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2003 American Handgunner Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Title Page
HJF0308 Letters To American Handgunner. Jan/Feb 2003 Speak Out 8
HJF0318 “Why Me?” Clint Smith Jan/Feb 2003 Reality Check 18
HJF0320 Cops Need To Fly Armed – NOW. Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb 2003 Cop Talk 20
HJF0322 Mostly Only Just .44s John Taffin Jan/Feb 2003 Taffin Tests 22
HJF0324 The Thighs Have It – Safariland Holsters Cameron Hopkins Jan/Feb 2003 Handgun Leather 24
HJF0328 Kudu Commentary J.D. Jones Jan/Feb 2003 Handgun Hunting 28
HJF0330 Solid Advice To Keep Your Competitive Edge Honed Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 2003 Combat Shooting 30
HJF0332 Tips And Training On Tactics, Guns And Equipment Ken Hackathorn Jan/Feb 2003 Tactical Advantage 32
HJF0334 The Inside Scoop On Pistolsmithing Techniques Alex Hamilton Jan/Feb 2003 Pistolsmithing 34
HJF0336 Stupid CrooksAnd Bungling Bandits Commander Gilmore Jan/Feb 2003 The 10-Ring 36
HJF0340 Is America becoming a “Gun Gulag” of federalized crimes? Jeff Snyder Jan/Feb 2003 Gun Rights 40
HJF0342 Good eyes but can’t see? Dave ‘splains it all to us. Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 2003 Better Shooting 42
HJF0344 Meet Taffin’s pair-to-draw-to: Baby and Taffin’s Toy. John Taffin Jan/Feb 2003 The Sixgunner 44
HJF0346 The “first-best” .357 Magnum still reigns supreme. Charles E. Petty Jan/Feb 2003 Magic: S&W’s Registered Model 46
HJF0352 Parts, do-dads and blasting lumens — is technology always good? Clint Smith Jan/Feb 2003 Technological Taffy 52
HJF0358 LAPD SWAT’s new 1911 — .4? Gary Paul Johnston Jan/Feb 2003 LAPD SWAT: Kimber Wins! 58
HJF0366 Perk-Up your peepers with the good Doctor’s Tips. George E. Dvoorchak, Jr. M.A., M.D. Jan/Feb 2003 The Eyes Have It 66
HJF0368 “Dah” — not “nye” to this little piece of Russia. David M. Fortier Jan/Feb 2003 Komrade Nagant 68
HJF0372 Lock ’em or lose ’em: Tips and tactics on securing your iron. Roy Huntington Jan/Feb 2003 Preventing Unwanted Access 72
HJF0374 A Presentation Peacemaker from Buffalo Bill. Ed Carlson Jan/Feb 2003 Handguns Of Note 74
HJF03110 Products that deserve some recognition. Charles E. Petty Jan/Feb 2003 Gunnysack 110
HJF03114 Paid listing by the identified pistolsmiths. Jan/Feb 2003 Custom Corner 114
HJF03116 Products you should check out. Jan/Feb 2003 Spotlight 116
HJF03117 Index Of Advertisers. Jan/Feb 2003 Ad Index 117
HJF03118 Classified Ads. Jan/Feb 2003 Classified 118
HMA0308 Letters To American Handgunner. Mar/Apr 2003 Speak Out 8
HMA0320 Try A Turret. Charles E. Petty Mar/Apr 2003 Handloading 20
HMA0322 Off Duty Carry In The Time Of Terrorism. Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr 2003 Cop Talk 22
HMA0324 Doin’ The Training Macarena. Clint Smith Mar/Apr 2003 Reality Check 24
HMA0328 Itsey-Bitsey, Teeny-Weeny. Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 2003 Combat Shooting 28
HMA0332 When a .38 Equals A Sidewinder. Ken Hackathorn Mar/Apr 2003 Tactical Advantage 32
HMA0334 Give The Man A Hand – Ironoak Leather. Cameron Hopkins Mar/Apr 2003 Handgun Leather 34
HMA0336 Magnum Recoil Madness. John Taffin Mar/Apr 2003 Taffin Tests 36
HMA0338 Generic Fodder = Generic Groups. Alex Hamilton Mar/Apr 2003 Pistolsmithing 38
HMA0340 Speed-drawing and smiley faces. Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 2003 Better Shooting 40
HMA0344 Blazing Blaser. J.D. Jones Mar/Apr 2003 Handgun Hunting 44
HMA0348 Ruger’s stainless steel .32 H&R Magnum Bearcat and Single Six can put a smile on anyone’s face. John Taffin Mar/Apr 2003 The Sixgunner 48
HMA0350 This blacked-out custom Novak 1911 is the perfect way to introduce his new adjustable sight. Gary Paul Johnston Mar/Apr 2003 Midnight Moonlight 50
