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2005 American Handgunner Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Subject Page
HJF0508 Speak Out editor Jan/Feb 2005 Letters to the Editor 8
HJF0520 Shooting Iron Mike “Duke” Ventruino Jan/Feb 2005 Who needs an auto anyway? 20
HJF0522 Handgun Hunting J.D. Jones Jan/Feb 2005 .45-70 150 Yard Sledgehammer 22
HJF0524 Winning Edge Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 2005 KBI’s ‘Bully’ M5 Pistol 24
HJF0528 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb 2005 Integral Locks: Necessary for Safety? 28
HJF0532 Handgun Leather Dave Douglas Jan/Feb 2005 Del Fatti Finesse 32
HJF0534 Taffin Tests John Taffin Jan/Feb 2005 Broken Gun Ranch Custom Rugers 34
HJF0536 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Jan/Feb 2005 We all know what sissies are right? 36
HJF0538 Reality Check Clint Smith Jan/Feb 2005 Turd-Suckers and The Black-Cloud Crowd 38
HJF0540 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Jan/Feb 2005 Finding your gold standard- fishpaw grips, tommy kaye gold, and a 3 screw hawk 40
HJF0544 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 2005 Trigger-Meister Miculek’s secrets 44
HJF0546 The Sixgunner John Taffin Jan/Feb 2005 The Fitz .44 Special the Sixgunner way 46
HJF0548 The Silver Knight Kim “Commando” Terlecky Jan/Feb 2005 How a tough tactical folder got Roy to quit speaking Japanese 48
HJF0550 Old West Pistol Power Mike “Duke” Ventruino Jan/Feb 2005 Black power busters keep up with today’s big boys – easily! 50
HJF0554 P945: Extreme Makeover John Taffin Jan/Feb 2005 Slim, trim, and light- Ruger’s newest auto is a winner 54
HJF0565 Kimber Factory Fun Charles E. Petty Jan/Feb 2005 You’ve seen the guns, now see how they’re made 65
HJF0566 A Janis Royal Flush Roy Huntington Jan/Feb 2005 Eddie’s silver-plated masterpiece is a .45 Colt without peer 66
HJF0570 Evolving Edges Pat Covert Jan/Feb 2005 Strider’s knives keep going– 70
HJF0573 Louder than Words Jason Burton Jan/Feb 2005 Mix custom pistolsmiths and a good cause and here’s the result 73
HJF0576 Gun Rights Evan F. Nappen Jan/Feb 2005 Can a porcupine save your guns? 76
HJF05102 Gunnysack Charles E. Petty Jan/Feb 2005 Thor X 102
HJF05114 The Insider Roy Huntington Jan/Feb 2005 Motorcycle Pistolero 114
HMA0508 Speak Out editor Mar/Apr 2005 Letters to the editor 8
HMA0522 Winning Edge Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 2005 Mitchell Mag Master 22
HMA0524 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Mar/Apr 2005 This Love-Hate Think with S.H.O.T show 24
HMA0528 The Sixgunner John Taffin Mar/Apr 2005 John’s “Favoritist” handgun ever 28
HMA0530 Shooting Iron Mike “Duke” Ventruino Mar/Apr 2005 Wonderful Contraptions 30
HMA0532 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Mar/Apr 2005 Shipping, Parts and A Good Screw 32
HMA0534 Handgun Leather Dave Douglas Mar/Apr 2005 Galco’s Good Gadget 34
HMA0536 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr 2005 Fast and Accurate for Cops 36
HMA0540 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 2005 Bruce Piatt tells all 40
HMA0544 Handgun Hunting J.D. Jones Mar/Apr 2005 Antelope: A Great Hunting Experience 44
HMA0546 Taffin Tests John Taffin Mar/Apr 2005 Faster than a speeding bullet? Only your chronograph knows for sure 46
HMA0548 The Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr 2005 .40 S&W Vs. Car 48
HMA0550 Gun Rights Jeff Snyder Mar/Apr 2005 Bowling for Columbine — Part IV 50
HMA0558 The .45 Colt Sucks! Mike “Duke” Ventruino Mar/Apr 2005 What’s this? Has Venturino lost his mind? 58
HMA0562 Canadian Cutters Pat Covert Mar/Apr 2005 Kirby Lambert: Fine folders from the north 62
HMA0564 The Patriot 1911 Stephen A. Camp Mar/Apr 2005 Test your skills with this “home-brew” custom 1911 64
HMA0566 Metal Magic Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2005 What’s hot and what’s not in fancy finishes 66
HMA0570 Les Baer’s Ultimate Master .45 John Taffin Mar/Apr 2005 The Sixgunner tackles a new-fangled auto 70
