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ITEM Article Author Issue Subject Page
HJF0850 The New Taurus Gauchos! Mike Venturino Jan/Feb 2008 Single Action – Action 50
HJF0854 The Classic Colt 1851 Navy Mike Cumpston Jan/Feb 2008 Wild Bill’s Best Bud 54
HJF0856 STI Trio Roy Huntington Jan/Feb 2008 Defense, Target and Tactical 56
HJF0864 Quest for the Best Robert Nobbs Jan/Feb 2008 Who Says a 1911 can’t be Different? 64
HJF0868 Heirloom Pistol Package Ralph Mroz Jan/Feb 2008 Win an Heirloom Pistol Package for $10 and help LTW help kids 68
HJF0870 Mild To Wild Pat Covert Jan/Feb 2008 Kershaw Rides the Success Wave! 70
HJF0872 Handgunner’s 2007 Gift Guide John Connor Jan/Feb 2008 For Grunts: Goodies and Gear for our Warriors ‘Deployed Forward’ 72
HJF0808 Speak Out Jan/Feb 2008 Letters to the Editor 8
HJF0824 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Jan/Feb 2008 I’m not runnin’, so Forget About it okay? 24
HJF0826 Shooting Iron Mike Venturino Jan/Feb 2008 Who’s Serious? 26
HJF0828 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb 2008 When Warriors Pass 28
HJF0830 Handloading John Taffin Jan/Feb 2008 C’mon Back! 30
HJF0834 Reality Check Clint Smith Jan/Feb 2008 Random Thoughts 34
HJF0836 Taffin Tests John Taffin Jan/Feb 2008 The .44 Automag 36
HJF0838 Handgun Hunting J.D. Jones Jan/Feb 2008 The Way it Wuz 38
HJF0842 Carry Options Sammy Reese Jan/Feb 2008 100% No Bull: Taurus Holsters 42
HJF0844 Winning Edge Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 2008 Solid Advice to Keep You Ahead of the Competition 44
HJF0848 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Jan/Feb 2008 Whose Idea was This? 48
HJF08114 The Insider Roy Huntington Jan/Feb 2008 The Laws 114
HJF0840 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Jan/Feb 2008 James Cirillo,76, noted firearm trainer and author, was killed in an auto accident 40
HJF0846 The Sixgunner John Taffin Jan/Feb 2008 Sixguns of David Clements 46
HJF0876 The Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob Jan/Feb 2008 Lessons of Jim Cirillo 76
HJF08102 Gunnysack Sammy Reese Jan/Feb 2008 Iron Mind Grip Training 102
HMA0854 Les Baer Ultimate Master Charles E. Petty Mar/Apr 2008 Time for something serious? Les backs your .45-caliber play 54
HMA0858 Prior to the Peacemaker Mike Venturino Mar/Apr 2008 The revolvers that really won the West 58
HMA0862 Thunder Ranch Defensive Revolver Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2008 The Modern defensive revolver comes of age – Hi-tech Old-tech. 62
HMA0870 Paint ‘Yer Gun Dave Morelli Mar/Apr 2008 Ugly gun+Brownells = 70
HMA0874 Hard Use Gear Personified Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2008 Maxpedition’s soft goods are hard to beat! 74
HMA0876 Who Are These Guys? Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2008 Meet Handgunner’s line-up of recalcitrant writers and find out: 76
HMA0880 Built for Brawn Pat Covert Mar/Apr 2008 Bill Harsey’s compelling handmades and collaborations 80
HMA0808 Speak Out Mar/Apr 2008 Your forum to pontificate, ponder and probe 8
HMA0822 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Mar/Apr 2008 Guns & Men: The Memsaab Speaks Metal vs. Mettle 22
HMA0824 Taffin Tests John Taffin Mar/Apr 2008 The .500 JRH 24
HMA0828 Reality Check Clint Smith Mar/Apr 2008 300 or so 28
HMA0830 Carry Options Sammy Reese Mar/Apr 2008 Master Mernickle 30
HMA0832 Shooting Iron Mike Venturino Mar/Apr 2008 WWII British Sixguns 32