HMA0354 Taurus’ solid copper handgun ammo raises the bar on reliable performance. Charles E. Petty Mar/Apr 2003 Hex Bullet Hi-Jinx 54
HMA0357 Clint honors the men — and the handguns they fought with. Clint Smith Mar/Apr 2003 Fighting Handguns Of WWII 57
HMA0370 Are we still throwing rocks — or is the modern bullet really better? Charles E. Petty Mar/Apr 2003 The Modern Bullet 70
HMA0374 At the World Shoot-Off, you get to eat dessert first. No wonder people keep coming back for more. Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2003 STI/Handgunner Shoot-Off 74
HMA0378 Mel Pardue and Warren Osborne have one thing in common — Benchmade Knives Pat Covert Mar/Apr 2003 Brothers In Steel 78
HMA0380 Novelist Stephen Hunter proves he’s a good guy when it comes to guns, grit and hard copy! Michael Bane Mar/Apr 2003 Make Mine A Thompson 80
HMA0382 Les Baer Custom Premier II Super-Tac 1911 Mar/Apr 2003 Gun Of The Month 82
HMA03117 Products that deserve some recognition. Charles E. Petty Mar/Apr 2003 Gunnysack 117
HMA03122 Paid listing by the identified pistolsmiths. Mar/Apr 2003 Custom Corner 122
HMA03126 Classified Ads. Mar/Apr 2003 Classified 126
HMA03128 Index Of Advertisers Mar/Apr 2003 Ad Index 128
HMA03130 Death by Cell Phone. Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2003 The Insider 130
HMJ0320 .500 S&W Magnum. J.D. Jones May/Jun 2003 Handgun Hunting 20
HMJ0322 What You Said Isn’t What I Heard. Massad Ayoob May/Jun 2003 Cop Talk 22
HMJ0324 It’s Only Your Life. Clint Smith May/Jun 2003 Reality Check 24
HMJ0328 You’ve got to hit the target first… Dave Anderson May/Jun 2003 Better Shooting 28
HMJ0330 A fearless counter-attack y heroic store-owners takes the day in this jerelry store shoot-out. Massad Ayoob May/Jun 2003 The Ayoob Files 30
HMJ0334 HK’s LEM Lands On Earth. Dave Anderson May/Jun 2003 Combat Shooting 34
HMJ0336 Exotic Gunsmithing: Part One Alex Hamilton May/Jun 2003 Pistolsmithing 36
HMJ0338 Don’t Try This At Home, Kids. Charles E. Petty May/Jun 2003 Handloading 38
HMJ0340 New Leather Designs For Concealment and Hunting. John Taffin May/Jun 2003 Taffin Tests 40
HMJ0343 The 911 Turbo Holster. Cameron Hopkins May/Jun 2003 Handgun Leather 43
HMJ0346 “It’s As Plain As Poo On Your Shoe.” Commander Gilmore May/Jun 2003 The 10-Ring 46
HMJ0348 Taurus’ .45 ACP Tracker totes tidily on the trail. Charlie Cutshaw May/Jun 2003 Trail Gun Extraordinaire 48
HMJ0352 Pocket Tool madness! These handy widgets can be a pisolero’s friend. Roy Huntington May/Jun 2003 Specialization Is For Insects 52
HMJ0354 The Steel Challenge match takes on all-comers — guess who wins? Mike Dalton May/Jun 2003 Iron Vs. Steel 54
HMJ0358 Elastic limits and “Sets” — what’s the real trust about pistol magazines, anyway? John S. Layman May/Jun 2003 Magazine Spring Madness 58
HMJ0362 Pistolsmith Fred Craig shows his stuff — with Caspian steel and titanium — in this 1911 extravaganza. Charles E. Petty May/Jun 2003 The Old And The New 62
HMJ0370 Is there more to cleaning technology than Hoppe’s No.9? You bet! Roy Huntington May/Jun 2003 Gun Juice And Elbox Grease 70
HMJ0372 This tought old war-horse can still shoot with the big dogs. David M. Fortier May/Jun 2003 Walther’s P-38 72
HMJ0376 .45 ACP fighting combo from D&L Sports, Caspian and SureFire! May/Jun 2003 Gunlf The Month 76
HMJ0378 S&W’s magical first revolver is too valuable to actually shoot … so we did! Check out the results. Mike Cumpston May/Jun 2003 Just Do It 78
HMJ03101 Handgun Sports Organizations. May/Jun 2003 Sports Organizations 101
HMJ03118 Products that deserve some recognition. Charles E. Petty May/Jun 2003 Gunnysack 118
HMJ03122 Paid listing by the identified pistolsmiths. May/Jun 2003 Custom Corner 122