HMA0582 The S&W Fighting 500 Clint Smith Mar/Apr 2005 Clint proves he’s finally found enough gun! 82
HMA0584 American Pistolsmiths Guild Gun N/A Mar/Apr 2005 Check out this stunning mini-Luger 84
HMA0586 Camp Perry Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr 2005 Bullseye dead? We don’t think so 86
HMA05132 Gunnysack Charles E. Petty Mar/Apr 2005 Weaver Nightview & Crimson Trace Lasergrips 132
HMA05142 Check it Out Kim “Commando” Terlecky Mar/Apr 2005 Tool Logic’s gizmo-knives 142
HMJ0508 Speak Out editor May/Jun 2005 Letters to the Editor 8
HMJ0520 Shooting Iron Mike “Duke” Ventruino May/Jun 2005 The Daniel Boone & Dangerous Man Syndrome 20
HMJ0524 Winning Edge Dave Anderson May/Jun 2005 Dave’s Funnest Gun 24
HMJ0526 Guncrank Diaries John Connor May/Jun 2005 Setting the Record Straight: Rattles, Rivets, and Piece Petting 26
HMJ0528 Taffin Tests John Taffin May/Jun 2005 Ruger’s New Vaqueros: Slim, Trim & Spirited 28
HMJ0532 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton May/Jun 2005 Believe it or not: 45-70 Wrist Wrecker, Sissy Gun, Stroh’s Triple Lock Stroke, and Strahan Dragon Teeth 32
HMJ0534 The Ayoob File Massad Ayoob May/Jun 2005 Night of the Dao Bao 34
HMJ0536 Reality Check Clint Smith May/Jun 2005 Special Spegels & No Ballistic Balloney 36
HMJ0538 Better Shooting Dave Anderson May/Jun 2005 Glocken Triggers and Sevigny’s Secrets 38
HMJ0540 Handgun Leather Dave Douglas May/Jun 2005 Hero Holstermaker: Tauris Holsters, LLC 40
HMJ0544 The Sixgunner John Taffin May/Jun 2005 Texas Longhorn Arms.. Bill Grover 44
HMJ0546 S&W’s Sigma Auto Charles E. Petty May/Jun 2005 S&W revitalizes the plastic pistol concept 46
HMJ0552 Glocks VS. Peacemakers Mike “Duke” Ventruino May/Jun 2005 Then and Now technology ain’t so different after all! 52
HMJ0554 Wilson Combat Takes Command John Taffin May/Jun 2005 Taffin takes on another auto: Wilson’s Professional Model 54
HMJ0562 Hidden Treasures Pat Covert May/Jun 2005 HAK it with a Hideaway Knife! 62
HMJ0566 Don’t be a bonehead: Clean your guns! Shane Gericke May/Jun 2005 A tongue-in-cheek look that’s sure to rattle your ‘bones’ 66
HMJ05102 Gunnysack Charles E. Petty May/Jun 2005 Danner Boots & Grassbur Mountable Holster 102
HMJ05107 Check it Out Kim “Commando” Terlecky May/Jun 2005 SOG: Poseidon would be proud 107
HMJ05114 The Insider Roy Huntington May/Jun 2005 Honor the Soldiers 114
HJA0508 Speak Out editor Jul/Aug 2005 Letters to the Editor 8
HJA0522 Handloading Charles E. Petty Jul/Aug 2005 Wadcutters are fun 22
HJA0524 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Jul/Aug 2005 Why do you carry a gun? 24
HJA0526 Winning Edge Dave Anderson Jul/Aug 2005 Ed Brown’s Executive Carry 26
HJA0528 Taffin Tests John Taffin Jul/Aug 2005 Crimson Trace LaserGrips 28
HJA0532 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Jul/Aug 2005 Tomasie: Reformed rat-a-tat guy 32
HJA0536 Reality Check Clint Smith Jul/Aug 2005 Sit-Rep: Handguns, Rifles (semiautos), Bolt Actions, Scopes, & Shotguns 36
HJA0538 Shooting Iron Mike “Duke” Ventruino Jul/Aug 2005 Single Action- Action 38
HJA0540 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Jul/Aug 2005 Open Mouth Insert Food- And Foot 40
HJA0542 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug 2005 RIP .357 Combat Magnum 42
HJA0544 Handgun Leather Dave Douglas Jul/Aug 2005 Old West Reproductions: Best Quality New-Old Gear 44
HJA0548 Condition Five Jim Gardner Jul/Aug 2005 Cylinder & Slide’s SA Auto saftey system 48
HJA0550 STI/Hangunner 2004 World Showoff Dave Anderson Jul/Aug 2005 Fast kids and bowling ball mortars 50
HJA0552 S&W .460 Magnum Charles E. Petty Jul/Aug 2005 This new-go fast breaks 2,300 FPS! 52
HJA0558 The .45 Colt is Great! John Taffin Jul/Aug 2005 John pokes Venturino in the eye 58
HJA0562 Springfield .45 Gap Defender Charles E. Petty Jul/Aug 2005 At last, a compact reason to buy a .45 GAP! 62
HJA0574 Top Cuts! Pat Covert Jul/Aug 2005 Workhorse tough knives that are a cut above 74
HJA0576 Norway’s Model 1914 Gary Paul Johnston Jul/Aug 2005 A rare look at Norway’s model 1914 Colt 76
HJA05116 Gunnysack Charles E. Petty Jul/Aug 2005 Spyderco Vagabond And Stretch Knives 116