HMA0838 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Mar/Apr 2008 2008 Seal of Approval 38
HMA0840 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr 2008 Gear Placement on Duty Belts: An Officer Survival Issue 40
HMA0842 Handloading Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 2008 High Volume Reloading 42
HMA0846 Winning Edge Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 2008 The 46
HMA0848 Handgun Hunting J.D. Jones Mar/Apr 2008 Shorter vs. Longer 48
HMA08130 The Insider Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2008 It’s Just a Courtesy 130
HMA0826 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Mar/Apr 2008 The grips of the champions 26
HMA0836 The Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob Mar/Apr 2008 Shot in the head: the Brad Beck incident 36
HMA0850 The Sixgunner John Taffin Mar/Apr 2008 The Sixguns of Ben Forkin 50
HMA08119 Gunnysack Sammy Reese & Roy Huntington Mar/Apr 2008 D&L J-Frame Sight 119
HMJ0850 Jack Weaver: The Real Weaver Stance Jeremy D. Clough May/Jun 2008 The “real” man behind the myth: Meeting Jack. 50
HMJ0856 STI Texican .45 Colt John Tafin May/Jun 2008 This is no auto! STI’s SAA surprises everyone. 56
HMJ0858 Kimber’s Sis Series Massad Ayoob May/Jun 2008 A quad-pack of 1911’s for an exclusive LAPD special unit 58
HMJ0866 1917 Classics Mike Venturino May/Jun 2008 Big and bold, these .45 ACP wheelguns helped win wars. 66
HMJ0870 Kimber’s Gold Match .45 John Fasano May/Jun 2008 Have fun – and help the USA shooting team. 70
HMJ0872 Texas Prime Cuts Pat Covert May/Jun 2008 Gordon Graham’s custom cutters observe a keen eye. 72
HMJ0874 Elmer Keith Museum is Open! Roy Huntington May/Jun 2008 Cabela’s honors the old fire brand! 74
HMJ0877 A Full Auto-Auto Roy Huntington May/Jun 2008 Maxsell’s blank guns ramp up the fun factor! 77
HMJ0808 Speak out May/Jun 2008 Letters to the Editor 8
HMJ0820 Reality Check Clint Smith May/Jun 2008 Rapid reload; speed is good? 20
HMJ0824 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob May/Jun 2008 Indoor & Electronic: The future of police qualification/training 24
HMJ0826 Taffin Tests John Taffin May/Jun 2008 The .45 Auto-rim 26
HMJ0830 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton May/Jun 2008 John Browning is ALIVE 30
HMJ0832 Handloading John Taffin May/Jun 2008 Ease up and enjoy 32
HMJ0834 Guncrank Diaries John Connor May/Jun 2008 Funnybone fractures & cracked concentration 34
HMJ0838 Carry Options Sammy Reese May/Jun 2008 Night stand bag 38
HMJ0841 Handgun Hunting J.D. Jones May/Jun 2008 Cordite? Weird loading 41
HMJ0844 Winning Edge Dave Anderson May/Jun 2008 Ruger’s “detective” gun 44
HMJ0846 Shooting Iron Mike Venturino May/Jun 2008 Idiots I’ve met at gun shows 46
HMJ08122 The Insider Roy Huntington May/Jun 2008 H.A.V.A. Hunt for Vets 122
HMJ0828 The Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob May/Jun 2008 He’s got a knife! 28
HMJ0840 Better Shooting Dave Anderson May/Jun 2008 Remembering Nyle Leatham 40
HMJ0848 The Sixgunner John Taffin May/Jun 2008 The sixguns of Jack Huntington 48
HMJ08110 Gunnysack Roy Huntington May/Jun 2008 110
HJA0848 The Art of More Jeremy D. Clough Jul/Aug 2008 Bar-Sto’s hi-cap custom 1911 surprises 48
HJA0851 Bar-Sto’s Semi-Secret .25 Roy Huntington Jul/Aug 2008 Rare and jewel-like, this .25 deserves another chance 51
HJA0852 Alternative Pistol Packers John Connor Jul/Aug 2008 Who needs a holster anyway? 52
HJA0854 EAA’s EZ9 Auto Mike Cumpston Jul/Aug 2008 It’s E-Z-to-like EAA’s wunder-9! 54
