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2006 American Handgunner Articles

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Item Article Author Issue Subject Page
HJF0646 For Want of a Cavalry Colt Mike Venturino Jan/Feb 2006 The Duke finds his dream gun in an unexpected place. 46
HJF0650 Louder Than Words 2 Jason Burton Jan/Feb 2006 You can win one of these LTW raffle guns – and help kids! 50
HJF0652 New Kids on The Block Charles E. Petty Jan/Feb 2006 Nghthawk Custom’s carry guns are top-notch performers. 52
HJF0654 Ed Brown Executive Target Roy Huntington Jan/Feb 2006 Ed’s elegant .45 is a class-act if there ever was one. 54
HJF0662 STI’s Autos Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 2006 Competition-proven designs meet the mean streets. 62
HJF0668 Sizzlin’ Siblings Pat Covert Jan/Feb 2006 The sharp-end of H&K’s product line – tacticals! 68
HJF0670 Blind Hunter Program Tracy Breen Jan/Feb 2006 CTC’s laser system helps this handicapped hunter score his deer! 70
HJF0672 Gunner’s Gift Guide John Connor Jan/Feb 2006 Must-have goodies to keep your grunt safe and comfy overseas. 72
HJF0608 Speak Out Jan/Feb 2006 Letters to the Editor 8
HJF0620 Handgun Leather Dave Douglas Jan/Feb 2006 Maxpedition hard use gear. 20
HJF0624 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb 2006 How much is too much? 24
HJF0628 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Jan/Feb 2006 Trigger stops. 28
HJF0630 Handloading Charles E. Petty Jan/Feb 2006 IMR trail boss. 30
HJF0632 Reality Check Clint Smith Jan/Feb 2006 100 rounds; the drill. 32
HJF0634 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Jan/Feb 2006 The [unwritten] range rules. 34
HJF0640 Shooting Iron Mike Venturino Jan/Feb 2006 The U.S. cavalry’s other handguns. 40
HJF0644 Winning Edge Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 2006 CZ & competition. 44
HJF0638 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 2006 Julie Goloski on practicing smarter. 38
HJF0642 The Sixgunner John Taffin Jan/Feb 2006 Gary Reeder’s Keith Number 5 retro-sixgun. 42
HJF0678 The Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb 2006 Panicked citizen flees a justifiable shooting! 78
HJF06114 The Insider Roy Huntington Jan/Feb 2006 Guns anyone? 114
HMA0651 Eagle Grips Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2006 Custom grips gussy-up anyone’s guns! 51
HMA0652 CZ Autos John Taffin Mar/Apr 2006 Tank-tough, CZ’s line-up performs like a Panzer 52
HMA0656 Sometimes a Chipmunk is a Pistol Sam Fadala Mar/Apr 2006 A tiny bolt-action .22 fun gun. 56
HMA0658 Colt’s 1903 Model “M” Pocket Pistols Gary Paul Johnston Mar/Apr 2006 From originals to custom Novak fighting guns! 58
HMA0666 S&W’s New Model 22-4. Mike Venturino Mar/Apr 2006 New .45 ACP fun fun, sixgun! 66
HMA0670 The S&W Model 29 Returns. Charles E. Petty Mar/Apr 2006 The FIRST .44 Magnum is back! 70
HMA0678 U.S.F.A.’s Patriot Hamilton S. Bowen Mar/Apr 2006 A “should-have-been” elegant .45 Colt. 78
HMA0680 APG’s Gun of the Year: 2006 Mar/Apr 2006 The American Pstolsmiths Guild custom raffle gun is here! 80
HMA0684 Woolrich Elite Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2006 150 year old tactigal gear? 84
HMA0620 Handgun Leather Dave Douglas Mar/Apr 2006 Speedy Wedgies 20
HMA0622 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr 2006 The .357 SIG matures 22
HMA0624 Reality Check Clint Smith Mar/Apr 2006 The big guns. 24
HMA0630 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Mar/Apr 2006 What wasn’t under my Christmas tree. 30
HMA0636 Handloading Charles E. Petty Mar/Apr 2006 Mysterious market stuff; What happened to the .45 ACP? 36
HMA0642 Shooting Iron Mike Venturino Mar/Apr 2006 Accuracy opinions. 42
HMA0644 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Mar/Apr 2006 Hamilton’s Handsome Hoglegs. 44
HMA0646 Handgun Hunting J.D. Jones Mar/Apr 2006 Is bigger better? 46
HMA0648 Taffin Tests John Taffin Mar/Apr 2006 The genius of J.D. Jones 48
HMA0682 Book Review Matt Wellington Mar/Apr 2006 One Ranger by H. Joaquin Jackson and David Marion Wilkinson 82
HMA06146 The Insider Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2006 Tussey on the mend! 146
HMA0628 The Sixgunner john Taffin Mar/Apr 2006 200 yard sixgun hunting? No way, says John! 28