HJA05126 Check it Out Kim “Commando” Terlecky Jul/Aug 2005 Kershaw’s Gentlemen Knives 126
HJA05130 The Insider Roy Huntington Jul/Aug 2005 American Cop Magazine 130
HSO0520 Shooting Iron Mike “Duke” Ventruino Sep/Oct 2005 Gun’riter 101 20
HSO0522 Reality Check Clint Smith Sep/Oct 2005 Psst… it’s not your fault 22
HSO0524 Handloading Charles E. Petty Sep/Oct 2005 Brasshoppers beware 24
HSO0528 Taffin Tests John Taffin Sep/Oct 2005 Laser to the max 28
HSO0530 Handgun Hunting J.D. Jones Sep/Oct 2005 Hunting the Nail 30
HSO0534 The Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2005 Grandma out-guns a bad guy! 34
HSO0536 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2005 Drawing steps of the masters 36
HSO0538 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2005 The Manual Safety Factor 38
HSO0540 Handgun Leather Dave Douglas Sep/Oct 2005 Side Armor “Transformer” Gear! 40
HSO0542 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Sep/Oct 2005 Elbow Grease and Desire 42
HSO0546 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Sep/Oct 2005 The Wide world of whacky gun laws 46
HSO0550 Semmerling LM4 Daniel Dibner Sep/Oct 2005 This tiny .45 ACP terror wrote the book on innovation 50
HSO0552 Single Action Innovation Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2005 SIG joins the single action faction! 52
HSO0558 American Legends Mike “Duke” Ventruino Sep/Oct 2005 A historical perspective on the entire family of .44’s! 58
HSO0562 A pair with punch Dave Douglas Sep/Oct 2005 Para Ordnances’ .45 ACP LDA/SA combo set! 62
HSO0572 The Edge Aficionado Pat Covert Sep/Oct 2005 A.G. Russel- grand gentleman of knives! 72
HSO0574 You can shoot the nationals Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2005 Anybody can play- just get out and do it! 74
HSO0580 Gun Rights Jeff Snyder Sep/Oct 2005 Part 1: Violence and non-violence 80
HSO05116 Gunnysack Charles E. Petty Sep/Oct 2005 Cylinder & Slide Drop in Kits and Barska Red Dot Sight 116
HSO05125 Check it Out Kim “Commando” Terlecky Sep/Oct 2005 Foster Knives- 1911 Folder 125
HND0508 Speak Out editor Nov/Dec 2005 Letters to the editor 8
HND0522 Reality Check Clint Smith Nov/Dec 2005 Shooting is everything? 22
HND0524 Taffin Tests John Taffin Nov/Dec 2005 Gallagher’s Great Guns 24
HND0526 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Nov/Dec 2005 Todd Jarret’s fast footwork 26
HND0528 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Nov/Dec 2005 The Memsaab Speaks 28
HND0532 Handgun Leather Dave Douglas Nov/Dec 2005 Life’s little hassles, Rock climbing pants?, Under the covers 32
HND0536 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Nov/Dec 2005 Widgets that work 36
HND0538 Shooting Iron Mike “Duke” Ventruino Nov/Dec 2005 My favorite handgun: 1873-1973 Peacemaker Centennial Commorative 38
HND0540 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 2005 Point vs. Aim, Relaxed Agression 40
HND0542 Handloading Charles E. Petty Nov/Dec 2005 Cheap can be good 42
HND0546 The Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 2005 5.56 Vs. Terrorist 46
HND0549 21st Century Plinker Jonathan Mazner Nov/Dec 2005 Berretta’s Neos U-22 “Space Gun” plinker 49
HND0550 Money Where our Mouth Is Jeff John Nov/Dec 2005 FMG delivers the goods to the troops 50
HND0552 “My Friend Wildey” John Taffin Nov/Dec 2005 Wildey’s wild, big bore auto returns! 52
HND0556 Who uses that? Roy Huntington Nov/Dec 2005 Gun’riter guys and the guns they carry 56
HND0562 Swedish Field Shooting! Jeremy Josephs Nov/Dec 2005 Those crazy Swedes shoot in the snow! 62
HND0564 Desert Warrior Charles E. Petty Nov/Dec 2005 Kimber’s .45 caliber salute to the troops 64
HND0574 Book Review Clint Smith Nov/Dec 2005 The Book of Two Guns 74
HND05116 Gunnysack Charles E. Petty Nov/Dec 2005 Digilight Flashlights and Zeiss Victory 8×32 FL Binocular 116
HND05122 Check it Out Kim “Commando” Terlecky Nov/Dec 2005 Stocking Stuffers all around! 122
Item Article Author Issue Subject Page

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