HJA0862 Thirty Eights Mike Venturino Jul/Aug 2008 Just because it says “.38” doesn’t mean it is 62
HJA0866 Don’t Grip, Get Grips John Connor Jul/Aug 2008 Got a screwdriver? Ramp up your roscoe’s fun-factor. 66
HJA0868 Rohrbaugh R9 series Roy Huntington Jul/Aug 2008 These pocket-sized performers get a revisit 68
HJA0871 Trigger jobs in a jar? Chick Blood Jul/Aug 2008 A three-stop goo-job to action heaven 71
HJA0808 Speak Out Jul/Aug 2008 Letters to the Editor 8
HJA0822 Handgun Hunting J.D. Jones Jul/Aug 2008 50 B&M AK 22
HJA0824 Carry Options Sammy Reese Jul/Aug 2008 5-Shot Bullseye 24
HJA0826 Taffin Tests John Taffin Jul/Aug 2008 Ruger 22 Charger! 26
HJA0828 Reality Check Clint Smith Jul/Aug 2008 Movie Nonsense 28
HJA0832 Shooting Iron Mike Venturino Jul/Aug 2008 Colt’s cartridge conversions that weren’t 32
HJA0834 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Jul/Aug 2008 The next-to-last man standing 34
HJA0836 Winning Edge Dave Anderson Jul/Aug 2008 S.H.O.T. show goodies 36
HJA0838 Handloading John Taffin Jul/Aug 2008 Size matters, various .45s, .44 Fumbling 38
HJA0840 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug 2008 Beretta’s new police pistol incentive 40
HJA0844 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Jul/Aug 2008 The fabulous model 41 44
HJA08114 The Insider Roy Huntington Jul/Aug 2008 Old school gunology 114
HJA0830 The Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob Jul/Aug 2008 The death of John Dillinger 30
HJA0842 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Jul/Aug 2008 Teaching/equipment 42
HJA0846 The Sixgunner John Taffin Jul/Aug 2008 The sixguns of Brian Cosby 46
HJA0875 Gun Rights Jeff Snyder Jul/Aug 2008 Violence and non-violence part 8 75
HJA08102 Gunnysack Roy Huntington & Sammy Reese Jul/Aug 2008 Ay up lights 102
HSO0850 Cylinder & Slide’s .45 ACP 1903 Roy Huntington Sep/Oct 2008 This “fool the eye” masterwork is a one-off wonder! 50
HSO0854 They Were Great Handguns… Mike Venturino Sep/Oct 2008 Or were they that great? Duke takes on the classics. 54
HSO0858 Knifemaker: Darrel Ralph Pat Covert Sep/Oct 2008 The customs and collaborations of Darrel Ralph 58
HSO0860 Speed Sights Roy Huntington Sep/Oct 2008 Toss out everything and re-design fixed sights 60
HSO0862 Ruger’s Evolutionary SR9 John Taffin Sep/Oct 2008 A slim and sexy 9mm from Ruger? Yup and much more 62
HSO0870 2007 World Shoot-Off Roy Huntington Sep/Oct 2008 The STI/American Handgunner match scores again 70
HSO0874 Duty Guns to Race Guns Darryl Bolke Sep/Oct 2008 T.J.’s Custom Gunworks does its magic 74
HSO0878 Ruger’s LCP John Taffin Sep/Oct 2008 Oh stop it! A pocket .380 from Ruger? 78
HSO0883 APG 2008 Gun of the Year Sep/Oct 2008 Win this 50th Anniversary Ruger SA .44 Magnum 83
HSO0884 Protech Knives Rochelle Canfield Sep/Oct 2008 Hi-tech “sharp” designs from Protech 84
HSO0808 Speak Out Sep/Oct 2008 Letters to the Editor 8
HSO0824 Reality Check Clint Smith Sep/Oct 2008 The safe XD? 24
HSO0826 Shooting Iron Mike Venturino Sep/Oct 2008 Blowed-up guns 26
HSO0828 Taffin Tests John Taffin Sep/Oct 2008 The .45 gap 28
HSO0830 Winning Edge Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2008 B-Square; green or red? 30
HSO0832 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Sep/Oct 2008 A different twist on training 32
HSO0834 Carry Options Sammy Reese Sep/Oct 2008 Doing our part 34
HSO0836 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2008 Commonality of handguns 36