HMJ03124 Classified Ads. May/Jun 2003 Classifieds 124
HMJ03126 Products you should check out. May/Jun 2003 Spotlight 126
HMJ03130 On Credibility. Roy Huntington May/Jun 2003 The Insider 130
HJA0308 Letters To American Handgunner. Jul/Aug 2003 Speak Out 8
HJA0322 Getting Personal with USPSPA President Michael Voigt. Dave Anderson Jul/Aug 2003 Combat Shooting 22
HJA0326 Run Rabbit Run. Clint Smith Jul/Aug 2003 Reality Check 26
HJA0328 Powders for Maximum Loads. Charles E. Petty Jul/Aug 2003 Handloading 28
HJA0332 Magic Sub-Sonic Ammo? J.D. Jones Jul/Aug 2003 Handgun Hunting 32
HJA0334 Dan Wesson Patriot .45 ACP. John Taffin Jul/Aug 2003 Taffin Tests 34
HJA0336 S&W DAOs In Copland. Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug 2003 Cop Talk 36
HJA0338 Even If He Was Right, How Would We Know? Commander Gilmore Jul/Aug 2003 The 10-Ring 38
HJA0340 Exotic Gunsmithing: Part Two. Alex Hamilton Jul/Aug 2003 Pistolsmithing 40
HJA0344 So Many Pistols, So Little Time… Ken Hackathorn Jul/Aug 2003 Tactical Advantage 44
HJA0346 Jesse JamesL Fightingest outlaw ever? Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug 2003 The Ayoob Files 46
HJA0348 The magic of Skeeter’s Sixguns. John Taffin Jul/Aug 2003 The Sixgunner 48
HJA0350 Gary Reeder’s .500 Maximum Dino-Blaster! John Taffin Jul/Aug 2003 Magnificent Magnum 50
HJA0356 Rinaldi is a big guy — who likes big blades. Pat Covert Jul/Aug 2003 Big Bad Steel 56
HJA0366 IDPA Nationals: Bullet Storm-Brainstorm. Ken Hackathorn Jul/Aug 2003 Shoot, Hide & Shoot Some More 66
HJA0369 Four seconds? I don’t think so… Ken Hackathorn Jul/Aug 2003 El Presidente 69
HJA0370 Africa on the cheap: Pellet gun prowess. Col. Zachary Foster Jul/Aug 2003 Indoor Safari 70
HJA0372 You Look Marvelous: If the boot first, wear it. John Taffin Jul/Aug 2003 Grab ‘Yer Sixguns Pilgrim 72
HJA0376 Lightweight Custom Carry By The Springfield Armory Custom Shop. Jul/Aug 2003 Gun Of The Month 76
HJA03110 Products that deserve some recognition. Charles E. Petty Jul/Aug 2003 Gunnysack 110
HJA03114 Paid listing by the identified pistolsmiths. Jul/Aug 2003 Custom Corner 114
HJA03116 Products you should check out. Jul/Aug 2003 Spotlight 116
HJA03118 Classified Ads. Jul/Aug 2003 Classifieds 118
HJA03120 Index Of Advertisers Jul/Aug 2003 Ad Index 120
HSO0308 Letter To American Handgunner. Sep/Oct 2003 Speak Out 8
HSO0318 Fiber Optic Fun. Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2003 Winning Edge 18
HSO0320 CCW Sell-Out. Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2003 Cop Talk 20
HSO0324 Forget The Kitchen Sink. J.D. Jones Sep/Oct 2003 Handgun Hunting 24
HSO0326 A Real Saturday Night Special. John Taffin Sep/Oct 2003 Taffin Tests 26
HSO0330 Tom Campbell’s shooting secrets exposed! Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2003 Better Shooting 30
HSO0332 Cut, Burned and Shot? Clint Smith Sep/Oct 2003 Reality Check 32
HSO0334 Elmer Keith’s sixguns — one man’s legacy. John Taffin Sep/Oct 2003 The Sixgunner 34
HSO0336 1911 = Harley Davidson. Ken Hackathorn Sep/Oct 2003 Tactical Advantage 36
HSO0338 They’re Trying Really Hard To Look Stern. Commander Gilmore Sep/Oct 2003 The 10-Ring 38
HSO0342 It’s a Gun! Or is it…? The Der/Kifer incident. Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2003 The Ayoob Files 42
HSO0344 Teutonic technology collides with America know-how. Charles E. Petty Sep/Oct 2003 Walther PPKS: American-Style 44
HSO0348 Can’t see that front sight? Scope-up and keep shooting! Carolee Boyles Sep/Oct 2003 To Scope Or Not To Scope 48
HSO0352 Custom and collaboration tacticals from Pat Crawford. Pat Covert Sep/Oct 2003 Silent Force 52
HSO0354 Tussey Custom’s Carry-Comp .45 makes a subtle statement. R.E. Brown Sep/Oct 2003 Traveling Companion 54