HMA0632 Better Shooting Dave Andersn Mar/Apr 2006 Max Micheal looks for speed first! 32
HMA0640 The Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr 2006 Secret Service shoot-out saves Truman. 40
HMA0692 Gun Rights Jeff Snyder Mar/Apr 2006 Part 2: Violence and non-violence. 92
HMJ0648 Rock River’s Limited Match Charles E. Petty May/Jun 2006 A very special 1911 for Handgunner only! 48
HMJ0654 The is Bulldog 5, Over Capt. Adam Weece May/Jun 2006 A Marine reports from the front. 54
HMJ0658 Sixguns: More or Less? Mike Venturino May/Jun 2006 S&W’s new “sevenguns” break sixgun tradition. 58
HMJ0662 Terrific Trio John Taffin May/Jun 2006 Taffin talks-up a trio of H&Ks, 62
HMJ0670 Shoot & Slash Holt Bodinson May/Jun 2006 PKP’s “kinfe pistol” delivers both. 70
HMJ0674 The Blade-Tech Edge Pat Covert May/Jun 2006 Tough, tenacious folding friends. 74
HMJ0676 Plastic Fantastic Jim Gardner May/Jun 2006 Cheap and easy target stands 76
HMJ0680 S&W’s Club 1852 Tony Miele May/Jun 2006 First annual 1852 convention 80
HMJ0608 Speak Out May/Jun 2006 Letters to the Editor 8
HMJ0620 Guncrank Diaries John Connor May/Jun 2006 Memsaab’s Amigos 20
HMJ0624 Taffin Tests John Taffin May/Jun 2006 Model 83 .500 Wyoming express 24
HMJ0626 Handgun Leather Dave Douglas May/Jun 2006 My home is my bunker 26
HMJ0628 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton May/Jun 2006 Mooning; How’d they do that? 28
HMJ0630 Shooting Iron Mike Venturino May/Jun 2006 I know better; Still dumb 30
HMJ0636 handgun Hunting J.D. Jones May/Jun 2006 Hunting dangerous game; elephant capers 36
HMJ0641 Handloading Charles E. Petty May/Jun 2006 Who’s on top? 41
HMJ0644 Winning Edge Dave Anderson May/Jun 2006 FN’s funny plastic pistol 44
HMJ06130 The Insider Roy Huntington May/Jun 2006 Supppor the cops 130
HMJ0632 Better Shooting Dave Anderson May/Jun 2006 Moving and shooting secrets. 32
HMJ0640 The Sixgunner John Taffin May/Jun 2006 The sixguns of Linebaugh 40
HMJ0682 Gun Rights Jeff Snyder May/Jun 2006 Part 3: violence and non-violence 82
HMJ06111 Check it Out Rochelle Canfield May/Jun 2006 111
HMJ06120 Gunnysack Charles E. Petty May/Jun 2006 120
HJA0648 The Beretta Px4 Storm J.B. Wood Jul/Aug 2006 Affordable duty performance. 48
HJA0650 Gonging: Positive Effect Factor Charles E. Petty Jul/Aug 2006 The mantra of clanging steel. 50
HJA0656 Past Meets Fast! Pat Covert Jul/Aug 2006 Camillus cutlery turns 130! 56
HJA0658 Much Ado About Nothing Charles E. Petty Jul/Aug 2006 The S&W interal lock hysteria. 58
HJA0660 In Defense of the Defensive Revolver Clint Smith Jul/Aug 2006 Retro still rocks: Walloping wheelguns! 60
HJA0662 Dynamic Duo Charles E. Petty Jul/Aug 2006 Pistol Dynamics’ elegant 1911 fighters. 62
HJA0670 Are we Still on the Range? Barrett Tillman Jul/Aug 2006 The state of affairs regarding cowboy shooting. 70
HJA0676 SIG’s Blackwater Edition Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug 2006 This P226 delivers classic SIG perfection – and performance. 76
HJA0680 Why You Need This Catalog Roy Huntington Jul/Aug 2006 Old Town Station: who says money can’t buy happiness! 80
HJA06117 One Tough Knife Jay Farrington Jul/Aug 2006 MOD’s CQD Mark II Stealth. 117
HJA0608 Speak Out Jul/Aug 2006 Letters to the Editor 8
HJA0620 Handgun Leather Dave Douglas Jul/Aug 2006 Top secret: holster testing tips. 20
HJA0624 Reality Check Clint Smith Jul/Aug 2006 Sixgun savvy; revolver exercises. 24
HJA0626 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug 2006 The police 1911: tactical handling issues. 26
HJA0628 Handgun Hunting J.D. Jones Jul/Aug 2006 Recoil: how much is TOO much? 28
HJA0632 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Jul/Aug 2006 About that four-letter word. 32
HJA0634 Shooting Iron Mike Venturino Jul/Aug 2006 Complacency 34
HJA0638 Winning Edge Save Anderson Jul/Aug 2006 A delightful XD; Duty holster ready 38
HJA0644 Taffin Tests John Taffin Jul/Aug 2006 Ruger & S&W 50th anniversary .44 Magnums 44
HJA06130 The Insider Roy Huntington Jul/Aug 2006 ATF Raids gunsmiths: custom gun owners at risk. 130
HJA0630 The Sixgunner John Taffin Jul/Aug 2006 Taffin’s favorite autos. 30
HJA0640 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Jul/Aug 2006 Get a grip with Burkett. 40
HJA0682 Gun Rights Jeff Snyder Jul/Aug 2006 Part 4: more violence and non-violence. 82
