taffin Jan/Feb 2001 Taffin Tests 40
HJF0142 American Frontier Firearms and their replica sixguns John Taffin Jan/Feb 2001 The Sixgunner 42
HJF0143 An emperical test of point shooting and aimed fire with astonishing results Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb 2001 Trial by Fire 43
HJF0144 The Baby Dragoon was the best carry gun of its day Mike Cumpston Jan/Feb 2001 Classic Test Report: Colt 1849 Pocket 44
HJF0146 Your basic plain vanilla .45 convertible Blackhawk is hard to beat Mike Cumpston Jan/Feb 2001 Ruger’s Light Working Gun 46
HJF0154 Who are these guys? Why do they make such incredible handguns? Cameron Hopkins Jan/Feb 2001 Smith & Wesson Performance Center 54
HJF0157 A serious fighting pistol from the S&W performance center Cameron Hopkins Jan/Feb 2001 The .45 CQB 57
HJF0160 The Dion family has worked at Smith & Wesson for 238 years! Cameron Hopkins Jan/Feb 2001 The Ethics of Five Generations 60
HJF0161 Ok, so you hate S&W. Now what? Cameron Hopkins Jan/Feb 2001 Boycott the Bastards 61
HJF0164 Meet Alex Hamilton, a remarkable pistolsmith in more ways than one Mike Cumpston Jan/Feb 2001 10-Ring Precision 64
HJF0166 What you need (and don’t need) to safeguard your guns Cameron Hopkins Jan/Feb 2001 Home Safety and Security 66
HJF0168 Training for the real world requires realistic targets Andy Stanford Jan/Feb 2001 Humanoid Targets 68
HJF0170 The King, Doug Koenig, wins the speed shooting championship Nyle Leatham Jan/Feb 2001 Man Of Steel 70
HJF0191 Hawkeye Bore Scope, Dillon HP1 Muffs, Bianchi Ranger Triad Ankle Holster, & Columbia River Kiss Classic, M-16-13 Charles E Petty Jan/Feb 2001 Gunny Sack 91
HMA0108 Letters to the Editor n/a Mar/Apr 2001 Speak Out 8
HMA0121 The Three-Seven-Five: Greatest Game Getter of All Time JD Jones Mar/Apr 2001 Handgun Hunting 21
HMA0122 Come with us now as we take an incredible journey into the inner depths of a reloading die Charles E Petty Mar/Apr 2001 Handloading 22
HMA0124 The Crimson Tide… and then there are the negatives Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 2001 Combat Shooting 24
HMA0127 A touchy-feely sort of bill of rights so we can all feel safe Jeffrey Snyder Mar/Apr 2001 Gun Rights 27
HMA0130 A super lightweight .41 Magnum trail revolver John Taffin Mar/Apr 2001 Taurus Titanium Tracker 30
HMA0134 Handgunners take high velocity for granted, but it wasn’t always this good John Taffin Mar/Apr 2001 The Origin of Magnum 34
HMA0138 The prince of pockets Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2001 Handgun Leather 38
HMA0140 How to deal with a gunsmith Alex Hamilton Mar/Apr 2001 Pistolsmithing 40
HMA0142 More great leather for sixguns John Taffin Mar/Apr 2001 Taffin Test 42
HMA0148 Meet a great gusnmith, Tom Sargis of Bozeman Trail Arm John Taffin Mar/Apr 2001 The Sixgunner 48
HMA0150 Training Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr 2001 Cop Talk 50
HMA0151 How to train like an expert Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 2001 Better Shooting 51
HMA0153 And some of them are those rotten, nasty “assault eggs” Commander Gilmore Mar/Apr 2001 the 10-Ring 53
HMA0154 The Beretta Elite II is all in a class by itself Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 2001 Elite Force 54
HMA0164 A look at the foremost custom gripmaker in America Charles E Petty Mar/Apr 2001 Eagle Grips 64
HMA0168 Tactical considerations for selecting home defense ammo Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr 2001 Home Defense Ammo 68
HMA0170 Buy top name custom knives, without the wait Pat Covert Mar/Apr 2001 Purveyor Perfection 70
HMA0172 There is a three headed shooting monster lurking out there… Nyle Leatharn Mar/Apr 2001 IPSC 2000 72
HMA0178 Meet Dane Burns, a 1911 specialist and then some Mark Twight Mar/Apr 2001 Pistolsmith Profile 78
HMA01100 The Model 617 is a direct descendant of the K-22 Masterpiece Mike Cumpston Mar/Apr 2001 A Modern Masterpiece 100
HMA01114 various Cameron Hopkins Mar/Apr 2001 Industry Insider 114
HMJ0108 Letters to the Editor n/a May/Jun 2001 Speak Out 8
HMJ0119 Good News, Bad News… JD Jones May/Jun 2001 Handgun Hunting 19
HMJ0120 The Knife at Work… Massad Ayoob May/Jun 2001 Cop Talk 20
HMJ0124 The Revolving Door… Dave Anderson May/Jun 2001 Combat Shooting 24
HMJ0126 Yes, but does he have a 50,000 sq foot computerized house? Charles E Petty May/Jun 2001 Handloading 26