HSO0838 Handgun hunting J.D. Jones Sep/Oct 2008 One-caliber guy 38
HSO0841 Handloading John Taffin Sep/Oct 2008 Who needs a magnum? 41
HSO0846 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Sep/Oct 2008 Spring stuff 46
HSO08130 The Insider Roy Huntington Sep/Oct 2008 Ok, so don’t vote then 130
HSO0840 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Sep/Oct 2008 Joining USPSA 40
HSO0844 The Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob Sep/Oct 2008 A handgun homicide with lasting impressions 44
HSO0848 The Sixgunner John Taffin Sep/Oct 2008 25 years of freedom arms 48
HSO08120 Gunnysack Roy Huntington Sep/Oct 2008 Blade tech, CrossBreed gun bag, Benchmade 120
HND0851 Wooden Wonders Roy Huntington Nov/Dec 2008 Artist-in-wood Thomas Havens builds guns in wood. No really! 51
HND0852 A Real MP40? Mike Venturino Nov/Dec 2008 Duke tests the ultimate Luger accessory 52
HND0826 A Touching Trio Jim Young Nov/Dec 2008 Friendships join forces in this stunning 1911 package 56
HND0859 Affordable Affinity Roy Huntington Nov/Dec 2008 Tom Goodpasture’s knives are quality – for less 59
HND0860 Champagne Taste vs. Beer Budget Pat Cascio Nov/Dec 2008 Affordable self-defense doesn’t have to be cheap! 60
HND0864 Tough Enough John Taffin Nov/Dec 2008 FNH’s FNP-45: A .45 ACP battle-ready pistol 64
HND0870 FN Five-Seven Airsoft Pistol J.I. Galan Nov/Dec 2008 A classy companion to the “real” thing 70
HND0872 Askansas Tough Pat Covert Nov/Dec 2008 Bob Dozier: Experience, design, and quality 72
HND0874 The Not-so-Swat Entry Bud Johnson Nov/Dec 2008 A retired Federal Marshall remembers how it “really” was 74
HND0876 Lighter, Brighter, Simplere, Smarter John Connor Nov/Dec 2008 A shameless round up of what’s hot in tactical lights 76
HND0880 Multi-tasking Mania! Pat Covert Nov/Dec 2008 History and what’s new – in pocket tools 80
HND0883 A Very Special Colt J.B. Wood Nov/Dec 2008 A 1903 shipped to John M. Browning’s shop! 83
HND0808 Speak Out Nov/Dec 2008 Letters to the Editor 8
HND0824 Handgun Hunting J.D. Jones Nov/Dec 2008 Three stupid things 24
HND0826 Pistolsmithing Alex Hamilton Nov/Dec 2008 Old is new again; quality returns 26
HND0830 Winning Edge Dave Anderson Nov/Dec 2008 Ruger make-over 30
HND0832 Taffin Tests John Taffin Nov/Dec 2008 Is newer better? 32
HND0834 Carry Options Sammy Reese Nov/Dec 2008 Three for the J-Frame 34
HND0836 Handloading John Taffin Nov/Dec 2008 The practical .45 36
HND0838 Guncrank Diaries John Connor Nov/Dec 2008 A veteran’s story 38
HND0840 Reality Check Clint Smith Nov/Dec 2008 Why not a revolver? 40
HND0842 Shooting Iron Mike Venturino Nov/Dec 2008 Iwo jima Pilgrimage 42
HND0846 Cop Talk Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 2008 Ray Chapman’s training legacy 46
HND08130 The Insider Roy Huntington Nov/Dec 2008 Go on, do it. 130
HND0828 Better Shooting Dave Anderson Nov/Dec 2008 Building a local range 28
HND0844 The Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob Nov/Dec 2008 Six cops gunned down in one day! 44
HND0848 The Sixgunner John Taffin Nov/Dec 2008 The sixguns of John Gallagher 48
HND08120 Gunnysack Roy Huntington & John Connor Nov/Dec 2008 Hinderer pen, Brownell torque wrench, Leica camera, Steripen water purifier 120
HAN0808 Ruger’s New Sixguns John Taffin Annual 2008 Two for the trail. 8
HAN0818 Concealed Carry Clint Smith Annual 2008 What you need to know. 18
HAN0824 USFA John Taffin Annual 2008 Reproductions of your favorites. 24
HAN0835 Model 58 Massad Ayoob Annual 2008 The rise and fall. 35