HJA06121 Gunnysack Charles E. Petty Jul/Aug 2006 121
HSO0654 The Way we Were? Roy Huntington Sep/Oct 2006 Striped flares, double-knits, knee socks and foamie caps, yikes! 54
HSO0658 Favorite Revolvers Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2006 A confirmed auto-meister coughs-up his sixgun savviness 58
HSO0660 Antelope Medicine Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2006 S&W’s .460 Magnum proves it’s enough gun for goats 60
HSO0668 The Edged Legend Patrick Covert Sep/Oct 2006 How Bob Loveless wrote the book on custom knives. 68
HSO0670 Race Bred Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2006 STIs Grandmaster Wondergun. 70
HSO0678 Schofields Come and Schofields Go Mike Venturino Sep/Oct 2006 When is a Schofield – not? 78
HSO0683 Wham! Bam! Uh, Sorry Ma’am. Shane Gericke Sep/Oct 2006 Our man’s embarassment at his first accidental discharge. 83
HSO0684 Looking Back John Taffin Sep/Oct 2006 30 very fast year’s at American Handgunner! 84
HSO0692 Simple Surgery Jim Gardner Sep/Oct 2006 Almost anyone can slick up their S&W Sixgun. 92
HSO0608 Speak Out Sep/Oct 2006 Letters to the Editor 8
HSO0622 Winning Edge Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2006 How’d we get here? 22
HSO0624 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Sep/Oct 2006 70’s silliness. 24
HSO0626 Handgun Hunting J.D. Jones Sep/Oct 2006 Hippo headaches. 26
HSO0630 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2006 30 years of Ah: the view of the blue. 30
HSO0632 Handgun Leather Dave Douglas Sep/Oct 2006 Hammerhead holster happiness. 32
HSO0636 Handloading Charles E. Petty Sep/Oct 2006 Tenured options. 36
HSO0644 Reality Check Clint Smith Sep/Oct 2006 Stupid is…: The four rules 44
HSO0646 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Sep/Oct 2006 Stones, style and door stops. 46
HSO06146 The Insider Roy Huntington Sep/Oct 2006 Life lessons; or how a bit of etiquette can do wonders. 146
HSO0638 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2006 Things Dave’s learned. 38
HSO0640 The Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2006 Hero cop vs. bad guy: hero get’s arrested! 40
HSO0648 The Sixgunner John Taffin Sep/Oct 2006 Cast-lead hollow poins still rock. 48
HSO0652 Gun Rights Jeff Snyder Sep/Oct 2006 Three decades of gun rights. 52
HND0646 New Elmer Keith Museum John Taffin Nov/Dec 2006 Cabela’s is home for new museum in Boise. 46
HND0648 Medicine Cabinet Guns John Taffin Nov/Dec 2006 Reliable and affordable, Charter Arms returns. 48
HND0652 Slimnastic .45 Carry Gun! Kevin Gibson Nov/Dec 2006 Kahr P45: A lightweight thumper that’s pocket friendly! 52
HND0658 Guns of the 2005 USPSA Nationals Dave Anderson Nov/Dec 2006 The guns and gear of the Nationals. 58
HND0662 Tactically Tactile Mark Hanten Nov/Dec 2006 Rock River’s 1911 Tactical Pistol. Mark Hanten. 62
HND0674 Sharp Success Pat Covert Nov/Dec 2006 CRKT’s user-friendly, high-tech blades. 74
HND0676 Cheap 1911s For Sale Mark Hanten Nov/Dec 2006 Get a .45 caliber bang for just a few bucks. 76
HND0683 Louder than Words Ralph Mroz Nov/Dec 2006 Win an heirloom pistol package and help a good cause. 83
HND0608 Speak Out Nov/Dec 2006 Letters to the Editor 8
HND0620 Winning Edge Dave Anderson Nov/Dec 2006 Nifty nighthawk; GRP 20
HND0624 Handgun Hunting J.D. Jones Nov/Dec 2006 Pistol glass; new ideas. 24
HND0626 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Nov/Dec 2006 Dream gun; bestest one; Rugers rock. 26
HND0628 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 2006 Two-inch Colts: when it’s okay to be a dick. 28
HND0630 Taffin Tests John Taffin Nov/Dec 2006 Wilson combat carry comp .45; dream gun 30
HND0636 Reality Check Clint Smith Nov/Dec 2006 The other dimensions. 36
HND0642 Shooting Iron Mike Venturino Nov/Dec 2006 Sock drawer guns. 42
HND0644 Handloading Charles E. Petty Nov/Dec 2006 The .41 Magnum. 44
HND06130 The Insider Roy Huntington Nov/Dec 2006 Guns as food? 130
HND0632 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Nov/Dec 2006 P.D. Rangemaster tips. 32
HND0634 The Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 2006 Armed citizens vs. the Dillinger gang! 34
HND06122 Gunnysack Charles E. Petty Nov/Dec 2006 122
Item Article Author Issue Subject Page

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