HSO0358 This winsome 1911 from Ross Carter comes with — a surprise. Michael Bane Sep/Oct 2003 Best Gun I Never Owned 58
HSO0366 Saturn V rocket power with this .300 WSM thumper. Charles E. Petty Sep/Oct 2003 Savage Striker 66
HSO0368 Enter this raffle for a chance at this “Ultimate” Ruger. Sep/Oct 2003 American Pistolsmiths Guild Gun 68
HSO0370 Black powder flame-out in a Taurus .45 Colt! Clint Smith Sep/Oct 2003 Light ‘Em Up 70
HSO0372 Colt Series 70 Gov’t Model from Pistol Dynamics. Sep/Oct 2003 Gun Of The Month 72
HSO03110 The Industry’s Best Websites. Sep/Oct 2003 Website Showcase 110
HSO03114 Paid listing by the identified pistolsmiths. Sep/Oct 2003 Custom Corner 114
HSO03116 Classified Ads. Sep/Oct 2003 Classifieds 116
HSO03118 Products you should check out. Sep/Oct 2003 Spotlight 118
HSO03119 Index Of Advertisers Sep/Oct 2003 Ad Index 119
HND0308 Letters To American Handgunner. Nov/Dec 2003 Speak Out 8
HND0320 Body Target Testing. J.D. Jones Nov/Dec 2003 Handgun Hunting 20
HND0323 Old Vs. New. Dave Anderson Nov/Dec 2003 Winning Edge 23
HND0324 The 10-Rin Bye-Bye: Stick A Fork In Me — I’m Done! John Connor Nov/Dec 2003 Guncrack Diaries 24
HND0326 Brass From Non Toxic Ammo. Charles E. Petty Nov/Dec 2003 Handloading 26
HND0330 A Hard Look In The Mirror. Clint Smith Nov/Dec 2003 Reality Check 30
HND0332 Club vs. Gun: The Plana/Ibarra shooting. Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 2003 The Ayoob Files 32
HND0334 Colt Vs. Springfield Vs. Kimber. Alex Hamilton Nov/Dec 2003 Pistolsmithing 34
HND0337 Lessons From The OODA Loop. Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 2003 Cop Talk 37
HND0338 Mernickle Custom Holsters. Dave Douglas Nov/Dec 2003 Handgun Leather 38
HND0342 Down And Dirty. Ken Hackathorn Nov/Dec 2003 Tactical Advantage 42
HND0344 Buffalo Bore Ammunition. John Taffin Nov/Dec 2003 Taffin Tests 44
HND0346 U.S. Firearms: SAAs so purty they can make you cry. Charles E. Petty Nov/Dec 2003 Under The Dome 46
HND0350 Grip treatments with a twist — check out the conamyds on these babies! Larry Pomykalski Nov/Dec 2003 Get A Grip! 50
HND0352 Batteries not included: It ain’t all sharp sticks and wet boots anymore. Roy Huntington Nov/Dec 2003 Hi-Tech Hunting 52
HND0354 Classic’ and ‘Military’ go together just right at El Paso Saddlery. Clint Smith Nov/Dec 2003 Bovine Beauty 54
HND0358 One sixgun’s journey through western history. Gary Paul Johnston Nov/Dec 2003 Cavalry Colt 58
HND0360 Sleight of hand turns a Ruger into something special. Mike Cumpston Nov/Dec 2003 Maximum Boogy 60
HND0370 Joel Pirela makes magic with steel — and the help of some friends! Pat Covert Nov/Dec 2003 Visions Of Steel 70
HND0372 This 150 year-old squeeze covker still haunts the British Empire. Martin Green Nov/Dec 2003 Make Mine A Tranter 72
HND0376 Custom S&W Model 625 .45 ACP Revolver from SDM Fabricating Nov/Dec 2003 Gun Of The Month 76
HND0379 One man’s quest for a perfect shoulder holster — and a happy ending. John Morrison Nov/Dec 2003 The $4.95 Difference 79
HND03112 A colored display of the latest industry catalogs. Nov/Dec 2003 Catalog Showcase 112
HND03118 Products that deserve some recognition. Charles E. Petty Nov/Dec 2003 Gunny Sack 118
HND03122 Classified Ads. Nov/Dec 2003 Classifieds 122
HND03125 Hammerless Walther for only $120,000? What a deal! A.H. Staff Nov/Dec 2003 Handguns Of Note 125
HND03126 Products you should check out. Nov/Dec 2003 Spotlight 126
HND03127 Index Of Advertisers Nov/Dec 2003 Ad Index 127
HND03130 American Exceptionalism, Don’t Let The “Idea” Of America Die. Roy Huntington Nov/Dec 2003 The Insider 130
Item Article Author Issue Title Page

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