HMJ0128 How deep are your throats? Alex Hamilton May/Jun 2001 Pistolsmithing 28
HMJ0130 The believe it or not holster… Roy Huntington May/Jun 2001 Handgun Leather 30
HMJ0132 Yes, there are exceptions to a basic right Jeffery Snyder May/Jun 2001 Gun Rights 32
HMJ0139 John wraps his hand around Herrett’s stocks John Taffin May/Jun 2001 Taffin Tests 39
HMJ0140 Handgunning tip from IDPA champ Ernest Langdon Dave Anderson May/Jun 2001 Better Shooting 40
HMJ0142 Bringing a pistol to a rifle fight- with suprising outcomes Massad Ayoob May/Jun 2001 The Ayoob Files 42
HMJ0146 Knifemaker extraordinaire Darrel Ralph is part magician, part machinist Pat Covert May/Jun 2001 The Wizard of Edge 46
HMJ0148 Combine a Caspian slide and a Glock frame, add pistolsmithing talent, simmer til done Andy Stanford May/Jun 2001 Glaspian 48
HMJ0154 A new, dedicated, 10-round double-stack 1911 that’s ultra-light, ultra-compact, ultra-cool Cameron Hopkins May/Jun 2001 Kimber Ultra Ten II 54
HMJ0162 Nothing less than the most dynamic article on gunfight tactics we’ve ever printed Ken J Good May/Jun 2001 Got a Second? 62
HMJ0164 The continuing search for the ultimate packin’ pistol John Taffin May/Jun 2001 The Sixgunner 64
HMJ0165 Ed Brown’s Classic Custom pistol is as clean and tasteful as a 1911 ever gets Charles E Petty May/Jun 2001 Classic Perfection 65
HMJ0170 In which we smuggle you into the firearms industry’s largest trade show Michael Bane May/Jun 2001 Shot Show 2001 70
HMJ01114 various Cameron Hopkins May/Jun 2001 Industry Insider 114
HJA0108 Letters to the Editor n/a Jul/Aug 2001 Speak Out 8
HJA0119 The uninteresting police sidearm & The auto switch… Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug 2001 Cop Talk 19
HJA0122 Optimizing the Glock… Dave Anderson Jul/Aug 2001 Combat Shooting 22
HJA0124 When the bullet meets the bone… JD Jones Jul/Aug 2001 Handgun Hunting 24
HJA0128 The Kydex Kraze & Say Brother, Can You Spare Some Rounds?… Roy Huntington Jul/Aug 2001 Handgun Leather 28
HJA0130 Ramshot Powder & The never-never land of no data… Charles E Petty Jul/Aug 2001 Handloading 30
HJA0132 Songs of the dead: the cop and the killa rapper Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug 2001 The Ayoob Files 32
HJA0135 The power of shooting & The three target test… Ken Hackathorn Jul/Aug 2001 Tactical Advantage 35
HJA0136 Sphere of Influence & Body Language in a fight… Ken J Good Jul/Aug 2001 Strategic Solutions 36
HJA0138 Hot new loads for big bore sixgun John Taffin Jul/Aug 2001 Taffin Tests 38
HJA0142 Meet Gordon Davis, a true saddlemaker and holstermaker from the Old School Barrett Tillman Jul/Aug 2001 Holstermaker Gordon Davis 42
HJA0143 Here’s a look at Winter Range, a great cowboy shooting match John Taffin Jul/Aug 2001 Cowboy Shooting! 43
HJA0147 Thunder Ranch teaches a unique pre-1900 weapons class Dick Williams Jul/Aug 2001 Cowboy Weapons School 47
HJA0148 In which we unravel the red tape around this complex set of quasi-regualtions Shane Gericker Jul/Aug 2001 A Guide to Shipping Firearms 48
HJA0152 Meet the man behind the balaclava, Larry Vickers, a classic one-man-shop pistolsmith Cameron Hopkins Jul/Aug 2001 An Army of One 52
HJA0158 Ruger’s Super Blackhawk is the No 1 bargain in sixguns John Taffin Jul/Aug 2001 The Sixgunner 58
HJA0159 We test the S&W model M Hand Ejector, the original LadySmith Mike Cumpston Jul/Aug 2001 Classic Test Report 59
HJA0160 Those 45 tips on those “tanto” knives? Marketing bunk. This is the real, historical tanto James Williams Jul/Aug 2001 The Truth about Tantos 60
HJA0162 NAA’s mini-revolver is the neatest little gun you’ll ever need Mike Cumpston Jul/Aug 2001 Pocket Pal 62
HJA0179 Bushnell Yardage Pro Scout & Smith & Wesson FL7 Flashlight & Nikon Tundra 10×50 Binoculars & RCBS Digital Micrometer Charles E Petty Jul/Aug 2001 Gunny Sack 79
HJA0199 Another victim of our educational system & It was probably one of those “cop-killer” tongues Commander Gilmore Jul/Aug 2001 The 10-Ring 99
HJA01114 various Cameron Hopkins Jul/Aug 2001 Industry Insider 114
HSO0108 Letters to the Editor n/a Sep/Oct 2001 Speak Out 8
HSO0122 A trip down holster lane… Roy Huntington Sep/Oct 2001 Handgun Leather 22
HSO0127 Group Ethics… Ken J Good Sep/Oct 2001 Strategic Solutions 27