HAN0842 Ruger’s New Semiautos John Taffin Annual 2008 Charger and SR9. 42
HAN0852 The Hi-Power Richard Mann Annual 2008 The been there done that pistol. 52
HAN0860 Umarex Desert Eagle J.I. Galan Annual 2008 Not a big bore but looks it. 60
HAN0862 Rock River Bullseye Charles E. Petty Annual 2008 Ready to punch out X’s. 62
HAN0868 S&W M&P .45 Charles E. Petty Annual 2008 The line is now complete. 68
HAN0878 Fun Guns Clint Smith Annual 2008 Not everything has to be serious. 78
HAN0884 The Karambit Ernest Emerson Annual 2008 The real deal. 84
HAN0888 Gun Engraving 101 Brian Powley Annual 2008 Passing on the skills. 88
HAN0892 A Girly Look At Knives Rochelle Karina Annual 2008 Strong, but made for a woman. 92
HAN0894 A Schofiled is a … Mike Venturino Annual 2008 The real story. 94
HTA0808 Turkish Delight Charles E. Petty Tactical 2008 The Armalite AR-24. 8
HTA0814 Gun Disarms Ernest Emerson Tactical 2008 Someday you might have to. 14
HTA0820 S&W’s Super 8 John Taffin Tactical 2008 .357 Magnum sixgunners do it eight times. 20
HTA0826 The Magazine’s Fault Jerry W. Kendrick Tactical 2008 Real world reliability tests. 26
HTA0830 S&W Factory Tour Dave Anderson Tactical 2008 Making guns better than ever. 30
HTA0836 Springfield XD .45 Sammy Reese Tactical 2008 Customized Robar-style! 36
HTA0844 The Model 29 is Back John Taffin Tactical 2008 Do you feel lucky punk? 44
HTA0850 Tactical Knives Ernest Emerson Tactical 2008 Info from an insider. 50
HTA0860 D&L Sports 1911 Massad Ayoob Tactical 2008 The professional’s professional. 60
HTA0870 Training Your Trainer? Dave Douglas Tactical 2008 Gunsite’s “Train the Trainer” course. 70
HTA0874 The Way We Were Roy Huntington Tactical 2008 Taking a look back. 74
HTA0878 Thoughts on Self Defense Clint Smith Tactical 2008 There’s a reason simple is best. 78
HTA0884 Short Range Ammo Shepard Kelly Tactical 2008 Winchester’s SRT ammo. 84
HTA0887 Hand Disabilities Nick Jacobellis Tactical 2008 Don’t be hampered by handicaps. 87
HTA0894 SIG Sauer P250 Mark Hanten Tactical 2008 Modular quick change artist. 94
HTA08100 Maxpedition Paul Merkel Tactical 2008 Hard use gear. 100
HTA08102 Officer Survival Sammy Reese Tactical 2008 Stupid range tricks. 102
HPD0808 Three Gun Battery Clint Smith Personal Defense 2008 The self defense triad. 8
HPD0812 Surviving Traumatic Injury Lew Shaver Personal Defense 2008 Prepare for the worst. 12
HPD0818 Martial Blade Concepts Mike Janich Personal Defense 2008 Practical knife skills. 18
HPD0824 Personal Tactics & Awareness Clint Smith Personal Defense 2008 Your brain is your best weapon. 24
HPD0828 Springfield EMP Mark Hanten Personal Defense 2008 The new wonder nine. 28
HPD0836 Defensive Driving Massad Ayoob Personal Defense 2008 Drive like you fight. 36
HPD0844 Why We Carry Massad Ayoob Personal Defense 2008 It’s about responsiblity 44
HPD0852 Who Uses What Roy Huntington Personal Defense 2008 Writer’s Choice. 52
HPD0858 Clothing for CCW Ralph Mroz Personal Defense 2008 Fashion for going armed. 58
HPD0862 After the Shooting Jeremy D. Clough Personal Defense 2008 A Prosecutor’s perspective. 62
HPD0868 The Defensive Cane Massad Ayoob Personal Defense 2008 Not just for geezers. 68
HPD0876 Self Defense Ammo Richard Mann Personal Defense 2008 What’s the best. 76
HPD0888 Handgun Lights & Lasers John Connor Personal Defense 2008 Gear you need. 88
HPD0899 Ayoob Files Massad Ayoob Personal Defense 2008 The Billy Anders case. 99
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