HSO0128 The Tactically Aware Magazine… Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2001 Cop Talk 28
HSO0130 Coming of Age… Alex Hamilton Sep/Oct 2001 Pistolsmithing 30
HSO0132 Against the unarmed: a disparity of force shooting Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2001 The Ayoob Files 32
HSO0136 The Only Constant is Change… JD Jones Sep/Oct 2001 Handgun Hunting 36
HSO0140 The Equipment Race… Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2001 Combat Shooting 40
HSO0142 Disarmament hasn’t worked in england, but no one admits it Jeffrey Snyder Sep/Oct 2001 Gun Rights 42
HSO0146 A look at the best shooting tips fo the past 25 years Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2001 Better Shooting 46
HSO0147 Great changes in handgun ammo of the past 25 years John Taffin Sep/Oct 2001 Taffin Tests 47
HSO0150 A quarter century of shooting big bore sixguns John Taffin Sep/Oct 2001 The Sixgunner 50
HSO0154 A tack driving 9mm designed for the the PPC game Charles E Petty Sep/Oct 2001 The Ultimate PPC Auto 54
HSO0162 Epitomizing the development of the pistolsmith over the past 25 years Cameron Hopkins Sep/Oct 2001 Dawson Night Fighter 62
HSO0170 Believe it or not, the toggle top nearly beat out ld slabsides as the US military pistol Sebesteyen Gorka Sep/Oct 2001 Luger P-08 70
HSO0176 The king is back! Doug Koenig wins an uprecendented fifth Bianchi Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2001 Bianchi Cup 2001 76
HSO0182 A promising carry gun from the Lone Star State misses the mark Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2001 VIP 82
HSO0192 Briley Pistol Division breaks out of the box with a spectacular Limited Class .40 S&W Sebesteyen Gorka Sep/Oct 2001 Outer Limited 92
HSO01113 Spyderco folders & Wilson “armor tuff” magazines & Mitch Rosen “express” holsters & C&S colt screwdrivers Charles E Petty Sep/Oct 2001 Gunny Sack 113
HSO01130 various Cameron Hopkins Sep/Oct 2001 Industry Insider 130
HND0108 Letters to the Editor n/a Nov/Dec 2001 Speak Out 8
HND0119 Inside the Pressure Cooker… Alex Hamilton Nov/Dec 2001 Pistolsmithing 19
HND0122 Beartooth Bullets offers original style Keith semiwadcutters John Taffin Nov/Dec 2001 Taffin Tests 22
HND0125 Practicing with the Practical… Dave Anderson Nov/Dec 2001 Combat Shooting 25
HND0126 Why did IPSC lower the power factor? Bullets and ammo are better? Charles E Petty Nov/Dec 2001 The IPSC Power Factor 26
HND0135 Express Yourself… Ken Hackathorn Nov/Dec 2001 Tactical Advantage 35
HND0136 “Safety” is not even worthy of our consideration as an issue Jeffrey Snyder Nov/Dec 2001 Gun Rights 36
HND0140 The .22 WMR can be effective in wheelguns, despite lower velocities Mike Cumpston Nov/Dec 2001 The .22 Magnum as a Revolver Cartridge 40
HND0142 Use Enough Guns JD Jones Nov/Dec 2001 Handgun Hunting 42
HND0144 The “reflexive draw stroke” and how it saved a cop’s life Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 2001 The Ayoob Files 44
HND0148 They used their 38s, but no firearms Commander Gilmore Nov/Dec 2001 The 10-Ring 48

How to avoid excuses on your path to being a better shooter Dave Anderson Nov/Dec 2001 Better Shooting 49
HND0151 The venerable Model 27 is still the all-time best .357 Magnum from S&W Mike Cumpston Nov/Dec 2001 Classic Test Report 51
HND0152 Custom “chopped” Hi-Powers from Bill Laughridge Charles E Petty Nov/Dec 2001 Abbreviated Brownings 52
HND0158 How an upstart gun company captured the ultra-compact CCW market Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 2001 Rise of the House of Kahr 58
HND0168 What mental preparations are necessary to deal with an edged weapon Steve Tarani Nov/Dec 2001 Blood fo the Cut 68
HND0172 The amazing Howard Viele and his masterpiece knives Patrick Covert Nov/Dec 2001 Poet in Steel 72
HND0176 What happens to a cartridge as the powder moves position in the case? Charles E Petty Nov/Dec 2001 Powder Position 76
HND0178 Grips galore from leading custom makers John Taffin Nov/Dec 2001 The Sixgunner 78
HND0191 Ahrends Revolver Stocks & Cold Steel Knives & JR’s Hearing Muff Sweats & Uncle Mike’s Kydex Gear Charles E Petty Nov/Dec 2001 Gunny Sack 91
HND01122 Handguns Lead Declining US Gun Production Cameron Hopkins Nov/Dec 2001 Industry Insider 122
Item Article Author Issue Title Page

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